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Firmware Update

Canon 1DX Mark III and Canon 5D Mark V to Feature Advance Display ?

Canon 1DX Mark III image

Left side is Canon 1DX Mark II camera and on right side we have patent image that shows a high-end canon camera with extra large display

The New Camera Exclusive: Yes, its true that Canon 1DX Mark III and Canon 5D Mark V may have completely new Kind of display? Recent patent document suggest us Canon is working on big display units for its future DSLRs.

Take a look at the Patent details below

ventor(s): MOMOKI KAZUHIKO +
Applicant(s): CANON
Application number: JP20150228312 20151124

Description –  To provide a digital camera capable of reducing a diopter difference on an monitor with respect to an optical finder which are used simultaneously together with each other.SOLUTION: The digital camera with replaceable lens, includes: an optical finder 2 having an eyepiece lens; and an outside display device 1 for live view. The outside display device 1 is provided with a rolling mechanism which rotates upward, and a screen reversal mechanism. With this, the center of a screen of the outside display device 1 can be disposed in a right-upper part of the optical finder 2 when viewed from the back side.

As you can see in the patent images and details, a very large display screen is placed behind Canon professional body and even few controls of the camera is hidden behind the display of the camera.  Canon may be also working on is working on completely new kind external plug and play Display unit that will change the concept of LCD display screen behind the DSLRs.

One again take a look at the image another Canon Pro DSLR with Large display

Canon 5D Mark V

From the image its look like Canon large display is being placed on Canon 5D series body.

Keep in mind these images are coming from patent document & real, May be Canon is working on new breed of DSLRs ? Since few months ago we have got a rumor that Canon is preparing to announce a Video dedicated DSLR series.  In general with a time span of 2 to 3 years a patent becomes reality, So we have to wait for it.

So, at the end we can’t confirm you anything at the moment but from the images it really looks like Canon is preparing extensive display system for upcoming mirrorless professional dslrs.

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We will update you soon as we get any new information.

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Canon New Cine Lens Patent

A new Canon Cine lens patent surfaced over the web, the lens covers 17 to 90 mm focal length with constant F4 aperture. Take a look at the patent details below

Specification and lens arrangement of embodiment 1
Zoom ratio: 5.29
Focal lenght: 17.00 to 90.00 mm
F No.: 4.00 constant
ω: 42.45 to 9.80
Image hight: 15.55 mm constant (for Super35)
Lens length; 235.17 mm constant
BF: 34.42 mm constant (NOT for EF mount)

one more image after the break

Continue reading Canon New Cine Lens Patent

15-43mm F2-4 Lens for APS-C Camera

Canon filed a patent for 15-43mm F2-4 Lens for APS-C compact camera. The sensor used inside the Canon G1X Mark III camera is just silently smaller than the APS-C cameras, and if you look at the focal length of the lens it’s 15-43mm whereas the current Canon G1X Mark II camera uses lens of 24-120mm focal length, So even if we place the same lens over G1X Mk II camera we will get approx 20-50mm focal length (due to crop factor). it is very clear that the same lens can also used for the G1X series without altering the sensor size of the machine.

Publication date] August 24, Heisei 20 (2017.8.24)

  • Zoom ratio: 2.74
  • Focal length: 15.65 29.18 42.90
  • F No.: 2.06 2.99 4.00
  • Half angle: 41.12 25.09 17.66
  • Image height: 13.66 13.66 13.66
  • Back focus: 8.52 8.01 7.20

PS: In general camera companies do lot of patent and only some of them turn into reality.

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Canon Patent Another Hybrid Curve Image Sensor

Curve hybrid sensir image

Canon patent a one more hybrid image sensor, the image sensor shape can be adjusted based on needs. We have published the first Curve Hybrid Sensor patent on  December 30th, 2016 and second on December 9th, 2016. Both patent shows flexible curve sensor .

The level of curvature in the sensor changes to accept traditional as well as curved lenses. Hence you can use both type of lenses on the camera, , traditional lenses those are made for flat sensor can be used without an issue as well as lenses made for curve sensor camera.

curve sensor image

We have seen lot curve sensor patent form Canon itself and here is the list

Below you have the links of the Canon curve sensor patents #1, #2 and #3

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Nikon Hybrid Sensor Patent

Latest Patent document reveals that Nikon is working on Hybrid Sensor. The patent document surfaced over the web isn’t new and shows of date of 2012. However, that gives that gives a clear indication that Nikon is willing to implement Hybrid sensors in DSLRs and Mirrorless in near feature.

We have published a more interesting patent a year ago Nikon Patent – Hybrid Sensor Pixels to Capture Single Shot HDR

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Canon Hybrid and Dual Pixel AF Patents

Thanks to Nomen Nescio for citing us list of Canon Hybrid and Dual Pixel AF Patents. Canon done a lot of work in the past regarding Hybrid and DPAF sensors. The time frame when lot of patent surfaced related to new system was from 2001 to 2006. Take a look at the list of patents.


1. Patent – Hybrid Sensor

First patent spotted for Hybrid sensor. Dated 2001-12-21

Application number: JP20000171942 20000608
ID – JP2001350193 (A)
Date: 2001-12-21

Translated Details: To prevent such a situation that electronic system photographing cannot be performed due to the reduction of the remaining quantity of a recording medium even though the frames of a silver halide photographic film remain, in a hybrid camera capable of simultaneously performing electronic still photographing and silver halide photographing using the silver halide film. SOLUTION: The number of recordable frames is detected by a frame detecting means 4 based on the remaining quantity of the recording medium 2 detected by a remaining quantity detecting part 3, besides, the number of film frames capable of performing the silver halide photographing is detected by the means for detecting the number of film frames. And, the detected number of the frames is compared with the number of the film frames by a frame number comparing means 6, and in the case the number of the frames is smaller than the number of the film frames, a warning is displayed. Besides, in the case the number of the frames is smaller than the number of the film frames, image data are compressed by a data compressing means 1 and then recorded on the recording medium 2.

2. Canon First Hybrid #2

Canon first hybrid sensor patent was surfaced on Feb month of 2003. The patent sketch and translated details do give us lot of information.

ID – JP2003043344 (A)
Date: – 2003-02-13
Application number: JP20010230008 20010730


Translated details: hybrid system not being made by a mounted photographic lens, in the case of performing focus detection in the hybrid system. SOLUTION: This camera, to/from which a photographic lens device 1 can be attached/detached and which can detect the focusing state of the photographic lens device in a focus detection area provided within a photographic image plane, is equipped with 1st and 2nd focus detection means 9 and 8 detecting the focusing state by a detecting system different from each other, and a control means 10 for selecting which focus detection means out of the 1st and the 2nd focus detection means is to detect the focusing state in the focus detection area, based on information concerning the optical characteristics of the photographic lens device acquired from the photographic lens device.

3. More (Improved) Hybrid Sensor Patent

Before we being to show you the next patent you must know that Canon’s Ultrasonic Motor (USM) was the world’s first lens-based motor to harness ultrasonic oscillation energy.  So, sometime it is also called as oscillatory type motor. In the patent description below you will find oscillatory type / USM motor many times.

ID – JP2003084191 (A)
Application number: JP20010275581 20010911
Date: 2003-03-19

Translated details: To overcome the following problem; when driving a lens by an oscillatory type motor, starting up the motor is delayed even if introducing a hybrid system AF, then, it takes a time to focus on a object. SOLUTION: In the second step drive control of the oscillatory type motor (driving a photographic optical system with fine resolution) by generating the traveling-wave oscillation of the oscillating body of the oscillatory type motor 15 based on the detection results by second focus detecting means 6 and 13 using a contrast detection system after performing the first step drive control of the oscillatory type motor (driving the photographic optical system with rough resolution) by generating the traveling-wave oscillation of the oscillating body of the oscillatory type motor 15 based on the detection result by a first focus detecting means 51 using a phase difference detecting system, an intermediate control of generating the standing-wave oscillation of the oscillating body before starting the second step drive control is performed after finishing the first step drive control.

4. Canon Dualpixel CMOS AF Patent

In the patent description you can clearly read that the camera calculates amount of lens drive to achieve focus. This type of method is used by Canon DPAF sensor based cameras today.

ID: JP2004109690 (A)
Date: 2004-04-08
Application number: JP20020274003 20020919

Canon DPAF patent image

Translated Details:  A camera system has a first focus detecting means 104 and second focus detecting means 108 and 109 which detect the focus adjustment state of a photography optical system by mutually different systems and control means 111 and 207 which calculate a target driving quantity of the focusing lens on the basis of the detection result of the first focus detecting means and perform first driving control over the focusing lens toward the target driving quantity and second driving control over the focusing lens based upon the detection result of the second focus detecting means. Then a control means shifts from the first driving control to the second driving control without stopping the focusing lens when the remaining driving quantity of the first driving control over the focusing lens for the target driving quantity reaches a given quantity. ;COPYRIGHT: (C)2004,JPO

Also see Canon advance DPAF patent

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Canon Patent - Improved Camera Zoom Lever

Camera zoom lever isn’t a new thing, but today we have received a patent document  that shows us Canon may be working on zoom lever to improve user experience. Take a look at the details below

Patent details translated by Google


JP2017062283 (A) ― 2017-03-30
Applicant(s): CANON KK +
– international: G02B7/08; G03B17/02
– cooperative:
Application number: JP20150186220 20150924

Canon Zoom Lever Patent

To enable the setting of operation force suitable for each of both modes of moving video/still picture with respect to a variable speed zoom lever.SOLUTION: A zoom load setting lever for performing rotation operation around the same fulcrum as a zoom lever is provided to serve also as a moving video/still picture mode switching lever, and load setting and moving video/still picture mode switching are linked together.

Also see – Canon Patent – DSLR Camera with Fixed Mirror

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