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Camera Industry Shrinking Rapidly

camer asales down

After analyzing the market trend from past few years the well known credenceresearch team created global market revenue and sales volume graph of Global interchangeable and non-interchangeable cameras.

digital camera market share going down

The purpose of this strategic research study titled “Digital Camera Market – Growth, Share, Opportunities, and Competitive Analysis, 2016 – 2023”

According to the latest market report  published by the credence  Research and seats the digital camera market will fall and the shipments demand will be declined continuously in upcoming years.

Just a decade ago digital cameras was one of the world most popular products in the consumer industry, but after the announcement smartphones the sales of the compact cameras are almost touched ground, the sale of DSLR as well as mirrorless cameras also affected companies like Nikon and Canon  profit is going down every year.

Canon Profit going down – from Archives

Take a look at the list of articles below we are publishing one by one continually from the year 2012.

Take a look at the stats published by Mayflower

Camera sales down image

You can clearly see that the camera sales was on peak from 2009 to 2011, after that market started shrinking rapidly.

6 comments to Camera Industry Shrinking Rapidly

  • etudiant

    So units sold decline by over half, but revenues quadruple over 10 years?
    Sounds like a very attractive market to me.
    Companies that cannot improve profits in a market that enjoys near 15% annual revenue growth over a decade should replace their management.

  • admin

    Agree, innovation is the key of success.

  • admin

    If smartphones are really eating camera sales then why Nokia died ? Nokia was the one of the best cameraphone makers of the world but they failed. Why?
    Actually android system gives you awesome UI and a great option to connect people, take backup of your images and data and update your social status on the go.

    If a series of 1″ or APS-C bigger compact with $700 price arrives in market in next 6 month that uses android OS, it will sure become big hit.
    Why Andorid OS should remain limited to compacts ? Fos example if Canon announces Canon SL2 camera with android interface (World first DSLR based on andorid OS) it will break the sales record of all time.

  • Ahmad

    On the other hand sony has so expensive equipment

  • Nokia died because their OS was klunky and lacking.

    Samsung and possibly others have already sold Android-based cameras.
    Android is a small step from the Linux-like OS that runs inside almost every camera.

    There is zero doubt that smartphones like the S7 with its superb camera and others which also have good cameras are cutting a swathe through the camera market.

    They are good enough for what *most* people USE cameras for, *most* of the time – to document their lives. it has always been so.

    35mm killed off roll-film cameras because it was small and convenient. The quality reduction was acceptable to most users in exchange for better portability. I used a Mamiya RB-67 for some time. Film (sensor) quality keeps improving so it does not need to be large – for most real world purposes.

    Huge cameras (like full marketing frame sensor cameras/lenses have become) will become a thing of the past – except for pros and die-hards.

    That’s one many have dumped large cameras. The public (rightly) see no reason to carry bricks and bazookas just to take pictures.

  • Fred Lim

    The Android APS-C mirrorless camera exists already.

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