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EXCLUSIVE - Nikon Patent AF Adapter to use DSLR Lenses on Mirrorless

Nikon Patent

Nikon done a bit complex patent, in the image above you can see that Nikon is working on compact Mirrorless system with Hybrid sensor. The figure shows the camera adopt a Hybrid AF adapter built in Pellicle (Transparent) Mirror and a dedicate phase AF module. With the use of Hybrid AF adapter Mirrorless system camera will get converted into DSLR system.

The AF adapter will compensate the flange distance and will allow you to use traditional DSLR lenses in your APS-C or FF Mirrorless camera.

Nikon Hybrid Sensor for Mirrorless Camera

The image taken from Nikon patent document that shows a Hybrid PDAF sensor. We do expect that the upcoming cameras (including DSLRs and Mirrorless) will feature Hybrid sensor for enhanced AF support.

Nikon Patent Details

[Publication No.] JP 2017-138624 (P2017-138624A) Crick Here
[publication date] 2017 August 10 (2017.8.10)
[invention [ Image pickup device] [Focusing detection sensor PDAF sensor] [Intermediate adapter Mount adapter] Although the intermediate adapter of the application is similar to Sony’s LA-EA 4, it seems to detect the phase by the area image instead of the line sensor. This mount adapter looks like Sony’s LA-EA 4, but with PDAF area, not line, image sensor.

Stay with us and we will update you soon as we get any new information.


5 comments to EXCLUSIVE – Nikon Patent AF Adapter to use DSLR Lenses on Mirrorless

  • steve

    After reading this blog post Canon and Sony will get a glimpse if what Nikon is planning to do in future

  • Oleg Gontar

    I dont feel it good, and dont nderstand it. A smart adapter is needed, and lens shold be driven thorgh that but depending on the information coming form the camera sensor. In this way they will have light loss on that mirror, and the big benefit of mirrorless that af happens on the sensor – theoretical the picture will be sharp – is not there, as they will have another af sensor in the adapter. It seems to me that nikon is unable to imagine how a mirrorless camera should work, and why and where mirrorless is better than a dslr. If they want to use this pattern than i don’t think their milc will be any good. Sony smart adapters does job well, canon m5 – dsl lens adapter works well, why nikon comes p with overcomplicated thing what is not even theoreticaly god.

  • Alliumnsk

    Nope. This patent was filed 2013.5.23. Not relevant really, if Nikon had plans to make one, they’d have already done so.

  • I don’t see the point of a pellicle mirror in an adapter. What does it get the consumer beyond an even more expensive adapter? Looking at the Olympus adapters, full automation is achieved without a pellicle mirror. It might make autofocus a tad bit faster, but the pellicle itself will make the lens slower. You will have to shoot with a wider aperture than you would otherwise. I suspect if something like this were released, most photographers would not find it acceptable.

    I remember the Old Canon Pellix camera built around the FT-QL body, THAT viewfinder was dim, DIM!

  • Giovanni Fanuele

    Credo che ancora molte persone non hanno ben chiaro chi è Nikon!!!
    L’ignoranza regna sovrana… Peccato, tanta capacità e inventiva, sprecata per chi pensa solo al risparmio e vede le miserie di alcuni, come la ricchezza!
    Pazienza, ma auspico che la gente legga la storia della fotografia moderna per capire chi è Nikon !!!

    I still think many people are not clear about who Nikon is !!!
    Ignorance reigns supreme … Sin, so much skill and inventive, wasted for those who think only of saving and seeing the miseries of some, like wealth!
    Patience, but I hope people read the history of modern photography to figure out who is Nikon !!!

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