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Exclusive: Canon Says Goodbye to 18MP APS-C Sensor

Canon 18MP DSLR image

According to information we have received, Canon is finally saying goodbye to 18MP APS-C traditional contrast detect sensor. The sensor was last used 1300D camera. Take a look at the list of models having same 18MP sensor

Last Camera Models with 18MP APS-C Sensor

Camera Name Sensor AF Points MAX ISO
Canon 7D 18 MP 19 Point AF 12800
Canon 60D 18 MP 9 Point AF 25600
Canon 700D 18 MP 9 Point AF 25600
Canon 1300D 18 MP 9 Point AF 12800

After Canon 700D Rebel series canon opted new series of 24MP Hybrid sensors. Canon 7D successor carries 20.2 MP DualPixel CMOS AF Sensor. But, at the same time we can also say that..

The Canon 18MP sensor was a excellent performer and was used in many Canon models. The biggest disadvantage of the sensor was AF issue while recording a video from DSLR. Due to the use of traditional contrast detect sensor the DSLRs using the sensor was unable to do AF while recording video and the contrast based AF was also slow and sluggish.

Canon slowely replaced all the contrast based sensors from DSLRs lineup and replaced them with HYBRID and DPAF (Dual Pixel CMOS AF) sensor. These sensors do blazing fast AF while using Live view display or shooting a still scene. Currently the DPAF sensors are used inside the Canon Pro DSLR lineup (APS-C and FF) and Hybrid Sensors are being used inside the REBEL series.

Canon 1400D / T7 to feature 24MP Hybrid Sensor

Based on the information we have received it also indicates very clearly that Canon 1400D will have 24MP Hybrid AF Sensor. The canon 1300D was announced on March 10, 2016. The 1400D is expected to arrive either Q of 2017 or may be on early 2018. The core specification of the camera is not know yet, we will bring more updates soon.

Also look at – Confirmed: Canon 77D and Canon T7i / 800D on February 2017

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2 comments to Exclusive: Canon Says Goodbye to 18MP APS-C Sensor

  • myInfo

    the 24MP APS sensor seems to be the new bread and butter sensor of canon.
    it will be included in the new rebel and m6 after the 80d and m5.

    not bad especially in the dual pixel auto focus
    but I wish for IBIS and a bit lower noise levels

  • Odin

    Only 4 years too late, not a good sensor at all, poor DR and poor high ISO noise and very little latitude for incorrect exposure. Only the 50D’s 15MP was bigger rubbish.

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