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Canon EOS R Mark II Rumors - The Saga Continuous ...

We have told you on December 6 2019, that Canon is working on IBIS patents for fullframe Mirrorless camera and we are sure that Canon next flagship Mirrorless camera canon EOS R Mark II will carry IBIS on board.

On Dec 8 2019, we have also told you that there is very less possibility about the announcement of Canon 5D Mark V camera next year, instead of that Canon will announce a brand new FF Mirrorless camera for professional shooters. Most probably the Canon EOS R Mark II, take a look at the rumored core specs we have published

Based on the latest set of information surfaced over the web, Canon do have working prototypes of Canon FF Mirrorless Camera with slightly bulkier body than of Canon EOS R, with built-in IBIS. Not only that, with more advance heif file format, 4K videos without crop @ 60fps 30fps and 24fps option. All these things are coming in Canon next FF Mirrorless announcement (of course, after 1DX III).

Now as you can see other rumor mills started posting the same information. We will update you more once we get more information

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3 comments to Canon EOS R Mark II Rumors – The Saga Continuous …

  • Odin

    If true Sony should be worried.

  • i.Muñoz-Seca

    It is known that Sony, with its 10 FULL FRAME cameras, leads the market for FULL FRAME cameras. In addition to the mega factories of Sony Corporation, with two or three generations of advantage, the processors and sensors with better features come out. Dynamics that will last indefinitely.

    Es conocido que Sony, con sus 10 cámaras FULL FRAME, lidera OLGADAMENTE el mercado de las cámaras FULL FRAME. Además de las mega factorías de Sony Corporation salen, con dos o tres generaciones de ventaja, los procesadores y sensores con mejores prestaciones. Dinámica que se prolongara en tiempo/espacio indefinido.

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