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Canon Profit Going Down Even in 2019

Canon profit again going down. Btw, they have predicted / projected the loss earlier, but the actual data of net sales are bit more lower compared to the predicated data . In Canon Imagine sector you can clearly see the loss, the loss they are facing not new. We are covering up these details back from 2014. Each year Canon camera division is more shrinking compared to the previous year. Every year the DSLR sales graph going down compared to previous year.

Canon said

For Imaging System, the contraction of the market for interchangeable-lens cameras, mainly for DSLRs, continued in step with the proliferation of smartphones, resulting in a significant decline in sales and profits.

Just some random picks of previous year news to show Canon profit is always down


3 comments to Canon Profit Going Down Even in 2019

  • Jim Kelly

    I am a long time Canon user and fan. However, Canon is being left behind it seems. Many of my friends have switched to Olympus or Nikon. I am still a hold-out using the 7D MII and the 6D. But I don’t know how much longer I will continue.
    Canon seems to have nothing in the pipeline for the 7 D MII. Since I have a number of Canon lenses I am reluctant to change but I won’t wait much longer. Very disappointed in Canon’s falling so far behind the other companies.

  • Wayne

    Too many models forcing up costs, and too little bang for buck forcing down sales.

    The game in industry is to have so many models that there is little shelf space, or visual presence, left for competitors in small stores, and for the small competitors in larger stores. The larger competitors playing by the same game with minor feature divisions between models, where much fewer models could be used, bolstering the price of more capable cameras up. But, this keeps small competitors down and out, who can offer more bang for buck. Ambarella based competitors used to do this with extraordinary value (I have an about $25US fullhd camcorder), putting to shame the competition. Those cameras were much better than mobile in those days, but lately these cameras too have been more lack lustre, which giving major competitors more breathing space.

    It is not just on retail shelves the industry has advantages. Another thing which is happening, is companies buying the supply of new technological features, and controlling their release, and setting and controlling standards, restricting their release. Say you buy up feature patents, like for sensors, then change these commodities into caviar. It’s really just smelly fish eggs, but you charge luxury prices for it. So, performance improvements, even if cheap to implement, are charged a lot for. The one with the most control can set the prices for cheap features above the cheap market. It makes it difficult for competing companies to compete without buying your parts, but then its hard to undercut the suppliers models because you are not using something cheaper.

    On standards, it is rather simple, even action cameras should support prosumer data rates and bit depth, even more professional. For instance we now have 4:2:2 10 bit HDR consumer cameras, where we should have had that instead of 8 bit in the SDR era for a decade, and now have a more proper 12 bit plus for HDR. The meager acquisition rates in consumer cameras should have h265 150mb/s+ 4k visually lossless options, even on cheap cameras. If you look at the BM Pocket 4k p60 camera, it is not a cheap camera to make, has a 12 bit instead of 16 bit high mode, but blitzes consumer cameras in value. A consumer camera based on a application specific integrated circuit chip with similar features, plus consumer features, should be less than $500US, not the $6000+ professional the industry might have liked to charge with out companies like BM, Red and Kinefinity around. Even an 8k camera these days. The customer lives in a delusional dream pushed on them buy industry. Unfortunately we are herded, penned in, and hen pecked, and left with little option then to pay the money, OUR money, demanded we have been stood over for. Money, they are NOT entitled to, but they are self entitled to make as much power and profit as they can out of us, to keep their dishonest mansions, caviar, and multiple bullion dollar businesses going, which they have entirely NO RIGHT to under free market competition.

    When we entered the much delayed 4k era, Canon gave is still 1080p, in matter of fact, I think in the 1080p60 era, they still gave us 1080p30. In the 4kp60 era, we still get 4kp30. I don’t know what is happening with 4:2:2, 10 bit+ and higher data rates. So, no wonder people aren’t buying highly priced items with less ability then they’d competitors. Canon used to be synonymous with performance in home video, but then the performance feature improvements went more and more to competitors. Buying a low end Canon is often not even on the table for me anymore Even the 4kp60 xc20, which has the features the xc10 should have had, has not turned up for a long time, in an era when a suitable 8k chipset, likely usable to a well below $1,000 camera, was announced at ces 2017. The new 7D has not been seen also, which could have pushed a new version of their foveon x3 like layered colour sensor technology.

    Canon, can show off wiz bang technology as much as they like, but if they don’t release it first, or at similar time to competitors, what use is it? People can say his good Canon is, but if people can’t buy it.

  • Wayne

    About standards and parts, I say that in general terms not mentioning any company in particular.

    The other stuff is the regular economic practice called “product stratification”.

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