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New Pix Curve Image Sensor Coming at CES 2019


We are covering up Curve sensor news from a while but yesterday we have a received a email from French research institute CEA-Leti team about their upcoming Curve sensor announcement at CES show. The new curve image sensor can be used for Cameras, Smartphones and Security Cameras.

Curve and organic sensors are the future imagine technology, with the implementation of curve sensor the lens optics size will be reduced dramatically (upto 50-60% compared to conventional lens size) and that opens a bunch of possibilities to improve your existing interchangeable lens system.

Curve Sensor Advantages

  • Form Factor: Reducing the number of lens elements in digital cameras from 10 to six reduces the size of the final compound lens by 60 percent. The overall length of the optical system also is shorter.
  • Improved Performance: Curved image sensors reduce—and in some cases completely eliminate—optical aberrations like curvature of field and the vignetting effect. They also deliver increased brightness and a wider field of view.
  • Cost: Reducing the number of lens elements and eliminating aspheric lens elements, which will be unnecessary, will lower the cost of systems integrating Pixcurve technology.
  • Assembly: Fewer components means quicker and easier assembly—a major advantage for manufacturers.

CEA will host a ‘CEA Tech Village’ at booth 51253 in Eureka Park

Visitors at the Pixcurve booth at CES will see before-and-after examples on two tablets, illustrating the substantial size reduction that Pixcurve curved-sensor technology can bring and proving that there is no decline in image quality.

Press Release

Pixcurve at CES: New Curved Image Sensor Technology Reduces Size, Weight & Cost of Digital Cameras – and Improves Image Quality

GRENOBLE, France – Dec. 06, 2018 – With an innovation that could inject new life into the global digital-camera market, CEA-Leti will demonstrate its new technology for image sensors at CES 2019 that replicates the curve of the human retina. This curved image sensor technology breakthrough, called Pixcurve, requires fewer lens elements in digital cameras, which shrinks camera size by half and lowers costs – while improving image quality.

“The digital camera market has taken a huge hit from the massive adoption of smartphones, even though these bigger cameras deliver better image quality than smartphone cameras,” said David Henry, manager of packaging and assembling at CEA-Leti. “Pixcurve, which also reduces camera sizes in smartphones, microdisplays and virtual-reality glasses, provides camera manufacturers with cost effective, compact, easy-to-assemble optical components they need to bring their products to new levels of performance in the digital era.”

Portability is a big factor for many consumers, and smaller, lighter and less-expensive digital cameras will enable camera makers to increase their share of the global market. With Pixcurve, CEA-Leti, a French research institute, has developed an innovative solution for the visible imaging market and beyond.

Ask your questions if you have any

Nikon Working on Lens for Curve Sensor

Nikon Working on Curve Sensor Based Camera and Lenses, look at the patent below clearly indicates that do have plan for curve sensor based mirrorless camera.

Patent Details

[Publication number] Japanese Patent Application Laid Open No. 2017-53887 (P2017-53887A) click here
[Publication date] March 16, Heisei 20 (2017.3.16)
Patent application title: IMAGING LENS AND IMAGING SYSTEM

Yes, its true that Nikon is silently working on Lenses that fit for curve fullrame sensor. We have got a patent that clearly shows they are making 51.2mm lens for curve FF camera.

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Toshiba Curve Image Sensor For Smartphones - Patent

Toshiba working on a curve sensor module for smartphones to drag out maximum image quality from available light. A curve sensor mimic human eye and its capacity to capture light remains constant throughout the sensor plane.   You may also surprise to know that curve sensor requires less optical elements compared to traditional flat sensor, hence less obstacles in the path of light.

Take a look at the patent details below

Curve Sensor Module

Patent details – Description, self-interpretation of the patent literature

  • Patent Publication No. 2016-76543
    • Published 2016.5.12
    • Filing date 2014.10.3

Source – egami

Nikon Working on Curved Sensor Camera

Nikon Patnet image


From the patent it is clear that Nikon is working on a curved sensor camera. We have seen curved sensor patent and even sample image from Sony we also know that Canon is also working on Curved sensor But it’s the first time we are seeing a Curved sensor from Nikon.

Curve sensor bs Plane sensor image

The biggest advantages of the curved sensor is it mimics human eye and with a very simple lens design you can achieve high quality images as a results of simple lens design and less obstacles present in the path of light and in-turn you get ultimate image quality.

Take a look at the Sony curved sensor patent here

Sony Compact camera lens patent for curved sensor

Sony Compact camera lens patent for curved sensor

Sony already have 35mm F1.8 patent for a compact camera as you can see in the image above

source –

Canon Patent Curved Sensor

According to latest patent document surfaced over the web Canon filed a patent for curved sensor. Adding a curved sensor to DSLRs or mirrorless will solve the prolonged problem of dynamic range in Canon cameras.

Canon-patent-curved-sensorThe curved sensor patent by Canon is not new and we have seen Sony curved sensor patent a year ago, not only patent we have also published curved sensor sample images published by Sony itself.

Description, self-interpretation of the patent literature

  • Patent Publication No. 2016-5197
    • Published 2016.1.12
    • Filing date 2014.6.18
  • Canon patent
    • Using an optical fiber, the incident light image pickup device leads to
    • Incident surface of the optical fiber is concave
    • The incident light is, to propagate by total internal reflection in the optical fiber, to set the angle of the optical fiber

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Sony New Camera Coming on Aug 19 and Sept 3, 2014

Sony-RX2-coming-with-powerzSony is rumored to announce Sony A5100 Mirrorless camera on August 19, 2014, the next confirmed date of announcement is September 3, 2014, on that day Sony will announce new QX30 smartphone Lens module and Sony Xperia Z3 smartphone.

But unfortunately we don’t have any details about any pro camera or lens announcement, according to some of the rumors surfaced over past few weeks we may see Sony new RX series fullframe camera with curved sensor and new E-mount camera with bunch of new lenses.

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Sony First Curved Sensor Based Smartphone Coming

Sony-Curved-Sensor-imageWe already know that upcoming Sony RX2 full-frame camera will use curve sensor (see here), we have also published the first sample image captured with Sony full-frame curved sensor camera here, but today we have got the full specification list of Sony upcoming curved sensor based camera module for smartphones, the camera module features a 2/3 inch curved sensor with a fixed  20mm f/1.2 lens.

Sony-Curve-sensor-smartphon creative image of upcoming Z3X / Z4 Smartphone

According to the source(s) the camera module will be used in Xperia Z3X(name not confirmed yet) smartphone, the smartphone is rumored to be announced in 2015. Rest of the rumored specification includes a El OLED display with a resolution of 2560 x 1152, 64-bit Snapdragon 810 and 4GB RAM, 2/3″ Curved Exmors-RS CMOS sensor having 22-megapixels and 4K video support.

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