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Thoughts on The forthcoming canon 4k compact camera

panasonic_dmc_fz1000kcanon 4k camera

A big and hot question that is fair and sensible to arise in everyone’s mind that what’re the reasons that pulled Canon towards building of the 4k compact camera with a weak specification like that?  A strange camera that’s in the pipeline for NAB April 2015 along with the features like external viewfinder, 10x optical zoom, aperture is f/2.8-5.6 4k video lens. The camera must be announced way back on 2014 or 13 to gain market share… the rumored specification look outdated when we already have cameras Panasonic FZ100 and Lumix LX100.

Take a look at the specification sheet below


Obviously, the question is reasonable because when Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ1000 Digital Camera in the market is possessing a far better specs with 16x Zoom Lens and large 20.1MP 1″ High Sensitivity MOS Sensor while the canon forthcoming camera will be limited with 10x zoom lens.

And if you prefer image quality more than LX100 is also available with bigger M4/3 sensor, compact 3X zoom lens and 4K recording.

However,we can say that 4k isn’t everything to a camera now a days, a camera needs superior specifications that can win the heart of the users by satisfying them in all the ways.

So by comparing all the cameras one can faithfully say that the steps of canon towards building this unnamed camera might be proved one mistake to them.

The solution of this question would be how much this canon camera can make a business in the end?

share your thoughts with us….

3 comments to Thoughts on The forthcoming canon 4k compact camera

  • Marcus

    The big problem with the affordable 4K video cameras is the image quality, low light perfomance, writing speed and the lack of 60 fps recording.

    That’s why I add a semipro 5.000 Euro 4K video camera to my gear for my private fun.

    My both 5Dsr cameras are from the IQ worlds away from my 60, 80 and 200 megapixel medium format cameras but the very good Canon lenses, the portability, the wheather sealing and the cheap price makes the cameras desirable. The camera has very limited video features, but I don’t need video features in a camera that pay my bills (only up to ten percent, the rest do the medium format cameras).

  • Frankie

    This cam is already dead before being born.
    As you said, for less price there’s already two good panasonic models and I can also add the samsung nx500. As entry level 4k shooting cameras, the three of them just kick canons’ arse.
    I was talking with a good friend recently about how canon became a looser regarding developping new tech and bringing them quickly to new products.
    I just can’t understand canon anymore. So much that I sold my three bodies in 2014 (7d,5dII and 1dmkiv) and all the lenses and went for two gh4’s and an nx1 for video and nikon df and fuji x100t for photos.
    I couldn’t be happier !!!
    Shame, canon !!! Shame !!!

  • wontbuy

    Dont care for this but i dont see why people are mad. A dslr was made for Photography. Canon is still destroying pansonic and sony for Photography. Why would they lose a giant photography market for a small video market by jacking up their PHOTOGRAPHY cameras price to add video features that will probably lead to a decline in sales since most people go to canon for photography.

    I just did a video matching my panasonic gh4 and the canon 6d, the 6d actually looks sharper, better in low light and has a shallower depth of field so i dont think they are far behind anyway with video. I still prefer a corporate video/talking head from a 5d over a gh4 by a huge margin.

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