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Panasonic GX85 / GX80 Sample Images - Sharpness Test

The first Sharpness test of Panasonic GX80 / 85 is now out. Photographer Wasabi Bob shared first few clicks captured from the Panasonic GX80 camera. According to Panasonic the recently announced GX80 camera has 10% more resolving power than any other Panasonic camera till date due to the absence of low-pass filter.

Panasonic GX80 Sample Image 1

Panasonic GX80 Sample Image

image credit – Wasabi Bob

Now take a look at the test shots below

Panasonic GX8 sampe image

image credit – Wasabi Bob

AT 100% crop of the flower, the image is showing decent amount of details. Take a look at one more image below


Panasonic GX80 Sample Image 2

Panasonic GX80 Sample Image

Panasonic GX80 undoubtedly showing more details at 100%, take a look at the cropped portion of the image.

Sample image Panasonic GX80 camera

image credit – Wasabi Bob

The camera really give excellent details when viewed at 100%.

Do share your thoughts with us – Buy this camera from Amazon

image credit – Wasabi Bob vis Flcikr

Sony A6300 Over Heating Issue

Sony-A6300-PDF-manual-imageSony A6300 overheating issue has been surfaced over the web, according to camera users Sony A6300 camera overheats during video recording and automatically shut down.

Still we don’t have any word from Sony but we do hope they will issue press release related to the overheating problem. However the overheating problem in Sony camera is not new if we remember the problems of a33 and a55 cameras.

Take a look what other websites are saying

“Sadly pros can’t even rely on the A6300 as a B-camera due to the overheating, especially not for any kind of live filming or interview work at all.” (eoshd)

“Unlike my a5100 where i could just turn the switch on/off and it would just keep on shooting with a6300 if i turn it off and on the message appears again that it overheated and the camera shuts down. waited no kidding 3-4 min and turn it back on… same isssue turned off in less then 1 min.” (dpreview user forum)

Stay with us and we will update you soon

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source photorumor

Panasonic GF8 Announced

Panasonic GF8 announced today the camera features same 16 MP sensor as of the Panasonic GF 7 camera. The ISO also remains same to 25600.

Panasonic publicizing the camera as a Selfie Mirrorless camera of new generation and especially for wome, the camera features 1.04M-dot touchscreen tilt upward 180-degrees that helps you to capture the screen with a touch of a click.

creative modes include ‘Soft Skin’ mode for capturing the selfies, the camera arrives with a 100GB free storage in Google drive that will collect your images online.

The camera can capture Full HD videos 1920 x 1080, 60p (60 Hz) / 50p (50 Hz) in MP4 format with stereo sound.


Available in silver, brown, pink and orange, the LUMIX GF8 boasts sleek, stylish profile in traditional camera design. Its high mobility enables to users carry it around and enjoy creative, high quality photography with the unlimited potential of interchangeable lens system camera.

Continue reading Panasonic GF8 Announced

More Confirmations: Fuji Working on Medium Format System


Finally we are getting official confirmations from Fuji itself that they are interested in developing medium format solution for professional photographers and also Research and development is going on for  medium format solutions possibilities.

Takashi Ueno is a senior product planner for the X Series of digital cameras and Hasselblad Master himself , confirmed the R&D of Fuji medium format camera in an interview

“We are in a very good position to make a medium format camera, as we make camera bodies, sensors and lenses,” says Ueno,. “We already make the lenses for Hasselblad, so we have that expertise.”

“At the moment Fuji is not planning to launch a medium format camera, but we are conducting research and testing sensors in this area,” he continues. “We have a good history in the medium format market, and I think we would be successful again.”

“We have the technology to make a very modern and high quality camera, but right now we are only investigating.”

The changing Role: Before the confirmation of Takashi Ueno is a senior product planner , Fuji declined the possibility of Medium format camera on December 26th, 2014, take a look at the post here.

The fujifilm medium format rumor is not new, the first Fuji medium format rumor posted on May 19th, 2014 and you can also check the last post here – Fujifilm Working on Medium Format Camera.



The 2016 started very well for Fujifilm and its loyal customers since they Fuji added Fuji X-Pro 2, Fuji X-E2s and Fuji X70 in ots catalog. The Fuji X-Pro 2 camera uses latest X-Trans III sensor developed by Fujifilm itself.


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source – BJPonline

New Canon Mirrorless Camera Coming in Feb 2016

Canon-fullframe-mirrorless1Based on latest rumors surfaced over the web, Canon may announce a new PRO Mirrorless camera on CP+ show at February 2016. No details available till now but we will update you soon as we get any new information:

Possibilities: We have already seen a bunch of Canon Fullframe lenses and camera patents , take a look at Canon Fullframe Mirrorless Lens Patent, Canon Working on 600mm DO Lens for its APS-C Sensor Based Mirrorless Camera look here, we have also published the post that Confirmed – Canon Working on Fullframe Mirrorless Camera.

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via canonrumor

BAD NEWS: Fuji X-E2s Coming with old X-Trans II sensor


The Fuji X-E2 was announced on October 18, 2013, so Fuji X-E2 is almost 2 years and 4 months old camera and it users are eagerly waiting for an update.. but according to latest rumors surfaced over the web, Fuji X-E2s Coming with old sensor as of its predecessor.

Fuji-X-Pro2-camera-frontIf the news is true than Fuji will sure lose its customer base for sure, however there is an hope since the X-Pro 2 is also coming and we do believe that the camera will arrive with third generation of X-Trans sensor and it will up-lift the core specification of the Fuji X-Pro 2 to a next level.

Stay with us and we will update you soon as we get any new information.

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source – Fujirumor.com

Fuji X-PRO 2 Coming After CES 2016


Yes, a bit strange news for me since every camera company will use CES 2016 as launchpad for announcing their products, however according to the latest buzz floating around the web via fujirumor, Fuji X-Pro2 camera will arrive on Jan 15, 2016 (CES will end in Jan 9, 2016).

The most important part of the rumor is X-PRO 2 not coming with high-end (4K) video recording option, it will remain limited with Full HD.

Take a look at the rumored specification of Fuji X-Pro2 camera

  • The X-Pro2 will arrive with Hybrid Viewfinder
  • More Compact design compared to the current X-Pro 1
  • X-PRO2 may feature new generation X-trans CMOS sensor

Stay with us and we will update you more as soon as we get any new information.

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