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Nikon Large Sensor Mirrorless Camera Coming


Latest rumors surfaced over the web via Nikonrumor suggest that the upcoming mirrorless camera from Nikon will have a larger sensor / Fullframe FX sensor inside it. Nikon will announce two mirrorless camera one will be for prosumer and one professional.

We may see some big announcements from Nikon at this Photokina event, stay with us and will update you soon as we get any new information.

We are 100% confirmed that the upcoming fullframe / APS-C Mirrorless camera from Nikon will use completely new light-weight compact lenses designed for Fullframe mirrorless camera.

Nikon Mirrorless Patents

nikon Fullframe lens patent

If we look at the patents we have published a while ago, it is very clear that the upcoming Nikon Mirrorless systems will have APS-C and Fullframe sensors.

Patent #1 – – Fullframe mirroless

Patent #2 –  APS-C Lens for Mirrorless camera

We have already seen Nikon APS-C mirrorless lens as well as fullframe lens patent for professional mirrorless, so there is no big surprise that Nikon will announce and upscale it mirrorless camera soon with large sensors.

Future of Nikon 1 series Mirrorless camera is bit unsecured after the announcement of Nikon DL series camera and low sales volume of Nikon 1 series, Since all the recently announced new DL series camera uses the same sensor as of Nikon 1 series mirorless system with high quality fixed compact zoom lens.

+1 Nikon 1 series sales report was a always a headache for Nikon and they were rethinking on existence of nikon 1 series from Q4 of 2013.  source

Other camera expected to arrive on 2016

We also expect that Nikon will announce a new Nikon entry level DSLR camera on September 2016 and the Mid-range DSLR update Nikon D5600 is expected to arrive on January 2017.

take a look at the full list of upcoming cameras

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9 comments to Nikon Large Sensor Mirrorless Camera Coming

  • Peter

    Thanks for sharing so much detailed information.

  • Setlla

    I am Nikon D5 user

    I also have Sony A7R III camera.

    I am amazed that Sony is giving so much in less money.

    Waiting for Nikon mirrorless

  • Mack Photography .com

    Why the world need a mirrorless when we already have high quality DSLRs.

    Nikon no need to make Mirrorless, pro photographers have bunch of Nikon FX lenses and FX bodies, they will never buy a mirrorless camera.

  • Too LATE

    Nikon you are toooooooooooooooooooo late

    Nothing can happen now, I am with you don’t feel obsolete

  • Claudio Torrillo

    I hope that the mount is compatible with existing lenses. That would be a change of direction and would supplant competition.

  • Grant

    Nikon should absolutely come with a small Mirrorless Camera FX to get at least even with Sony 7S with Big F stop lenses !!!
    They are some what LATE !

  • Onno

    Why are photographers in general against change, I am a photographer myself and I love the change to EVF “mirrorless” (named after what it doesn’t have !!!!) Great good start !!! I think we should look at the film industry where they started using EVF a long time a go I think no one is using optical viewfinder any more, only as a help to find the best view or angle, and on top of that, the generation coming up is so used to their screens on phone tablet or other wise, to the the SLR construction is only cool because it’s from the fifties. In photography change happens always slowly, but this will come ass lighting to a clear sky, if the major players don’t act, in two years time maybe three they will be gone!!!

  • Nik

    Thanks Onno für your comment. The future will be mirrorless. And I hope that Nikon is part of the future.

  • lotta

    Way too late, and what sensor will Nikon put in?
    Let me guess 12MP so in 3 or 4 years they could introduce a 24MPx and so on…
    I still waiting for a 50MPx to counter Canon
    and a 36MPx 750 replacement…

    Nikon I have something for your next ad campaign:


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