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Reason Behind Canon Cropped 4K Video Mode DSLR and Mirrorless and More...

In an interview Canon representatives, clearly told the real reason behind the 4K cropped mode of the Canon cameras and much more…

Major Points of the interview

1. Reason Behind Canon Cropped 4K video mode in Canon Cameras

Canon do not want Kill their Cinema Lineup by putting class leading video specs in DSLR or Mirrorless.

We can put 4K from a full frame in the SLR and mirrorless, but we do not want to “cannibalize” our own video segment.

2. Why Canon 200D II / SL3 / 250D have a weak video mode, cropped 4K without DPAF support ?

Canon entry level users can’t afford 4K editing software and hardware like  Macbook Pro preferably with Adobe Premiere by subscription. So, they want to treat the 4K video mode as marketing feature only.

3. In next 5 years, they have a plan to announce High Resolution Mirrorless camera.

4. No clear answer given when asked about Canon announcement before Olympics

5. When asked about built-in image stabilization inside Camera Body

We already have three patents on IBIS – on a mobile matrix and stabilization, Canon is currently developing a matrix stabilization technology – it will be coming soon. Other companies had a huge amount of problems with this. They test it essentially on users.

Fortunately here at we have published three different patents of Canon working in built-in image stabilization system See patent 1 | patent 2 | patent 3


Detailed Part – Translated Interview

….do not digest the marketing policy of the company. Why, for example, in one of the new C anon cameras – neither in the flagship, nor the middle or entry level, is it not possible to record 4K video without a crop? The company is technologically unable to carry out this task?

– We did not set such a function intentionally. We have a series of Cinema EOS – movie cameras. Canon separates EOS R and Cinema EOS from each other. This series is aimed at shooting a professional video. Camera Canon C700 – there certainly is 4K from the whole frame.

We can put 4K from a full frame in the SLR and mirrorless, but we do not want to “cannibalize” our own video segment.


The new Canon 250 D camera couldn’t be able to drag Cinema  EOS users to yourself if you gave it Dual  Pixel autofocus in 4K and at the same time read it without an additional matrix.

– 250D is an Entry segment camera. We all know that in order to process 4K, on ​​the one hand, in addition to the camera that can shoot it, there must be a computer that will be able to live through it, mount it and render it. Macbook Pro preferably with Adobe Premiere by subscription for 1500 rubles per month. How many entry-level camera users have this extra equipment? Probably not enough. Negligible. Therefore, I would treat 4K in the Entry segment as a marketing feature, which is nice to see with the eye on the box, on the price tag, and buy a 4K camera and never use it.

What is the resolution of the RF lenses?
– We learn in 5 years.

Could it be that the company is already testing a new camera, which will later be announced, for example, before the Olympiad?

“I’m sure Canon is already developing next-generation cameras, because testing usually starts at least a year before the camera enters the market.”

And when does testing end?

– A few months before the camera announcement. We have a very serious program of ambassadors, a very tough selection. Canon has the whole EMEA region – the whole of Europe, the whole of Africa, the Middle East and Russia – only 40 people. These are people with publications, participants of professional exhibitions of various genres, people who have really proved their professionalism, and we are working with them on testing

Why is the matrix stabilization not developed yet?

– We already have three patents on IBIS – on a mobile matrix and stabilization, 
but we continue to work on them. Canon never uses technology that has not yet been tested. It took us so much time, because the technology itself requires a very detailed study, because the moving matrix is ​​good, on the one hand. On the other hand, go to any service and ask how many cameras they have there with broken moving dies. The stabilization system is a very fragile thing.

Canon is currently developing a matrix stabilization technology – it will be coming soon. Other companies had a huge amount of problems with this. They test it essentially on users. Why do they have stabilization on almost all lenses? Because the matrix is ​​not very effective.

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6 comments to Reason Behind Canon Cropped 4K Video Mode DSLR and Mirrorless and More…

  • bh

    what arrogance …

  • Elemer

    The main problem with canon, is they always criple their cameras to avoid cannibalizing their lineup, and this is why they loose with the others in some segments. Sony also manufacture 4k mirrorless cameras, and professional cameras. I bet the the DPAF thing with the 200dII is also about the cannibalization of the xx0, and x0 series. Many people choose the sony cameras over this, because of the cropfactor, and because they dont want to carry a big camera like the c700 with them.

  • Odin

    BS, the sensor cannot be read fast enough for FF 4K. 5D4 has a pathetic 1/8s read rate. Sure part of it is market segmentation, but technological roadblocks are also a huge part of the reason. And as bh says, arrogance indeed. They lost me.

  • David B Haynie

    I’m sure that’s what Canon salespeople in Russia are told. But non-competiti9o within Canon — yeah, they have a history here — doesn’t explain why Canon has no interest in competing in still camera video with Panasonic, Sony, or Nikon.

    Add the 4K crop together with their being the only major camera company in the planet without IBIS and it tells a different story: they can’t offer uncropped video or IBIS in a DSLR or mirrorless body. Why? It’s their sensor technology. They are about two generations behind Sony, Nikon, and probably Panasonic on their sensors, or at least those they use in still cameras. These get too hot for full frame video, too hot for IBIS.

    Panasonic got past this using a smaller sensor. Sony had problems with heat on the A7II/IIR generation, and they were, back then, way ahead of Canon on sensor tech.

    And finally, everyone else is pulling no punches on mirrorless, because they know that it’s unlikely all brands survive. And even if they do, it’s been Nikon and Canon on top since the 1960s. They were both first to digital, backed up by a huge system. But their shift to mirrorless systems and the shrinking DSLR market is opening up these lead spots for the first time since the rangefinder days. Is Canon really telling us that they still choose not to compete against the other guys, even now?

  • Dubaigrapher

    Canon should change their marketing team, Technical adviser as soon as possible.
    They should adopt the best sensor and tech from the market and gives us all they have to make a place in consumer heart and not a hole in consumer pocket.
    Canon = Nokia

  • Farr Nammy

    Wow, this is the type of hubris you hear right before the cruise ship hits an iceberg. Outing your own customers as being too poor to afford the MacBook Pro that you (incorrectly) assume is needed to exit 4K video? It’s almost hard to believe they would say that. Any current budget laptop on the market can edit 4K video—and if not “online” easily via proxies. I can edit 4K video on my iPad…

    Canon is just embarrassing to watch now. I’m glad people are finally not trying to defend every last idiotic move they pull. If. Anon is ever going to make another competitive camera they need to look at the market, not their customers, as the judge of their efforts.

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