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Canon SX70 HS Coming in September 2016 [Updated]

Canon-sx70hs-imageBased on anonymous email we have received Canon will announce its mega zoom camera Canon SX70 HS inĀ  September 2015, the person also said that the camera will have longer zoom lens compared to the current Nikon P900 camera.

Nikon P900 [see at Amazon] holds the crown of world longest compact zoom lens camera by having 83X optical zoom lens and we are 100% sure that Canon can develop Nikon P900 competitor easily since patent hunting blog egami spotted Canon 100X Compact zoom lens patent(s) a year ago [See here ] and this new 100X optical zoom lens patent was spotted on March 2015.



The Canon SX70HS announcement was delayed somehow and the next possible announcement date of the camera is Photokina 2016 show. We are sure that the upcoming camera will carry advance image processor DIGIC 7 from Canon G7X Mark II camera and more optical zoom lens than the current P900 camera and as we have told you earlier that Canon does have 100X optical zoom compact camera patent published years ago, so they are just waiting for the right to announce the perfect product.

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7 comments to Canon SX70 HS Coming in September 2016 [Updated]

  • Calvin

    I suppose that reply from May 18th was an attempted troll.

    The ultra-telephoto reach of contemporary bridge cameras depends totally on their very small sensors. It is not by chance nor just for marketing that camera companies are offering either one or the other: ultra-tele in bridge cameras with small sensors, OR much less tele in DSLRs with bigger sensors.

    Sensor sizes are misunderstood by much of the buying public; the same people who confuse “zoom” with “telephoto”. Marketing has purposely implied, for example, that a “50 X Zoom” can put you 50 times closer to your subject, which it cannot. Zoom is the maximum-minimum range of a fixed lens; its wide-angle extreme to its telephoto extreme. It is a pretty unimportant piece of data these days, as almost all photographers will find their bridge cameras’ max-min range acceptable.

    Bird photographers and others seeking max tele have to learn that is not at all the same as max zoom. It never was; never will be. And the tiny sensor on a very long tele bridge camera MUST stay small, until we learn an entirely different technology. Unlike all the misinformed chanting of so many would-be photographers, small sensors are the best sensors for their purpose.

    If you prefer a more limited tele which might give you a better resolution photo, such as a distant but very nice picture of a clock tower, then you would be wise to look at larger-sensor cameras.

    If you want a tele of a small bird that is not very close to you, go for the bridge camera and use its 35mm-equivalent optical rating.

  • zlatoust


  • zlatoust


  • Esau Bladimir Colan Chuco

    What about 4-axis optical image stabilization?

  • Perseus

    My SX60 is not going to last the pace for much longer

  • JLugiano

    An update to the SX60 HS is LONG OVERDUE. Getting ready for a long trip where having something closer to the Nikon P900 from Canon would be nice to have rather than my SX60HS.

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