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Nikon Upcoming Cameras in 2019

Nikon upcoming DSLR and Mirrorless rumored to arrive in 2019. We have created a list based on information’s coming from anonymous sources from past few months.  The first three camera pointed out are DSLR, as per rumor we have the announcement will happen once the stock lines will become clear for the new ones. So, you can expect the announcement of these DSLRs within in beginning or Mid of 2019.

1. Nikon D5700

Nikon D5600 update is also expected to arrive in the beginning of 2019. We do expect that Nikon D5700 will have 4K and a brand new sensor. We have written a article a while ago, Nikon D5700 – Release date and Everything We Expect.

2. Nikon D760

This year we will have the successor of Nikon D750 camera. The camera is rumored to have 4K video capability and enhanced core specification. The expected arrival date of the camera is Q1 / Q2 of 2020.

3. Nikon D7600

Nikon D7500 update is also overdue and scheduled to arrive in the year of 2019. The date of arrival isn’t known yet. The camera is said to feature same core specs as of Nikon D500 camera.

4. More Nikon Mirrorless Announcement on its way

Nikon representatives clearly hinted that there will be models below Nikon Z6, and Nikon APS-C Sensor based Mirrorless cameras are also coming. (see full post here). We don’t have the exact dates now when Nikon will introduce a new APS-C or DX Format mirrorless camera or a  affordable version of Nikon Z6 Mirrorless camera. But, these words are coming from Nikon itself, you can say its a kind of unofficial confirmation,

5. 58mm F0.95 and more Mirrorless lenses  are planned

The list of Mirrorless fullframe lenses coming in 2019 include 20mm F1.8, 85mm F1.8, 24-70mm F2.8, 70-200mm F2.8 and 14-30mm F4. The most attractive out of all these lenses are ofcourse 58mm F0.95.

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Nikon D5700 to Feature 4K ?

Nikon D5700 4KIt was just another email by Nomen Nescio, this time he said next D5xxx series will get 4K. Arrival is expected in Q4 2018. I do expect arrival of 4K in mid-range and entry level DSLRs in upcoming years, this info looks logical to me.

Also see Confirmed Nikon working on a Mirrorless Camera

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Nikon D5700 - Release date and Everything We Expect

Nikon D5700

Nikon D5600 is undoubtedly has become one of the best sellers Nikon camera just after its announcement. The Nikon D5600 camera was announced on Nov, 10 2016. They take roughly 1+ years of time to years to update the D5xxx series camera. Being said that, we should expect the scheduled announcement of the Nikon D5700 ( or Nikon D5800 whatever it would be called) sometime in 2018.

There are few reasons that may led to an early announcement of next D5xxx DSLR. #1 of those new Canon rebels are coming with high-end DPAF (Dual pixel CMOS AF Sensor) and that will sure raise competition bar to next level. The other big issue that preventing the Nikon D5500 users from upgrading is the same core specification sitting inside the D5600 DSLR. During our comparison review we have clearly mentioned that users will get same image quality from both the camera since they are using same sensor and image processor.

That said, now it’s time to move towards specification speculation of the upcoming Nikon D5700 DSLR.

Nikon D5600 was an excellent DSLR but there’s still room for improvement. We’d love to hear what you think. so let us know in the comment box below and we’ll furiously email to Nikon.

We are on the way of collecting new Nikon D5700 rumors and news, along with our own educated guesses.

 Nikon D5700 News And Rumors

Nikon D5700 talk is slowly raising up in forums and other websites, but we are still waiting from authentic rumors since the all the rumor mills aren’t daring to talk about the core specification of the upcoming camera. That fact is were waiting for some strong rumors or confirmations, but prior to that we’re able to take a very good guess.

Nikon D5700 sensor image

We want to a massively improved camera

Yes, it’s true we want to see big improvements inside the upcoming camera. And the first thing we want to see inside the Nikon D5700 DSLR is NEW SENSOR that should have

  • 24 MP Resolution
  • Improved low-light performance’
  • Wide dynamic range
  • enhanced color depth

expeed 5 image processor

Expeed 5 Image Processor

Without a new image processor and improved algorithms the new sensor capability will remain unused. Hence, we would like to see New Expeed V Image Processor inside the Nikon D5700 camera

When a new sensor and is paired with EXPEED 5 image processor to provide an excellent combo of high sensitivity, ameliorate image quality, and enhanced overall performance.

The new sensor will not only improve the image quality of the camera but it will speed up the entire camera system. The new sensor may also enable camera to capture 6fps of shooting (vs 5fps shooting of D5600).

Take a look at the rumored specification of the camera of the to be announced Nikon D5700 DSLR

Nikon D5700 Wish List

  • 24MP DX-Format CMOS Sensor
  • EXPEED 5 Image Processor
  • No Optical Low-Pass Filter
  • 2″ 1,229k-Dot LCD Monitor
  • Full HD 1080p Video Recording at 60 fps
  • 4K 30p (Expected)
  • Multi-CAM 3500 II DX 51-Point AF Sensor
  • Max ISO 102400
  • 6 fps Shooting
  • SnapBridge Bluetooth and Wi-Fi with NFC
  • Time-Lapse Movie Recording

Nikon AF module

Multi-CAM 4800DX – New AF system

Till now the Nikon D5300, Nikon D5500 and Nikon D5600 using the same Multi-CAM 3500 II DX 39-Point AF Sensor. And we are hoping for something better in next model.

We want to see Nikon’s ultra popular Multi-CAM 3500 II DX 51-Point AF Sensor inside the Nikon D5700 DSLR. This will set the Mid-range DSLR competition level to next level.

Multi-CAM 3500 II DX vs Multi-CAM 4800DX

Multi-CAM 4800DX Multi-CAM 3500 II DX
Available AF Points 9, 21, or all 51 points 9, 21, or all 39 points
AF sensitivity -3 EV -1 EV
Hybrid Sensor image

Nikon must get Hybrid Sensors from Sony or Toshiba

Introduction of Hybrid Sensor

We want to see new generation of Hybrid Sensor inside the upcoming camera. Since, the AF module only work till the viewfinder mode is active and after that contrast detect AF system gets active once the user switches to LIVE VIEW /display or video mode.

Canon APS-C DSLRs are using HYBRID and DPAF sensors and Nikon is lagging behind the technology.

4K Video

The Video features we want to see inside the new Nikon D5700 camera

  • 4K Video
  • Hybrid AF Support

Contrast detect AF is slow and sluggish and almost unusable for even a semi-professionals shooters. We want blazing fast AF speed on LIVE view mode as well as video. So, not only 4K video mode we also expect Hybrid AF support from the camera.

Body Design

Design wise we don’t want to see any major change in the camera overall structure. On the other hand, people like to see changes, so at the very least the design should be probably be refined.

Nikon D5700 Release Date

It’s too early to mark a specific date on the calendar. As usual in every 1+ years Nikon update the Nikon D5xxx DSLR. Take a look at the announcement schedule of older cameras

Nikon D5300 Oct 17, 2013
Nikon D5500 Jan 5, 2015 1 years 2 months
Nikon D5600 Nov 10, 2016 1 years 10 months
Nikon D5700

Last announcement was made on end of year 2016. Now we expect Nikon will going to announce D5600 successor on Q4 of 2017 or may be at Q1 of 2017.

Update: If Nikon will keep the same Gap of 1 Year 10 month from the Nikon D5600 camera than the Nikon D5700 announcement will happen in beginning of 2019.


We expect the price should be under $700 so it will remain under regular consumer reach.

Do share your wish-list with us

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