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Canon Upcoming Cameras 2015

Yes we have a list of camera that may be announced on next two month or next year, the list is created from the rumors we have published in the past..

Canon-G3X-camera-imageCanon Big Sensor Compact Camera: Just few days ago Canon Netherlands website teased a new image of upcoming Big sensor compact camera,now it is clear that the camera was Canon G3X, the camera will feature a 25X optical zoom lens and 1 inch sensor same as of Canon G7X camera. The camera is expected to arrive on NAB show at April 2013,  Like Canon G3X Page at Facebook to get all latest updates



The upcoming 4K canon camera image is above, the camera will have 1″ sensor, 10X optical zoom and a DSLR styled body.  [see more images here and first thoughts here], the camera is also rumored to feature Built-in WiFi connectivity and external viewfinder.


According to latest rumors Canon G17 may arrive soon with large 1″ sensor and 7X optical zoom lens, We will update you soon as we get any new information. Like Canon G17 Page at Facebook to get all latest updates.


Canon 5D Mark IV – There are lot of rumored specification floating over the web, a specification surfaced a month ago suggest that the camera will feature 24 MP sensor, now according to latest rumor the camera will carry 28 MP FF Sensor… so there is a possibility that two or more different prototypes of 5D Mk IV exist in the wild, however two things are common in all the rumored specification till now I have read.. 4K recording option and introduction of Dual-Pixel CMOS AF sensor in a Fullframe Body.. Like Canon 5D Mark IV page at Facebook

Take a look at the updated list of rumored specification

28MP sensor
Dual Pixel CMOS AF III
New and more advanced AF system (compared to EOS 5D3)
4k video
Anti-flickr technology (seen first on the 7D Mark II)
Improved video features
Crop mode (featured on the upcoming EOS 5Ds)
ISO 100-51200 (H1: 102400, H2: 204800)

The camera is expected to arrive at late 2015, get regular via joining the Facebook Page of 5D Mark IV

Canon EOS 6D Mark II:

Canon-6D-small-imageIt past almost three years when Canon 6D was released in the market(2012)  and now Canon are in a full state of mind to release its successor Canon EOS 6D Mark II. Yet Canon hasn’t cleared its Price, Specs and Release Date but As far the information we got that Canon 6D is still available in the market and there’s also a somehow possibilities of making its productions discontinue from nearby futures. However, it’s expected that it’ll be announced in 2015. Like Canon 6D Mark II Page at Facebook


Canon 80D: As usual the Canon 80D will get 2nd generation dual-pixel CMOS AF sensor from 7D Mark II, the expected announcement date is Q4 of 2015 or Q1 of 2016.

Canon EOS-1D X Mark II: 

Canon-1DX-Mark-II-imageWe are expecting fiilframe Dualpixel CMOS AF sensor inside upcoming Canon 1DX Mark II camera and a option to record 4k videos, Stay with us to get all the latest updates and rumors.

Canon Next Rebel: Canon 750D or T6i coming on Feb March 2015, according to latest rumors Canon upcoming 750D / T6i camera may feature same sensor as of Canon 70D DSLR.

Update Canon 750D and 760D already announced

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12 comments to Canon Upcoming Cameras 2015

  • If Cannon want to announce new cameras that can compete with the D810 and A7R they have to do it very quick.

    A lot of very well known photographer now work with the A7R and have sold the 5D Mark III.

    If Canon is not able to give us a camera that have outstanding image quality until march 2015 I am not willing to wait much longer.

    I have a lot of fine Canon lenses, but none of the camera bodys meet my expectations.

    Wake up Canon.

  • kos

    I could not wait any more. I moved to Nikon 750 and i am so happy!!! And buy sigma lenses to be sure that in the future I can change them to Cannon if they make something very unique! I doubt!!

  • Robert

    Couldn’t agree more (Marcus). Been trying to look at a suitable upgrade now for the past several months. The 6D has almost everything you would want ( except for astupidly low number of AF points, especially cross type. The 7D mkII boasts all the new technology you would want, but isn’t full frame.

    I also have a lot of Canon L lenses. I’d buy the first that came out now 5d MkIV or 6D MkII (assuming they up the AF points to at least the 19 found in the 7D mkII).

    Canon, Come on with it already. Seriously

  • dennis

    I am keeping my money for this new full frame, but am only willing to wait no longer than Feb 2015, else I will switch to the A7R, specially now that there are commercially available EF lense adapters.

  • ian

    I held onto my 7dmk1 until the new 7dmk2 arrived,but after real world reviews it seems even with the new sensor and amazing AF,noise is still an issue,as for the new Sony @7ii,haven’t seen any reviews on the camera yet,and sonys achilles is the pricing of their lenses,not to mention how few lenses they actually have for their cameras,i might just pull the pin and move over to Nikons D750,at least they are putting new technology out there now to the public,unlike canon who have the same cameras year in year out with hardly ever a tempting price offer happening along the way,it will be a costly move to Nikon,as i own quite a lot of L lenses,damn.

  • Mike

    I too will be switching over to nikon IF canon doesn’t anti up. Canon is soooo far behind the power curve right now.

  • hardbonemac

    First is: PRICE
    WE SPEAKE of 1400 $ for 8 bit intern.
    4k-Yes.( no 4k is a NOGO we have 2015 not 1773 ore 2008 where canon dies slowly..)
    3700 only if it has 10 bit INTERN.
    10 bit intern.

    3700 $ is a brand new EOS C400 okay.
    10bit intern.
    if not think canon is dead. and a dead company does not get nothing from me…
    sold my old Canongear….and will NOT COME BACK.
    and SONY can hope but, no..nono.
    all have pushed this 4k bullshit and yessssss— a simple 4k Tv now, good one, is down from 4500$ to 699$ in only 4…
    FULLSENSOR SLR soemthing is about 900-max 1500$ and not one cent more.

    And 2016 i only take such if INTERN 10BIT RECORDING is a MUST..
    i do not buy extern recorder…. go on ore die

  • ashok kumar

    very nice

  • Chad

    Canon have 3 months to come out with a new FF DSLR other wise Nikon 810 gets my money! being a canon user since the start of my photography life…. i agreed with the above! Canon need to hurry up and pull the thumb out of there back side! i have the money! just not the product!

  • Matthew


    Whom are these well known photographers that have left and went to Sony? I’d like to see who they all are and maybe see what type of photography they are shooting?


  • Matthew


    If you shoot anything other than Portrait or landscape, you can forget about using the L-lenses with the adapters, the auto focus is super slow, per all the reviews on the sites, including Sony themselves.

  • sachin

    Agree with Robert… 6D was released in Sept 2012 … that’s 2.5 years back … I am waiting for 6D MkII .. will wait for couple of weeks and switch if Canon doesn’t announce it …
    Recently canon announced some new models but not 6D series which is a affordable Full frame.

    Canon .. seriously .. C’mon !!

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