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Panasonic GH2 vs Panasonic G3

Panasonic G3 vs Panasonic GH2, big difference in price and very small difference in camera core specification, Panasonic G3 comes with many new features compared to old GH2.

Should you buy Panasonic GH2 or Panasonic G3? Which one is better and why? Read our Comparison review and find out your best Micro Four third Camera.

Panasonic G3 advantage over Panasonic GH2

Panasonic G3 is approx 40% smaller and thinner than GH2 with more improved grip and body design.

New features include Pinpoint AF, AF Tracking in Video mode, YES Panasonic G3 have AF tacking in Video mode,  a touchscreen-enabled focus mode that automatically zooms in on a point to make focus point selection and confirmation easier and more precise

Panasonic G3 have  same Venus Engine FHD processor as the GH2, the frame rate of 4fps at full resolution, extendable to 20fps for 4MP images.

Panasonic G3 have improved manual focus assist option, the user can magnify part of the screen. The magnified portion of the image displayed within the main screen while allowing the photographer to view the full picture composition.

Panasonic GH2 advantage over Panasonic G3

Panasonic GH2 have more ISO range compared to G3, the burst speed of GH2 is 1fps faster compared to G3.

Panasonic GH2($999.99) is costly compared to Panasonic G3 ($699.00), You will save more than $300 if you buy a Panasonic G3 Camera.

Buy Panasonic G3 from Amazon USA, UK or B&H store

Thanks to Marius Oosthuizen for your price suggestion.

2 comments to Panasonic GH2 vs Panasonic G3

  • Thomas Bosack

    Which is the best DSLR to shoot HD video with? I like the hacked Panasonic GH2. But what lens do I use on it. I believe it’s X 2 with any lens you put on it. I have great collection of canon lens. I believe the 5D Mark 111 is over priced. I also like the coming Sony A 99. But will I be able to use my Canon lens on it?

    I thinking on waiting. I believe the mirror less cameras are the future.

  • Thomas Bosack

    I’m looking at the Black magic camera looking good. Black magic or GH2?

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