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What Sony Says about Canon and Nikon Full-frame Mirrorless

Canon Nikon both hard working on Fullframe / Pro mirrorless system cameras and we have received a lot of rumors related to that. Nikon officially confirmed that they are working on mirrorless system cameras and Canon hinted in upcoming years they will going to concentrate development and market share.

Just take a look What Sony executive Kenji Tanaka said about Canikon in an interview by dpreviewteam

This is just my personal opinion, but I think that maybe by next year’s CP+ you’ll see full-frame mirrorless cameras from Canon and Nikon. I think [by then] they will be participating in this market.

Two world major DSLR makers company and now ready to enter into PRO Mirrorless market with Fullframe system solutions. That’s a very positive news for photography industry and a win-win situation for all the consumers.

EXCLUSIVE – Nikon Patent AF Adapter to use DSLR Lenses on Mirrorless

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3 comments to What Sony Says about Canon and Nikon Full-frame Mirrorless

  • So . . . when people copy an Olympus/Panasonic idea 5-10 years afterwards mirrorles is suddenly “great”?
    It has been nice to use gear from the future. Have a look at the latest firmware update from Olympus and see just how far ahead they are.

  • What took them so long? They seem to be so proud and arrogant… but the market is fair game and the winners are: Sony (A9/A7) and Panasonic (Gh5S). Actually Nikon and Canon should carry on with DSLR technology by all means…

    It’s like the RIMAC AUTOMOBILI beating the crap out of LAMBORGINI, FERRARI and all of the Hyper cars!

  • Sucha bapodara

    Canon Eos n m50 With zoom lenses, the lens will provide more work if either efs or ef (75 300 or 70 300)

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