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High ISO Test - Pentax K-70 vs Canon 80D vs Nikon D7200

We are comparing all the three best mid range DSLRs  available right now to find out the best of them, specification of a camera does matter but at the end image quality is important of all.

Out of all the three DSLR the Pentax K70 features inbuilt image stabilization system to reduce camera shake up to 4 stops. The other big advantage Pentax is giving us the high ISO range upto 204800, whereas the Canon 80D and Nikon D7200 remains limited to 25600 and 102400. But does the highest range is really useful let’s find out in the high ISO test below

Pentax K-70 Test image

From the High ISO test image we can see clearly that Pentax K70 is giving out better performance compared to the other two competitors in the road.

In the test samples you can see the word “A6” written in the image is hardly visible @ ISO range 25600 in most of the samples. But at the same time Pentax K70 is trying preserve more details compared to the other two.

From all the three images we can see that the Pentax is doing well in the High ISO Test. The image of the Canon 80D look bit under-exposed compared to the other two.

At ISO 25600 all the images are unusable, but at the same time we can see the Pentax k70 to preserve More details compared to the Canon 80d and Nikon D7200.

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Pentax K-70 vs Canon 80D

Pentax K-70 vs Canon 80 image

Pentax is giving us excellent core specification at a very affordable price tag, the K-70 is a prime example of what other camera companies can also offer at the same price range.
Here we are comparing Canon 80D with Pentax K-70, the comparison may look biased to you since Canon 80D is made for professionals and K-70 is a mid-range camera made for serious amateur photographers. Take a look at

Pentax K-70 vs Canon 80D

Features/ Models Pentax K-70
Canon 80D
Sensor 24 megapixels 24 megapixels
Sensor size APS-C (23.5 x 15.6 mm) APS-C (22.5 x 15 mm)
Sensor Type CMOS CMOS
Image stabilization Sensor-shift No
Low pass filter Yes Yes
Image processor PRIME MII DIGIC 6
AF system Phase detect +Contrast detect
Phase detect + Contrast detect
AF points 11 45
ISO Auto, 100-102400 100-25600
Shutter Min/ mix 60-1/6000 30 -1/8000
Continuous shooting speed 6fps 7fps
Video Full HD 1080p Video at up to 60 fps Full HD 1080p Video at up to 60 fps
Display 3.0″ 921k-Dot Vari-Angle Touchscreen 3.0″ 1.04m-dot Vari-Angle Touchscreen
Viewfinder 2.36m-Dot OLED Electronic Viewfinder Optical
Hot shoe Yes Yes
Wireless Built-In Wi-Fi Built-In Wi-Fi
Environmentally sealed Yes Yes
Battery life 410 960
Dimensions 126 x 93 x 74 mm
147 x 115 x 81 mm
Weight 688 g 860 g

Before we start the comparison of both the camera I would like to talk a little bit about Canon 80D

Facts you must know– Canon 80D was announced after Canon 7D Mark II, the announcement was only few months apart but when have seen the sample images of the camera we are highly surprised that Canon 80D sensor was performing better than the Canon 7D Mark II, Take a look at the High ISO test of both the camera and the reason behind the better performance of Canon 80D compared to Canon 7D Mark II.

Both camera features physically almost same sensor size, the Resolution of both the camera is almost same as well as both camera supports hybrid AF system, despite of the fact that Canon uses entirely different technology in which the sensor doesn’t carry any single dead Phase AF pixels inside the sensor as the Pentax does have dedicated array of Phase AF pixels responsible for quick focusing while shooting at live view mode and video.

Advance Phase AF sensor inside the Canon 80D – Canon 80D uses advance Phase AF module inside the camera, the Canon 80D comes with 45 AF points on the other side we have Pentax K-70 camera that features 11 points AF, while shooting through the viewfinder Canon 80D will sure have better coverage compared to Pentax.

TIP: Click here to see Best Lenses for Canon 80D DSLR

Pentax-K70 the new low-light king? We have no doubt when we look at the specification sheet of the Pentax K-70 DSLR camera, the Pentax K-70 High ISO range goes upto 102400 which is completely unbelievable and Canon 80D remains limited to ISO 25600.. Which is really bad.

However we will add High ISO test between these two camera here as soon as we get any.

Canon 80D is offering bit better continues shooting speed as well as better shutter range compared to Pentax K-70 camera.

Verdict: Both the camera are good, finally you have to decide which camera you want to buy. If you want a camera that will perform better in low light condition then you should go with penatxc K-70 DSLr camera whereas Canon 80D is also a excellent choice.

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What's New Inside the Pentax K70 DSLR

Hybrid AF image

Buy Pentax K-70 camera from B&H

Do you want to know the new features inside Pentax K-7 camera ? but before that take a look at list of major features offered by the Pentax K-70 DSLR

Pentax K 70 Major Features

  • 24.24MP APS-C CMOS Sensor
  • PRIME MII Image Processor
  • Anti-Aliasing Filter Simulator
  • 3.0″ 921k-Dot Vari-Angle LCD Monitor
  • Full HD 1080i Video at 60 fps
  • SAFOX X 11-Point AF with 9 Cross Sensors
  • ISO 100-204800, Up to 6 fps Shooting
  • Built-In Wi-Fi, Compatible with O-GPS1
  • Shake Reduction & Pixel Shift Resolution
  • Weather-Resistant Construction

Pentax K 70 camera is the first Pentax APS-C mid-entry level DSLR that features Hybrid AF system, highest ISO range to 102400 and bulb timer function inside it, take a detailed report created by our staff members that explores the new features inside the K70 camera.

The Pentax MII processing engine now arrived with a new accelerator unit NEW

The camera features new image processing unit with very effective noise reduction system inside it,the new unit helps to boost ISO range upto 124000 with effectively suppresses noise from the image. It assures true-to-life rendition of gradation and texture at all sensitivity levels.

TOP ISO upto 102400 NEW

No the mid-entry camera of today features extensive ISO range with the help of new accelerator unit. Pentax made a breakthrough with Pentax  K 70 DSLR that produces images upto 102400 that isn’t possible with the DSLRs of it’s price range.

Pentax K-70 DSLR camera image

AA-filter-free NEW

AA filter image

The Pentax K70 DSLR is completely AA Filter free, the absence of AA filter directly effect on camera resolving power. You get super details in your image when even viewed at 100%, as we know that the camera also carry AA-filter simulator so which effectively minimizes the moiré patterns often generated on subjects with fine, repetitive patterns, and the false colors commonly generated at the edges of high-contrast images.

Hybrid AF NEW

Pentax K 70 features Hybrid PDF operation during live shootings so you get speedy and accurate AF.  thanks to the introduction of hybrid autofocus Technology inside the k70 DSLR camera now you don’t worry about the slow and sluggish DSLR AF.


Pentax K 70 is the First DSLR to feature hybrid system inside it. The new system combines contrast system as well as phase detect system to ensure the accuracy as well as the speed of the AF.

Introduction of Bulb Timer function NEW

pentax high res image

The Other new feature is bulb timer function inside the Pentax K 70 DSLR camera. it’s a really very essential and handy tool for capturing celestial bodies and fireworks in the night sky. The bulb timer functions allow yo to capture or set an exposure time of 10 seconds to 5 minutes in 10 seconds steps are in 20 minutes with 1 minutes steps.

Outdoor-friendly LCD monitor NEW

Pentax display camera image

Pentax also introduced a new outdoor-friendly LCD monitor whose brightness level can be instantly adjusted to the desired level: brighter during outdoor shooting in sunshine, or dimmer during nightscape photography. It also provides a red-lighted monitor display function, which prevents the pupils of the photographer’s eyes from closing down after they have become accustomed to a dark location during astronomical photography.

You can see Sample images captured by the Pentax K-70 DSLR here and announcement page here

Pentax K-70 Sample Images

Pentax K-70 sample images now available at Rioch Imagine website, the image look decent when we look at 100%.

The newly announced Pentax Camera features 24 MP CMOS AF that’s capable to shoot ISO upto 204800 and that’s is really high compared to other DSLRs of same price range.
The other advantage of Pentax K-70 DSLR is it features built-in image stabilization and a user selectable low-pass filter with weather sealed body .

 Pentax K-70 Sample image 1

Pentax K-70 sample image  – click on the image to see at 100%

Lens smc PENTAX-DA55mmF1.4 SDM Image Format Super fine
Focal length 55mm (equivalent to 82mm in 35mm format) Saturation -1
Shutter speed 1/640sec Toning Off 0
Aperture F2.8 Key 0
Shooting mode Aperture Priority Contrast 1
White balance Multi-pattern auto white-balance Sharpness 1
ISO sensitivity 100 Fine Sharpness OFF
Recorded pixels 6000×4000 pixels File size 13914KB
Exposure compensation -0.7EV Finishing touch Bright
High-ISO NR Auto Processing software PENTAX K-70 Ver. 1.00
Pixel Shift Resolution OFF

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Pentax Announces K-70 DSLR


Buy Pentax K-70 camera from B&H

Pentax today announced the long rumored k70 DSLR camera. The camera features 24 megapixel aps-c CMOS sensor and Top sensitivity of 102400, the camera also features in body image stabilization and can record 4K video internally.

Recently announced Pentax K 70 camera comes with high resolution mode, dust proof and weather resistant construction and can shoot up to 6 frames per second with continuous support of AF.


The k70 also comes with advanced wireless connectivity so can you share the files easily with computer PC laptop or a smartphone without any problem.

The Pentax K-70 will cost $649.95 and available from July 2016. Buy Pentax K-70 camera from B&H

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Pentax K-70 Image and Detailed Specification Leaked


Take a look at the leaked images of upcoming K-70 camera, we have already published the specification of the camera yesterday. But today we have got more detailed about the trusted Japaneses source take a look below

– Enable 24,240,000 pixels. Low pass less. 14bit readable
– The highest sensitivity ISO102400
– Image processing engine PRIME MII
– Adopt a hybrid AF of the image plane phase difference AF and contrast AF to AF during live view
– Dust and water body which has been subjected to 100 places of sealing
– Low temperature minus 10 degrees
– Grip, which is also considered to hold at the time of glove use
– Improve the operability review the shape of the back button and the mode dial
– Equipped with a friendly red screen display function to eyes accustomed to the dark on the monitor
– AF system SAFOX X. AF point is 11 points (central 9 points cross). -3EV Correspondence
– Select area expansion function. AF hold function
– Camera shake correction built. Effect is 4.5 stages. Automatic detection panning
– Realistic resolution system. Motion correction function
– Low-pass selector function
– GPS unit O-GPS1 sold separately is available. ASTROTRACER correspondence
– Finder glass prism. 100% field of view. Magnification 0.95 times
– Adopting the same ocular optical system and the coating with the top model in the viewfinder
– The maximum speed of the shutter is 1/6000 seconds
– Continuous shooting up to 6 frames / sec (JPEG40 coma, RAW10 frames, RAW + 8 frames)
– Video is full HD60i / 30p. Stereo microphone built-in. Continuous AF
– 4K interval videos
– 3.0 inches Vari-Angle LCD monitor
– You can customize the display item in Control Panel
– The three user mode can be registered
– Wi-Fi built-in. Possible cooperation with smartphone
– 77-segment metering system
– Double Dial
– Media SD / SDHC / SDXC (UHS-I compatible)
– USB2.0 terminal. HDMI output terminal. Stereo microphone input terminal
– The battery is D-LI109
– The size of 125.5mm x 93.0mm x 74.0mm
– Weight 688 grams (including battery and memory card). 628 g (body only)
– Estimated retail price is ¥ 78000 (tax included)

The price of the camera is listed as ¥ 78000 and in US the price is expected to be around $1K, the camera features ultra advance core specification and ability to record -4K interval videos and Full Hybrid AF support.

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Pentax K-70 Leaked Specification - Features 4K, ISO 204800 and more...


Image of Pentax K-S2 camera

To be announced Pentax K-S70 camera specification leaked today the camera will feature 24 Megapixel CMOS sensor, low-light sensitivity upto 204800 and 4K video recording.

Take a look at the leaked specification of the Pentax K-70 camera.

– 24MP APS-C CMOS sensor
– Low-pass-less
– Camera shake correction in the body, “SR”
– Realistic resolution (with motion correction function)
– Low-pass selector (OFF, Type1, Type2,3 sheets of the bracket)
– PRIME MII processor
– Shutter 30-1 / 6000 seconds. Synchro 1/180 sec
– ISO100-204800
– Finder is 100% field of view. Magnification 0.95x
– AF is SAFOX X. 11 points (9-point cross-type). -3EV Correspondence
– AF assist LED Light
– Exposure 77 segment metering
– Focus peaking
– Video is full HD60i. HD60p
– Video of AF is the image plane phase difference and contrast hybrid AF of
– Built-in flash. Cover the angle of view of the guide number 12.28mm (equivalent 36mm)
– Dust and water structure
– Resistance to low temperature -10 degrees
– 3.0 inches 921,000-dot Vari-angle LCD monitor. Night Vision Red Light
– Continuous shooting up to 6 frames / second (eight in ten .RAW + JPEG with 40 sheets .RAW in JPEG)
– GPS unit O-GPS support (GPS, ASTROTRACER)
– 4K interval movie. Star stream
– Wi-Fi built-in
– Media SD / SDHC / SDXC (UHS-I)
– The battery is D-LI109
– Customizable Control Panel, Fine action button
– The size of 125.5mm x 93.0mm x 74.0mm
– It weighs 688 grams (including battery and SD card)

The upcoming camera is a successor of Pentax K-S2 camera which is still available at B&H at a price tag of $660, it’s really good to see a mid-range camera with such a high-end specification.

We will update you soon as we get additional information.

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source digicame-info