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Nikon is Working on Fullframe Mirrorless Camera [Confimred]

Nikon Fullframe Mirrorless

BREAKING NEWS: In an interview with Tetsuro Goto from Nikon, Nikon Fullframe Mirrorless camera is also confirmed. So finally we have a word from Nikon itself that Nikon is working on Fullframe Mirrorless camera. Take a look at the translated Chinese Text and do correct if I am wrong

Q: I talk about my view of this, I have this idea is because Nikon himself announced to develop a new non-camera, Nikon stressed the need to have their own characteristics……

A: the current trend of the camera, full-frame is a direction, if Nikon to do no anti-sure will be full-frame, we must consider doing full-frame.

Q: I personally have an idea, now no anti-camera in the market response is better, but no anti-camera structure to cancel the mirror of these structures, compared to SLR easier to do, there is no possibility to use this structure Making this retro camera Df, including considering this kind of paraxial as Nikon S2?

A: In fact, I have to consider a variety of programs, no anti-because of the mirror to cancel the mirror, of course, the body can do thinner, but cancel the reflector after the shutter sound no gone, no shock (A: This can now electronic simulation ), Of course, in order to achieve these can be carried out by way of electronic simulation, so this program is also possible . Finally, the integration of these technologies, ideas, consideration is on the one hand, and ultimately how to show it, implemented to the product up, so that customers can all meet these needs, the fact is still practical, ideas or ideas.

It’s look like Nikon will going to announce Fullframe mirrorless system cameras between 25-30 September 2018 Photokina or may be before that we can have a development announcement for sure.

List of Nikon Fullframe Mirrorless Lenses Patent

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seen the patent of 24-68mm Fullframe Mirrorless Lens and more…

5 comments to Nikon is Working on Fullframe Mirrorless Camera [Confimred]

  • CBV Raju Raju

    Nikon is the name for photography for years & years in all over the world. Therefore they should consider to make their prodects within JAPAN for the REALABILTIY and not by assembling from other countries for cheap labour and market stabitlity.However the price… Therefore I personally feel that that the NIKON Should consider this V V serisily. Exspecially amoung the PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS.

    CBV Raju..

  • Dr.S

    I think Nikon will manage this. With the recent cameras they will push hard to become no.1 in mirrorless pro segment. The pro’s using Fuji are all paid by Fujifilm… so the statement is true, although caused big wawes on Fuji fanboy sites.

  • msgill

    Nikon is too late in this field and most part captured by Sony mirrorless A7 series. To compete the other manufacturer it should also come mirrorless camera for amateurs and comp ability to use other companies lenses with adapters like Sony.

  • Anwar Thanawalla

    Nikon please hurry for the FX Mirrorless Cameras as Sony has announced A7R Mrk-III & also 24-105f4 G Lens. Nikon it should be announced before Christmas

  • Rajinder Shukla

    It’s positive that Nikon can give a shock to Sony with much much advanced technology and specifications to answer a7r MkIII or a9 what ever but not with such an ugly and rubbish shape and design as above mentioned Sonys. Nikon or Canon both never imitate or offer rubbish body shapes. I expect from Nikon a beautifull mirror less full frame camera looking beautifull like D850 in a smaller and lighter body with much better and healthy specification than any currently leading full frame mirror less camera on the market. Then only Nikon will be a winner.

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