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Where is Sony A7000 ?


As we have already seen the Sony A7R II, RX100 M4 and RX10 2 announcement from Sony.. the only camera not included in the list was the Sony A7000 / A6100 . Why the camera was not included in the list ?

According to a email we have received few months ago the camera was almost ready for announcement back on May 2015, but due to the overheating issue of the sensor while recording the 4K video the announcement was postponed back on May / June 2015… but after that we haven’t received any information for that source.

The Sony Completed all its June announcement and no more camera incoming for sure, but we can do expect the announcement on Sep 2015.

We will update you soon as we get any new information, stay with us (FACEBOOK | TWITTER | GOOGLE+) If you have time –> see more Sony Alpha Rumor.

also seen at SAR website

4 comments to Where is Sony A7000 ?

  • patrick

    I really can’t figure out why this takes so incredibly long for them to come out with that camera. I mean they announced the killer A7r Mk2 before the A6100 – the A7r mk 2 is probably the most complex project for sony to develop and produce – still, they manage to put that product earlier on the market than the a6100.

    Who care about 4k videos – I have my gopro for that. It is just that I would like to step up my ball game (owning a nex-3c) after 4 Years by getting this camera. Of course I like a thoughtthrough product at the end of the day – but then sony should consider postphoning the a6100 for half a year and tell the potential customers.

  • mike

    Sony RX100M4 is already struggling for 5Min 4K video limit, hope this one will have 29min limit as a standard camera should have.

  • Todd

    I care much more about image quality and focusing improvements than video. The a6000 was disappointing, yes, disappointing in low light as it has high noise past ISO 1600 in dimly lit situations. Its a great camera in bright sunlight, but not inside buildings with lower light.

  • WillTech

    Thanks Todd for your insights.

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