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Canon 2000D, Canon EOS M50 and More.. at CP+ 2018 Show

Canon at Cp plus show

Canon 2000D and Canon EOS M50  mirrorless camera is rumored to arrive during the CP Plus event on March 2018.  Canon was completely silent during the CES January 2018 event but we don’t expect the same will going to happen at the CP Plus event.

Not only the announcement of entry level mirrorless camera and 2000D  DSLR we also expect the announcement of Canon PowerShot G series compact camera and introduction of dual pixel CMOS autofocusing sensor inside it.

We were one of the first website who told you that Canon G1x Mark III will going to have the Dual Pixel CMOS Autofocusing sensor. Now we are also expecting the announcement of Canon G5 X mark II, camera G7 X Mark III camera and g3x mark II camera will get dual pixel CMOS autofocus sensor.

Canon at CP Plus event of 2018

  •  Announcement of Canon EOS M50 camera
    The  Canon EOS M50 camera was registered few months back and its announcement is overdue.  we do expect it will going to use their 24 megapixel DualPixel CMOS AF Sensor. And will going to remain Limited at full HD 60p recording.
  •  Canon 2000D
    We are expecting the successor of Canon 1300 D is also coming during the CP Plus event,  Canon 2000d camera is also registered or Wi-Fi certification a month ago.  we are expecting introduction on dual pixel CMOS your sensor inside the Canon entry level camera. Follow our Facebook page for Canon 2000d latest updates and rumours
  • Canon G5 X Mark II
    Why we are picking the name of Canon G5X Mark II.  since we have received multiple information and the part that can and will going to update Canon G5 X mark 2 camera in the beginning of 2018 with dual pixel CMOS autofocus sensor. So we are expecting the announcement of Canon G5 X Mark II camera during the event. Canon G7 X Mark III and G3X mark 2 also coming this year.

Some surprise announcement May happen
Canon full frame mirrorless system [Development announcement only]
We have received confirm status information that can and will going to introduce full frame mirrorless system camera during Photokina 2018 event. But at the same time we are also expecting that we may see some kind of development announcement related to full frame mirrorless camera at the CP Plus show.

Now we are having a list of camera expected to arrive later this year.

1. Canon EOS C900 [Cinema]
NAB show going to happen in the April month of 2018. And we are expecting the announcement of Canon EOS C900 cinema camera during the event.  Based on the information we have received in the past the upcoming Canon EOS C900 camera will going to record 6k cinema videos and will going to compete against the cinealta Alta 6k Sony camera.

2. Canon 5ds Mark II
we can’t end this article without taking the name of this megapixel Monster of Canon.  The announcement date of Canon 5ds mark 2 camera is not known yet.  Canon 5ds mark 2 camera coming with dual pixel CMOS autofocus sensor and 4K video. Based on information we have received in the past the camera will going to arrive between the June and August of this year.  stay with us and we will going to update you soon as I get any information related to the Canon 5ds mark II camera.

3. Canon 135mm L lens
According to the information we have received in the past, Canon 135mm L lens is also expected to arrive sometime in the first half of 2018. See more here

We will going to update you soon as we get any new information related to upcoming Canon cameras. Do subscribe our social channels for latest updates and LIVE rumors.

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Canon Working on Advance Power Zoom Adapter For Mirrorless Cameras

Mirrorless power zoom adapter

The New Camera Exclusive – As we have already seen the Canon power zoom PZ-E1 adapter (Amazon) enables electronic zoom control for some Canon lenses in DSLRs. In a recent patent (2017.7.20) published by Canon, they are working on advance power zoom adapter for Mirrorless camera lenses. In the patent image we can clearly see camera shown in the image for reference doesn’t carry any Mirror inside, We do hope the next gen of power zoom adapters for mirrorless will carry more advance core specs.

Application number: JP20160005679 20160115
Priority number(s): JP20160005679 20160115

Translated Description : To provide a control system capable of preventing a zoom operation from stopping, the zoom operation likely to stop once noises cause a lowest driving voltage to go below a threshold value, the threshold value of a lowest driving voltage set by each lens so as to avoid an unstable operation, as a rotational load of a zoom ring differs from lens to lens, in an accessory attachable to an interchangeable lens configured to externally operating a zoom ring.SOLUTION: An imaging apparatus system includes a camera main body 1, an interchangeable lens 2 attachable to the camera main body 1 and an accessory 38 attachable to the interchangeable lens 2. The accessory 38 includes a drive part 34 capable of operating a zoom ring, a power supply unit 36, a detector configured to detect a voltage of the power supply unit 36, and a determination part configured to determine whether or not the power supply voltage has gone below a threshold value by a predetermined number of times. The determination part controls an operation stop by the accessory 38.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1

Canon Patent Stacked CMOS Sensor

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See more Canon Patent

Canon 6D Mark III to have 4K

Canon 6D Mark III

Creative image of Future Canon 6D Mark III camera

It’s bit early to talk about Canon 6D mk III camera for now. In the duration of past few weeks we have received a couple of emails, all pointing towards the same that upcoming Canon 6D Mark II will going to have 4K. We have decided publish this post since the information look logical to us.

And finally if we look at the announcement  pattern of Canon 6D Series camera

  • Canon 6D – September 17, 2012
  • Canon 6D Mark II – June 29, 2017 [Arrived after 4 years 9 months]
  • Canon 6D Mark III – 2020-2021 [If they again take 4 years to announce next model]

So. what next ? it’s completely safe to buy the Canon 6D Mark II camera for now, also take a look at the list of recommended lenses for the Canon 6D Mark II camera. And no new model is coming right now for sure. We will put update if we get any news and rumors.

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No Canon 7D Mark III in 2018 ?

Canon 7D Mark II image

According to latest rumors we may not see the successor of Canon 7D Mark II camera in 2018. sources of veteran rumor mill suggest that Canon 7D Mark III camera isn’t coming in 2018 but if it does then it will be Q4 of 2018. Since, no solid information is available related to 7D Mark III camera right now.

Ok, the above information was what the sources said to a veteran rumor mill

But what I personally expect that canon should update the camera in the year of 2018 otherwise no will going to buy 7D mark 2 camera for now.

As for the fact Canon 7D Mark II announced on 15 Sep 2014 (3+ year old cam) is a  flagship Canon camera and it is limited to full HD recording mode.  At 2018 If you look around at Sony a 6500 OR Nikon d500 all  these flagshp camera features 4K recording option. And some of the mid range mirrorless cameras also like Panasonic G85 (at B&H) features 4K video recording with 5axis Image stabilization (Dual I.S) at $897.

DXO Canon 7D Mark II

Sensor of 7D Mk II need an upgrade. And one of the most important thing you should note that the sensor of Canon 80d which is a mid-tier camera is better than of Canon 7D Mark II in terms of dynamic range and low light performance.

So, What I think that Canon should desperately update the 7D mark 2 camera as soon as possible without any delay.

Do share your thoughts with us.

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Canon 7D Mark III First Video Specs Leaked

Canon 7D Mark III image

We all know that next Canon flagship camera will have 4K video. But What Canon rumor said today, the Canon 7D Mark II Camera will have slight crop when you will shoot in 4K mode. Let’s take a look at the video specs of the upcoming Canon 7D Mk III camera.

Canon 7D Mark III Video Spec

  • 4K 24 / 30 FPS
  • Full HD 60 FPS

The Canon 7D mark II was announced on September 15, 2014. Let me remind you 2014 was a Photokina year and again in 2018 we are having Photokina event. So, there is big possibility to see the  7D Mark II successor this year.

Why 7D Mark II need a desperate update  ?

If you look around, other flagships APS-C like Nikon D500, Nikon D7500 and Sony A6500 features 4K video recording. So it has become necessary to upgrade the Canon 7D Mark II to match up against the market competition.

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Canon EOS M50 Camera Coming Soon ?

Canon EOS M50 is rumored to arrive during CP+ show 2018. The Canon EOS M5 uses a 24 MP DPAF sensor. The name of the camera is confirmed and floating over the web from Nov of 2017. We will update you soon as we get any new information.

We are almost confirmed Canon fullframe Mirrorless is also coming this year during photokina event.

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Canon EOS Cinema Mirrorless Will Have EF Mount

Canon FUllframe Mirrorless

On September 2017, we have published  news related to the upcoming Canon  Cinema DSLR camera. But now we are getting a bit different news.

According to latest rumors, Canon is preparing to announce a new Mirrorless cameras dedicated for cinematography at NAB Show with EF Mount.

Not only that, according to the source the next Cinema EOS camera is scheduled to arrive sometime just after the NAB show 2018.

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