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Firmware Update

Canon Working on Advance Power Zoom Adapter For Mirrorless Cameras

Mirrorless power zoom adapter

The New Camera Exclusive – As we have already seen the Canon power zoom PZ-E1 adapter (Amazon) enables electronic zoom control for some Canon lenses in DSLRs. In a recent patent (2017.7.20) published by Canon, they are working on advance power zoom adapter for Mirrorless camera lenses. In the patent image we can clearly see camera shown in the image for reference doesn’t carry any Mirror inside, We do hope the next gen of power zoom adapters for mirrorless will carry more advance core specs.

Application number: JP20160005679 20160115
Priority number(s): JP20160005679 20160115

Translated Description : To provide a control system capable of preventing a zoom operation from stopping, the zoom operation likely to stop once noises cause a lowest driving voltage to go below a threshold value, the threshold value of a lowest driving voltage set by each lens so as to avoid an unstable operation, as a rotational load of a zoom ring differs from lens to lens, in an accessory attachable to an interchangeable lens configured to externally operating a zoom ring.SOLUTION: An imaging apparatus system includes a camera main body 1, an interchangeable lens 2 attachable to the camera main body 1 and an accessory 38 attachable to the interchangeable lens 2. The accessory 38 includes a drive part 34 capable of operating a zoom ring, a power supply unit 36, a detector configured to detect a voltage of the power supply unit 36, and a determination part configured to determine whether or not the power supply voltage has gone below a threshold value by a predetermined number of times. The determination part controls an operation stop by the accessory 38.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1

Canon Patent Stacked CMOS Sensor

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