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Firmware Update

Canon 5D Mark IV - Testing Started Worldwide

Canon-5D-Mark-IV-to-C300-teCanon 5D Mark IV testing is now started, the 5D Mk IV test models are now out for selected photographers, if everything goes according to plan than Canon 5D Mark IV announcement is expected on Q4 of 2015.

We do believe that Canon 5D Mark IV will introduce new ultra fast Digic 7 image processor and upcoming Canon 1DX Mark II will use Dual Digic 7 image processor.

Also see – Canon SX70 HS is also rumored to arrive on Q4 of 2015 , Canon Lens Rumor – EF 16-35mm f/2.8L III STM Coming

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6 comments to Canon 5D Mark IV – Testing Started Worldwide

  • Marcus

    I can confirm that the camera is out for testing since a while.

    I can highly recommend the following:
    Wait for the Mark IV and decide then if you want a 5DSr or a Mark IV.

  • Alex.

    I still think that the 5Ds/R are just for marketing purpose because even with a Zeiss lens you can get a 50 megapixel resolution from the lens.

  • Marcus

    I don’t think so because the 5DSr delivers a never seen before IQ and sharpness at base ISO up to ISO 800 compared to the 5D Mark III. If you want to do big prints for advertising and exhibitions and don’t have the money for a midformat cameras the 5DSr is maybe a good choice.

    Please don’t look at the ugly looking images from David Noton and the other Canon Ambassadors. Everybody with e few skills and a tripod can take such images.

    But the 5DSr is worlds away from the latest 50 and 60 megapixel midformat cameras.

    After reading a lot of posts I can say that you don’t get two CF-card slots and not 14+ stops of dynamic range in the Mark IV. My prototype don’t have 4K video recording. But that means nothing.

    You can expect a better AF system, 1080p video recording with 60 fps, an USB3 port, the anti flicker system from the 7D Mark II, the timelapse function from the 5Ds and 5DSr and some new functions.

  • Marcus

    “But the 5DSr is worlds away from the latest 50 and 60 megapixel midformat cameras.”

    That means that the H5D-60 or every other mid format camera on the market delivers an IQ that is much better than the 5DSr IQ.

  • Antonio

    Canon 5D Mark IV, 4K video, 5D Mark4, USB3 type C, time lapse, Wifi

  • Antonio

    I agree the 5D Mark xx is not to compare with midformat cameras, but I’m confident that for semi pro work Canon will provide ‘future proof’ features like 4K video, USB3 typeC, Wifi, time lapse e.a. in 5Dm4 because if they don’t.., they will loose further market share. Canon and Nikon has the best lens choises and they know that. It’s difficult for Canon keeping up in camera tech comparing to Sony, Samsung and not to forget ‘Black Magic Design’. After 30 years of using Canon I also did a step aside to BMD, but I suppose Canon will strike back with an innovative 4K star like 5D Mark 4.

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