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Nikon Latest Patents [Exclusive]

TNC Exclusive – Nikon Latest Patents – Take a look at the list of most popular patents exclusively available at .

1. Nikon Patent DSLR with Hybrid Sensor

Nikon finally working on DSLRs with Hybrid Sensors. We are the first website world who spotted Nikon DSLR with a Hybrid Sensor. In the patent (published on July 2018) you can see Nikon DSLR camera with a Hybrid AF Sensor which uses both Phase and Contrast based technology to acquire AF.

2. Nikon Biometric Sensors in Lenses and Camera

Next generation Nikon Mirrorless Lenses will have Biometric Sensors in lenses and cameras. In near future camera and lenses will have more security feature and will grab photographers details including heartbeat rate and mood in image exif information.

Nikon Touch and Pressure Sensor Patent

3. DSLR Without Phase AF Module

Nikon Patent – Hybrid DSLR without Phase AF Sensor. Nikon working on DSLR camera without AF sensor. And it’s only possible when they add Hybrid Sensors inside DSLRs. More details about the patent here.

4. Nikon Advance Display unit for Mirrorless and Display

Nikon Patent – Working on More Advance Display Units For DSLR and Mirrorless Camera

5. Heat Sink Unit for DSLRs and Mirrorless

Nikon Patent – Sensor Heat Management inside DSLRs and Mirrorless. It’s also important to have a better heat management system inside DSLR and Mirrorless cameras to due to advancement in Video technology. See more

6.  Nikon Stacked CMOS sensor

Nikon Stacked CMOS sensor patent by Nikon, the patent was published on April 2018 and in general patent take 1 to 2 year to become official. So, let’s hope we will see it Nikon flagship camera.

Nikon Multilayer Sensor Patent


Nikon Working on Multilayer Stacked CMOS Sensor

Nikon is working on multilayer sensor. This isn’t the first patent of Nikon Multuilayer sensor, we have also published a article back on January 2018  of Nikon multilyer stacked CMOS sensor.

Translated text from Patent – Nikon Working on Multilayer Stacked CMOS Sensor

 The upper photoelectric conversion layer 31 and the lower photoelectric conversion layer 32 are stacked on the same optical path. Upper photoelectric conversion layer 31 is composed of an organic photoelectric layer that absorbs light of a predetermined color component (the details will be described later) (photoelectric conversion).


We do hope Nikon will bring these new sensor tech to DSLR and Mirrorless cameras soon.

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See More Nikon Patent

Nikon Hybrid Senors in Works for DSLRs and Mirrorless

We have published patents before about Nikon Hybrid Sensor for DSLRs. But, from the latest patents, its look like Nikon have created their own version of Dual Pixel CMOS AF System.

Nikon dedicated AF pixel ROW inside a DSLR sensor, most importantly if they are using the same mechanism as of DPAF . Then of-course we will have sensor without Dead Hybrid AF pixels.

from patent document: example, as shown in FIG. 10, the imaging device 22, an imaging device 221 for imaging, the focus detection pixels 222a for phase difference detection, and a 222b, the focus detection pixels 222a

Patent –

Nikon Sub-Pixel AF structure

Not only that, You can clearly see Nikon DSLR display with AF segments or you can say AF groups just like we have in Canon’s. But the sub pixel arrangement is entirely different from Canon, here every pixel isn’t divided into two sub pixels. Instead of that Nikon is using two pixels for AF work each on having a sub-pixel unit.

In every pixel you can see two sub-pixel division, looks similar to dual pixel CMOS AF tech were every two sub pixels are involved in AF.

Nikon Display with dedicated AF Zones

Nikon DSLR camera Display screen will be distributed in AF Zones. Once you click the display unit AF section the AF area will be automatically zoomed [optional feature].


For sure these new sensors tech will be implemented soon in upcoming Nikon DSLRs. Camera.

See Nikon Patent –

Working on More Advance Display Units For DSLR and Mirrorless Camera

Nikon Patent – Sensor Heat Management inside DSLRs

Nikon Patent - Working on More Advance Display Units For DSLR and Mirrorless Camera

Nikon new display

Nikon Working on More Advance Display Units For DSLR and Mirrorless cameras. These new DSLR and Mirrrorless display unit will allow users to see them self without any issue.

Very Soon, we will see new style of display units not only in Mirrorless, but in DSLRs too. So, instead of having vari-angle display screen in DSLRs, we will be soon having the fully tillable screen in Nikon DSLRs as well as Mirrorless.

Take a look at one more images of the patent, that explains in very details way the working mechanism behind the new Display units of Nikon upcoming Mirrorless camera.

Also see – Nikon DSLR with Built-in Image Stabilization

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Nikon New Pro-Compacts Coming

Nikon firt pro series DL compacts camera was first announced back on Feb 22 2016, but we were the first website even at that time to let you know that these camera have serious issues with the integrated circuit for image processing built into the three new premium compact cameras. And finally after a year of gap on Feb 13 2017 Nikon officially cancelled the DL series compact cameras.

Nikon New Compacts on Horizon (2019)

TNC exclusive: We are the first website to spot Nikon upcoming compacts camera. We have spotted a Recent Nikon patent (filed on 2018-08-08) in which you can clearly see that Nikon is working on new range of compact cameras. These compact camera were first

Nikon Patent Details

2018-08-08 – Application filed by Nikon Corp
2018-11-22 – Publication of Patent
2019-03-24 – Application status is Pending

Patent desc. To improve scalability of an accessory.SOLUTION: An accessory attached to a first attachment part provided on a camera includes: a second attachment part that is attached to the first attachment part; a base part that is fixed to the second attachment part; a movable part that is movable relatively to the base part; a third attachment part to which another accessory is attached; and a storage part that is arranged on at least one of the base part and movable part and stores the third attachment part. The third attachment part is exposed from the storage part by the moving of the movable part

As you can see in the patent drawing above we have dedicated zoom-in-zoom out buttons like traditional cameras. And a multi-accessories hot-shoe on top of the camera.

Nikon Compact to have Dual Card Slot option

yes it is true that Nikon upcoming compact camera will have a 2nd card slot option on the optional accessories available with the camera. And not only that these accessories have the capability to connect or to pair up with others accessories made up for the camera.


Nikon Upcoming Compacts More Models Spotted

Not only one model, we have spotted one more model of Nikon upcoming Compacts camera with pop-up flash units. May be Nikon new series of compact camera are coming in two or more variants.

Stay with and we will update you soon as we get any new information related to Nikon upcoming compacts camera.

Also see – Nikon DX Mirorless Before June 2019 [Rumor]

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Nikon Patent - Sensor Heat Management inside DSLRs

With prolonged use of LIVE view mode or while recording Video in DSLRs, due to sensor heat we may see some negative effect in the image quality / video quality of the camera. To solve this issue, Nikon is actively working on new methods to reduce the effect.

Patent Details

2018-06-14 – Application filed, Nikon Corp
2018-10-04 – Publication
2019-03-22 – Application status is Pending

Back on December 2017 we have published a patent of Canon heat sink unit inside camera, and finally after a year of gap we have same type of patent from Nikon.

See more patents

Canon Patents Nikon Patents Sony Patents
Sigma patents Olympus Patents

More Confirmations: Nikon DSLR Coming with Hybrid Sensor

TNCWe are the first website to let you know that Nikon is working on Hybrid AF sensors for their DSLR camera. As we all know that none of the Nikon DSLRs right now uses Hybrid Sensors. And that’s why Nikon users sometime complain about slow AF while using LIVE VIEW display or creating a video.

Patent Details

2018-06-28 – Application filed by, Nikon Corp
2018-10-04 – Publication
2019-03-12 – Application status is Pending

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a focus detection device that can properly detect a focus state of an optical system.SOLUTION: An interchangeable lens comprises: an optical system that has a focus adjustment lens 32; a storage unit that stores information about a spatial frequency characteristic of the optical system; a position detection unit that detects position information on the focus adjustment lens 32; and a transmission unit that transmits the information and a position of the focus adjustment lens to a camera body.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1

It also indicates Future DSLR cameras such as Nikon D6, Nikon D7600 and Nikon D760 may carry Hybrid AF system inside.

also see  Nikon Latest Patent – Better VR, Intelligent Optical Viewfinder and More

Nikon Upcoming Camera 2019

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