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Canon Working on Sensor-Shift Image Stabilization System [More Confirmation]

Yesterday Japanese patent hunting website [hi-lo] revealed that Canon is working on sensor shift image stabilization system. This is not the first time we are talking about Canon full frame mirrorless sensor shift image stabilization system.

Canon Latest Sensor shift IS patent

CANON filed a patent of tilting sensor to reduce an eccentricity of lens. This patent is very simple application of IBIS.

Public number] Japanese Unexamined Patent Application Publication No. 2018-194766 (P2018-194766A) click here
[Publication date] December 6, Heisei 20 (2018.12.6)
Patent application title: Camera body having optical correction and lens device

We have Told you a month ago…

If you are a regular leader of our website then we have already published a patent back on October 2018 which talks about Canon working on built-in sensor shift image stabilization system for their mirrorless cameras. [ See here – Canon working on image stabilization system ]

So we have already published information about Canon sensor shift image stabilization system even prior to the Japanese patent hunting website. And most importantly both the patent is bit different that clearly indicates Canon is seriously thinking about implementation of built-in image stabilization system inside their full frame mirrorless cameras.

Canon Representatives Talks about IBIS in Future Canon Mirrorless Models

Now let’s talk about what Canon representatives said about the implementation of sensor-shift image stabilization system inside their future mirrorless cameras. On September 2018 we have published the post which contains major points of Canon ICB product development team interview

Canon for development team clearly said

Canon had a policy against IBIS on DSLRs, but this is not the case for MILCs. Lack of IBIS on EOS R was a result of compromises over body size, cost and heat dissipation for this particular model; they do think it has merits, and will consider it for future models depending on the nature of the camera body.

Canon Combination IS [Dual IS System]

We already know Canon developed Combination IS system for Canon EOS M50 camera. In which they utilizes both OSS and Camera Digital IS together in 4K Video mode to combat camera shake. And once they developed the sensor shift-mechanism they will sure utilize both lens based IS and Sensor based IS.

In general patent takes at least a year of time to become reality. So, we are expecting and as the rumor mills suggest Canon will sure announce a High-End Mirrorless camera in future with built-in image stabilization system. And who know even the EOS Mark II camera may carry built-in image stabilization inside.

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3 comments to Canon Working on Sensor-Shift Image Stabilization System [More Confirmation]

  • Pfft … Full Marketing Frame sensor IS can never rival as the IS leader, Olympus(for speed).

    Laws of physics: (about) 3x the sensor assembly weight:
    That means about 1/10th the available accelleration for a given amount of battery power / motor weight.

  • I.Muñoz-Seca

    That in the future this technology is incorporated in the most basic cameras is understandable, but what we have to review, is that today we still do not have CMOS-BSI technology in the sensors of the Eos, as they have and enjoy the competition Sony and Nikon. How is it possible ??.

    Que en un futuro se incorpore esta tecnología en las cámaras más básicas es comprensible, pero lo que tenemos que reseñar,es que a día de hoy seguimos sin la tecnología CMOS-BSI en los sensores de las Eos, como los tiene y disfruta la competencia Sony y Nikon. Como es posible ¿???.

  • David B Haynie

    FF won’t be as fast as IBIS on smaller sensors, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done. Sony’s proved it works, though they did have heat problems in their first generation. From the look, the Canon system is not full IBIS, but basically making up for the shortcomings of OIS. I think Canon’s big problem is that they’re pretty far behind on sensor chip technology — no BSI, no stacking. And being based on older technology, they’re too hot for IBIS right now. Same reason they have to crop for 4K.

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