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Firmware Update

That's why Nikon D7600 Announcement Delayed

In general Nikon D7500 scheduled update announcement was about to happen on Q1 of 2019. But, Nikon delayed that update for some reason. Not only Nikon D7600, Nikon D5700 was also expected to arrive this year but it was also delayed.

It’s all due to Nikon Z50, and other Nikon Mirrorless products which is scheduled to arrive this year and in Q1/Q2 of 2020. Nikon is now moving into Mirrorless path and somehow they are also following up the same DSLR cannibalization policy as of Canon.

Nikon wants to create a (Mirrorless) space by delaying updates of their DSLR models.

As you can see Nikon D7500 camera is 18 months older now and still waiting for an update

Nikon Z50

Nikon Z50 camera is rumored to arrive soon, we already have specs of the camera and most probably this month Nikon will do official announcement ofthe camera. Nikon Z50 camera will feature same sensor as we have seen in the Nikon PRO APS-C DSLR Nikon D500. Although the sensor is optimized (fabricated with 400+ AF points) for Nikon Z50 camera, but DR range, color output and low-light performance of the camera is expected to remains same as of Nikon D500.

Nikon Zxx series is replacement of Nikon D7xxx series

As per the rumors we have Nikon is replacing their year old D7xxx series with Nikon Zxx series camera. That doesn’t means they will end up production of Pro APS-C DSLRs  today, but in next 4 to 5 years they will sure.

Nikon is delaying announcement since they want to make space for new DX format Mirrorless camera. They want shift their user base to Mirrorless zone and without halting or delaying the updates of DSLR  it’s not completely possible.

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5 comments to That’s why Nikon D7600 Announcement Delayed

  • arnab

    Thanks, I will get Nikon Z50 then.

  • admin

    Nikon and Canon both are moving in Mirrorless Direction. Better to buy Mirrorless cameras if you are starting up your journey.

  • Andre

    Unfortunately I cannot wait too long any more and will consider other brands, as I do not want to be pushed into mirrorless. Nikon will lose a number of customers by having them waiting and then again by postponing the launch over and over again.

  • don

    Do NOT get the Nikon Z50 the camera is not that great #1 there is only 1 lens for it, and also the lens they do have for it is expensive, you could go out and buy a full frame Nikon for $900.00 and get 10 times better image quality then any of the Nikon Mirror Z series camera’s DON’T get any of the Nikon Mirrorless camera’s they suck..

  • I don’t think they need to release a new version of the 7xxx line. They’re already selling the D7500 and the D7200 very well, Besides, they don’t need a performance upgrade now

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