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Firmware Update

Nikon Multi-Interface Hot Shoe for Mirrorless Camera Patent

Nikon is working on Multi-Interface Hot Shoe for Mirrorless Camera. A new patent surfaced over the web that clearly show’s that Nikon will add more accessories in the near future which will be compatible with the FF Mirrorless cameras.

Patent Timeline

Application JP2019xxxxxA events
Application filed by Nikon Corp 2019
Priority to JP2019010217A 2019
Publication of JP2019xxxxx 2020
Application status is Pending

Patent Details: To provide a view finder that can transmit setting data required for displaying video from a camera body.SOLUTION: The accessory for display is an accessory for display that can be removably attached to a camera body, and comprises: a display unit that displays a video on the basis of a video signal output from the camera body; and an initial communication unit that, when the accessory for display is powered on, executes initial communication processing. The initial communication unit executes processing of transmitting, to the camera body, video format data representing the format of the video signal that can be received by the display unit.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1

Nikon Registered a New Camera N1933

We will be updating you with more details soon.

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Nikon Working on Hybrid / Multi-pattern Metering Mode

Nikon old metering menu

Nikon future DSLRs and Mirrorless will have Hybrid / Multi-pattern metering mode. After the introduction of Hybrid sensors in their DSLRs and Mirrorless camera, they are working on to uplift the camera metering methods with the help of new AI programs and advance sensors. We will update you soon when we get more details on this

Patent Timeline

Application JP2019xxxxA events  -2019-04-08
Application filed by Nikon Corp – 2019-04-08
Priority to JP2019xxxxxA – 2019-08-29
Publication of JP2019xxxxxA – 2020-03-29
Application status is Pending


Patent Details Translated

The present invention relates to an imaging apparatus.
A technique for determining exposure by referring to luminance in an AF (autofocus) area is known

The user selects the photometry mode by the photometry mode selection unit 216. The user can select the desired photometry mode by operating the photometry mode selection unit. However, in the camera control unit 201, a plurality of photometry methods are sequentially executed.

Examples of photometry modes that can be selected by the user include multi-pattern photometry and highlight-weighted photometry.
Multi-pattern metering is a mode in which metering is performed for each of a plurality of areas set on the screen, and final exposure is determined based on information such as luminance distribution, color, distance, and composition of the subject.
Highlight-weighted metering is a mode in which exposure is mainly determined so that highlights on the screen have appropriate brightness.
In general, when exposure control is performed so that a highlight portion in a screen has an appropriate brightness, exposure is darker in the highlight-weighted metering method than in multi-pattern metering.

Nikon Working to Improve Motion Blur

Nikon is working to improve the motion blur shots you get in your camera. The camera will collect information from an angular velocity sensor (gyro) for detecting an angular velocity and multiple exposures. Once the data is collected with the help of AI (Artificial intelligent) algorithms camera will do a performance control operation with the help of VR / IBIS to obtain maximum quality.

AI is now entering into camera systems to help photographers. And it’s a welcome step to include recent technological developments in camera systems.

The present invention captures an image of a subject formed by an optical system and outputs a signal;
An image generation unit that generates an image based on the signal, and a change in the position of the image of the subject on the image sensor based on the two images captured with a time difference corresponding to the focal length of the optical system And a motion vector calculation unit that calculates a motion vector indicating

We will be updating you with more details soon.

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Nikon DPAF Sensor on Work - Patent

From the patents it’s look Nikon is actively working their own version of DPAF sensors and sooner or later we will have new breed of Nikon sensors in upcoming Mirrorless cameras.

From patents (Translated)
To provide a focus detection device with which it is possible to detect a focus with high accuracy without being affected by color of light.SOLUTION: A focus detection device comprises: a phase difference detection unit for detecting phase difference by using a plurality of first pixels for outputting a pair of first signals corresponding to the luminous amount of a first color, a plurality of second pixels for outputting a pair of second signals corresponding to the luminous amount of a second color, and phase difference in the pair of first signals, or the pair of second signals; and a defocus amount calculation unit for calculating a defocus amount by using a first coefficient corresponding to the first color when the phase difference is detected by using the pair of first signals, and calculating a defocus amount by using a second coefficient corresponding to the second color when the phase difference is detected by using the pair of second signals.

DPAF Sensor Drawings

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Nikon to Add Dedicated Lens Menus In DSLRs and Mirrorless Cameras

Nikon is working to improve lens based user interlace in camera with a dedicated Lens Menus options which will include all the lens related settings / options in a single menu page.

Patent Details

The present invention relates to an imaging device.

In interchangeable cameras such as single-lens reflex digital cameras, it is necessary to make settings related to the attached lens on the camera side, but depending on the type of interchangeable lens (for example, whether or not it has an aperture ring) The setting items are different, so when changing to a different type of lens, the setting must be changed each time. Patent Document 1 describes a camera in which a lens can be replaced, in which the presence or absence of a diaphragm ring mounted on an interchangeable lens is determined by the camera, and the operation menu of the camera body is optimized according to the presence or absence of the diaphragm ring. .


The lens menu will guide you the type of lens you are using and  if you are using a FX lens in DX format camera you will get all the details how much Magnification ratio you will be getting while using FX lens in DX Camera. And if you are mounting FX Lens in DX camera then you will get all details about crop factor and resolution loss.

This patent also indicate Nikon may minimize the presence of physicals button on the lens surface. Having less function button on lens will reduce the cost and will also improve the durability of the lens.

We will update you soon as we get any new information.

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Nikon Working on Head Mount Display Unit

its a creative image copyright thenewcamera

Nikon working on Head Mount Display display units to enhance the Mirrorless camera capabilities? These display will have all the basic functions that a normal Head Mount Display does, additionally it can also sync with your Nikon Mirrorless cameras.

This is not first Nikon Head Mount Display Patent, before this patent Nikon also filed 2 more patents back on 2001 and 2008, but they never appeared in the production line.

Nikon Head Mount Display Detects Pupil Movement

The entire viewable area is divided into 15 different zones to detect viewers pupil movement. Most probably the first generation of Nikon handsfree Display will have 15 AF zones for Eye AF support of Mirrorless cameras. The VR unit also have storage and a processing unit.

Patent Details (Translated)

A cross-sectional view schematically showing a configuration of a external display according to the first embodiment of the present invention .  The display device for both eyes. HMD10 includes a display unit 104L for the left eye, and a display unit 104R for the right eye, the controller 101

When, and a storage device 103. In the following description, the display unit 104L and a display unit 104R for the right eye left eye, collectively referred to as the display unit 104.

Control device 101, a CPU (not shown) and its peripheral circuits, by executing the storage medium (not shown) reads a predetermined control program, controls the HMD 10. Storage device 103 stores image data to be reproduced by the HMD 10. Controller 101 reads the image data stored in the storage device 103 as the input image data, reproduced as an observable image from the viewer.

see more Nikon patents

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Nikon Patent - Advance Phase AF Sensor

Nikon is working on more advanced Phase AF sensor for their DSLR camera. The new AF sensor will work in synchronization with Camera sensor and to capture sharpest image possible in every click.

We do know that Nikon is also working to introduce Hybrid AF Sensors inside DSLR at the same time they are also working to Improve the Phase AF Sensor of the camera. The patent also mentions generation of High Resolution by sensor shift technique.


Patent Details translated

To provide a focus detecting device and an imaging device that can correct defocus amount precisely in accordance with spherical aberration of an imaging optical system.SOLUTION: A focus detecting device comprises: a microlens array 161 in which a plurality of microlenses 161a are arranged; a plurality of light receiving sections 162a provided in correspondence with the microlenses; a light receiving element 162 which receives light beams from an optical system through the microlenses; and calculating means 163 which selects a pair of light receiving sections, among the plurality of light receiving sections, receiving a pair of light beams passed through different regions of the optical system in association with a plurality of aperture values of the optical system, and calculates an amount of image plane shift in the optical system on the basis of output from the pair of the light receiving sections.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 2

We will update you soon as we get any new information

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