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Sony Working on Vlogging Compacts Camera ? - Patent Spotted

Sony working compact camera with var-angle display screen. You can see in the image above you will see multuple screen types added in the Compact camera. The patent isn’t too old, take a look at the important details of the patent

Sony Vlogging Compacts Patent Spotted

Application JP2018096032A events

2018-05-18 – Application filed by, Sony Corp –
2019-02-06 – Application granted –
2019-02-27 – Application status is Active
2032-04-25 – Anticipated expiration

Few auto-selectable modes also described in patents, when you pull up the screen single handed operating menu gets activated , AF modes automatically jumps to face tracking.

Patent Details
An imaging unit,
A rotatable display unit,
An operation receiving unit that assigns a first function,
If the display direction of direction as the display unit of the imaging of the imaging unit is in the state of the same direction, the operation assigned to different second function from the first function accepting unit, the second notifies the operation receiving unit that assigned the function is enabled, if the display direction of direction as the display unit of the imaging of the imaging unit is not in the state of the same direction, said the operation receiving unit first an imaging device and a control unit from the second function performs control of assigning the first functionality.

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Future Sony Cameras to Multi-Stream Video Files at Variable and Optimal Frame Rate

TNC Exclusive: In a recent patent we can clearly see Sony camera Multi-Straming Video files at Variable frame rate. Which is really amazing if true. Since the patent literature native language is Japanese so mistakes may happen from our side. Now let’s Jump to details.

With the introduction of new Variable Frame based Video Mode the Sony cameras will allow users to select Frames rates even after shooting is done.

Multi-stream Will be used while grabbing entire data. The camera sensor and image processor will Multi Stream 60 FPS and 240FPS frames simultaneously to Memory.

Optimal frame Speed Function will also going to be implemented by using the (AI) Artificial Intelligence programs to determine the Optimal frame  for a given scene.

Take a look details of the patent

User, after viewing a high frame rate image, and the image quality, if not like the impression when used as slow-motion images, the user can change the frame rate, it is necessary to re-image the high frame rate image.

Translated text

The present technology relates to a display control apparatus, a display control method, and a program that are capable of providing an interface useful for enabling a user to easily determine an optimal frame rate. According to the present technology, at least a first image and a second image which are different in frame rate or frame image quality at the same clock time are displayed at the same position in the display area of a display apparatus. The present technology can be applied to, for example, a digital camera, etc., which can capture images at a plurality of frame rates.

More to come…

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Sony Dual-Camera Module Patent

Sony Dual Camera Lens Module

We’re discussing something which is not so camera centric, but today we have received Sony dual camera patent details (Thanks Mike). Sony dual camera module is being used inside many smartphones companies (including Apple) and Sony it-self.

Now let’s talk about the Sony patent

Patent details translated from from Japanese

Sony camera module

Applicant(s): SONY CORP [JP] +
Application number: WO2017JP13510 20170331
Priority number(s): JP20160082089 20160415

This technology relates to a compound-eye camera module and an electronic device which make it possible to more effectively fix a plurality of monocular camera modules using a coupling member. A compound-eye camera module makes it possible to more effectively fix a plurality of monocular camera modules using a coupling member by coupling the plurality of monocular camera modules together, by fitting a camera-side positioning part for positioning, formed on a camera-side reference surface of each of the monocular camera modules, to a member-side positioning part for positioning, formed on a member-side reference surface of the coupling member. This technology is applicable, for example, to a compound-eye camera module formed by coupling a plurality of CMOS image sensors.

Download Patent PDF |

Sony Patent - Multilayer Stacked CMOS Sensor

Sony patent three different multilayer stacked CMOS sensor.  They are testing different models of sensor with organic material and silicon. And the last sensor design somehow look similar to Foveon sensors, it composed of colored filters including organic and silicon layers.  Take a look at the images and details below

Sony patent different sensors

Publication number] Japanese Unexamined Patent Application Publication No. 2017-174936 (P2017-174936A) click here
[Publication date] September 28, Heisei 20 (2017.9.28)
Title: Solid-state imaging device and electronic apparatus

Embodiment 1 (G: organic material, B and R: silicon)
Embodiment 4 (B and G: organic, R: silicon)
Embodiment 6 (Ye and Cy: color filters, G: organic, R, B and Mg: silicon)

More interesting patent  – Sony Patent Shutter for Every Pixel , See more Sony Patents.

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Sony Files Patent Infringement Suit Against Fujifilm

Sony vs Fuji

Just like Nikon Fuji also feeling some heat waves. According to News Mag the U.S international is soon going to launch a investigation into Fujifilm (FUJIY) magnetic tape cartridge and component imports following a patent infringement complaint by Sony.

The complaint was filed back in January 2017. Sony claims that magnetic tap cartridge uses Sony tech without a license / permission from Sony.

It’s look like world leading Mirrorless makers fight is going beyond ring.


Sony Working on Dual-Pixel CMOS AF Tech

Sony Sensor

Sony is also working on Canon dual pixel CMOS autofocus Technology. In recent patent document surfaced over the we can spot the same dual pixel pattern scattered in the sensor.

Patent Description (Machine Translated)

Imaging devices and electronic apparatuses incorporating imaging devices are provided. An imaging device as disclosed
can include a first pixel (2PA, 2PB) and a second pixel (2X). The first and second pixels each have a first electrode (5IA,
51B, 51C), a portion of a photoelectric conversion film (81), and a portion of a second electrode (82), where the photoelectric conversion film is between the first electrode and the second electrode. The first electrode (5IA, 51B) of the first pixel has a first area, while the first electrode (51C) of the second pixel has a second area that is smaller than the first area. The first pixel can include a light shielding film (52A, 52B). Alternatively or in addition, the first pixel can be divided into first and second portions

Source – freepatentonline

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via SAR

Sony Patent Shutter for Every Pixel

Sony Hybrid Sensor Patent

Sony is working on a amazing sensor that features shutter for every single pixels. The sensor is capable to control the exposure start and end timing of each pixel.

Sony patent Hybrid sensir image

The sensor can create super high dynamic range images since the exposure timing of every pixel is controllable.

The sensor can also correct the blur effect of moving objects, so you will get neat and clean images of famous popular places without visitors.

Well I am waiting for such a camera, it will sure create record breaking dynamic range with exceptional details and color output.

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