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Firmware Update

Canon RF 17-35mm F4-5.6 Lens Patent

Canon Patent a new mirrorless lens, RF 17-35mm F4-5.6 Lens. Due to the nature of aperture range we expect the lens will remain affordable, And sooner or later we will be having one more lens with constant aperture.

Canon RF 17-35mm F4-5.6 Lens Patent Details

[Publication No.] JP 2019-74633 (P2019-74633A) Click Here
[publication date] Ryowa 1 year May 16 ( 2019.5.16)
[ Description of the invention] Zoom lens and imaging device having the same

Specification and lens arrangement of embodiment 2
Zoom ratio: 1.94
Focal length: 17.50-27.00-33.95 mm
F number: 3.94-3.92-5.69
Angle of view: 51.03 -38.71-32.51
Image height: 21.64 mm
Lens length: 122.00-119.11-121.87 mm
Back focus: 20.00-31.62-40.07 mm

Canon Patent: More Improved Touch Display Screen

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Canon Patent - Working on Mirrorless Prime and Zoom lenses

List of patents surfaced over the web that shows up the list if lenses Canon working in for their fullframe Mirrorless cameras lenses. We have already published the list of upcoming Canon lenses 2019 back on January 2019.

Canon RF Lenses Patent Details

  • Canon 85mm f/1.2,
  • Canon 100mm f/1.4,
  • Canon 24-70mm f/2.8, and
  • Canon 28-85mm f/2-2.8

List Canon upcoming lenses already have 85mm F1.2 L name.

Canon already showed us upcoming 6 RF Mount lens images, now in the patent above we have 2 brand new lenses name. ( Canon 28-85mm f/2-2.8 and 100mm F1.4). So, probably these two lenses are coming in 2020 or later.

See More – List of Canon Upcoming Fullframe RF Mirrorless Lenses 2019

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Canon 18-55mm F2.8 IS Lens Patent

Canon finally working on a constant aperture kit lens – 18-55mm F2.8 IS that will boost up the image quality we generally get from standard kit lens from APS-C DSLRs. But, the physically the lens is 2X big compared to the standard kit lens we are having now. In general patents takes at least 1 to 2 year to become a real product.  The publication date of this patent is Jan 2019. So we have wait a bit long for its arrival.

Patent Details – Canon 18-55mm F2.8 IS Lens Patent

Specification and lens Arrangement of Master lens 1 (18-55Mm, F2.8)
Zoom Ratio: 3.05
Focal Length: 17.50 – 53.35 mm
F number: 2.80 – 2.80
Half angle of view: 36.65 – 13.71
Image height: 13.02 – 13.02 mm
Lens length: 148.81 – 172.70 mm
Back focus: 35.51 – 40.31 mm Specification and lens arrangement of master lens 1 with reducer 1 Focal length: 11.36 mm F number: 1.82 Half angle of view: 36.67

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Canon 150MP Ariel Camera Patent

Well nothing exciting here, but since Canon R&D team is working on this project so you should also know that. Canon will use three of their 5Ds DSLR camera to create a 150MP Ariel Camera setup to capture high resolution images. Take a look at more details below

Zhang Zuyu
Huang Ming
Yan Yunsen
Jiang Xiaohai
Yu Songmei
Fu Wei
Yao Mao
Zhuge Shengsheng
Original Assignee
Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Geographic Information Surveying and Mapping Institute
Priority date

Patent Details Translated

The present invention is one kind of 150 million pixels UAV flight camera, the left camera and right camera and the lower side of the camera, are three Canon 5DS SLR camera, the number of pixels a single camera 5000, the entire camera system length and width dimensions of about X 29cm 29on, a total weight of about 4.5KG, installation angle left camera and right camera are 45 ° and are arranged 50mm focal length lens, depending on the camera configuration 35mm focal length of the lower side of the camera shots, so shoot higher collection efficiency, high image pixels, image quality is good.

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Canon Patent - DSLRs with In-Body Image Stabilization

After a little research we have found that Canon is also working to implement image stabilization in its DSLRs. Earlier Canon had a policy against IBIS on DSLR but from a recent patent it’s look like their policy now changed. And now they are working to implement image stabilization system to DSLRs

For more details you can read these translated text coming straight out from Japanese patent.

Translated text from patent

An exchangeable lens device that is attachable to and detachable from an image capturing apparatus includes two types of lens devices, i.e., a lens device including an image stabilizing mechanism that corrects camera shake generated due to a user’s hand shake and a lens device not including the image stabilizing mechanism. The image stabilizing mechanism corrects the camera shake by moving an optical system. The lens device including the image stabilizing mechanism can correct camera shift-shake in a direction orthogonal to an optical axis (hereinafter, simply referred to as camera shift-shake), but cannot correct camera roll-shake in a direction of rotation about an axis in parallel with the optical axis (hereinafter, simply referred to as camera roll-shake).

To correct the camera roll-shake, an image sensor of the image capturing apparatus needs to be rotated. In this context, Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open No. 2011-095467 discusses an image shake correction device having a rotational substrate, fixedly holding the image sensor, supported by a fixing portion via a rotation shaft. The image shake correction device discussed in Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open No. 2011-095467 requires a supporting mechanism for the rotation shaft for rotating the image sensor. The image shake correction device discussed in Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open No. 2011-095467 only focuses on correcting the camera roll-shake, and thus if the attached lens device does not include a shift-shake correcting mechanism, the camera shift-shake cannot be corrected with such a configuration

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Canon Patent - Canon EF-S 18-55mm IS III Kit Lens With Display Screen

TNC EXCLUSIVE Well have already seen Canon 55-200mm lens patent, Yes they are developing a new Zoom lens for Canon APS-C models. And now we have found a new 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 Kit Zoom lens patent that clearly shows Canon is also working on a new kit Zoom Lens with improved AF performance and overall design of the lens.

The new lens also features a dedicated DISPLAY SCREEN as we have seen in patent Image.  First time on internet – You are looking at the patent image of Canon next 18-55mm Kit lens with display screen

Patent Details of Canon 18-55mm IS III Lens

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an interchangeable lens which prevents an image having many aberrations unintended by a photographer from being photographed when attached to an aberration correction incompatible camera in an aberration correction compatible lens. An interchangeable lens detachably mountable to a camera body includes a communication unit for communicating with a camera, a camera identification unit for detecting whether or not a camera mounted on the camera is an aberration correction compatible camera, and a camera identification unit And when the camera is identified as a camera, the camera is in a photographing impossible state. BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION

Reference numeral 301 denotes a manual zoom ring, reference numeral 302 denotes a manual focus ring, reference numeral 303 denotes an AF / MF changeover switch, reference numeral 304 denotes an IS ON / OFF switch, and reference numeral 305 denotes a lens information display portion.

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Canon to Improve Heat Insulation of Lenses to Prevent Overheating


TNC Exclusive: Its has been seen that optical performance of lens is reduced with respect to change in temp. In general when lens is being used by photographers in  direct sunlight for hours the temperature inside the lens is raised and which affects the overall optical performance of the lens. Latest patent suggest that Canon wants to improve the heat insulation coating over its high-end lenses to prevent overheating of lenses.

more patent

Canon to improve heat insulation of following lenses mentioned in the patent document

  • Canon EF 300mm f/2.8L IS USM II
  • Canon EF 400mm f/5.6L USM Lens
  • Canon EF 500mm f/4L IS II USM Lens
  • Canon EF 800mm f/5.6L IS USM

Patent Details (Translated from Japanese)
A possible to obtain a lens device change in optical performance is reduced relative to a temperature change in the ambient. In the lens apparatus having an optical system including an A positive lens Gp, the material of the positive lens Gp is ​​set properly, the exterior member 7 of coupling mechanism which protects the holding member 6 and the holding member 6 for holding the positive lens Gp the set properly. .Field

The present invention relates to a lens holding mechanism in the lens unit and an imaging apparatus having the same.

Lens apparatus such as an interchangeable lens for use in a digital still camera is used in various environments. For example, when the lens device is used in high temperature environment, the temperature of the lens included in the lens unit is increased, the optical properties of the lens may change.

References 1, by disposing the heat insulating member between the light source and the lens unit, discloses an optical apparatus employing the heat that is not easily transmitted configuration from the light source to the lens barrel.

Also see – Canon Working on Hybrid Viewfinders For DSLRS

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