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Best Lenses for Nikon Z50

Best Lenses for Nikon Z50 camera. Let’talk about the best lenses available for the Nikon Z50 camera. We know at this moment very limited lenses are available for Nikon Z DX mirrorless camera so we have also included some essential lenses from the DX-format DSLRs which can be paired up with lenses.

1. Best Zoom Lens for Nikon Z50 Camera

Apart from kit lens, only one lens is available for DX Mirrorless camera right now and the name of the lens is NIKKOR Z DX 50-250mm f/4.5-6.3 VR Lens. The extremely sharp, quick, and light. Highly recommended if you want a handy zoom lens for your DX-format camera. Its compact, balanced design and Vibration Reduction technology help keep photos sharp and videos steady, and the lens’ fast, quiet autofocus system minimizes camera noise during video recording.

2. Must-Have Accessories for Nikon Z50

NIKON FTZ Adapter Nikon DX Mirrorless cameras system have very few lenses right now. So, if you want to do a portrait, macro or landscape you have to buy a DX or FX Lens paired with an FTZ adapter to fulfill your shooting requirements.

ALert to use the lenses listed below you have to use FTZ adapter


3. Portrait Lens For Nikon Z50

Nikon 50mm F1.8 The best portrait lens for Nikon Z50 is still Nikon 50mm F1.8 Lens. But for the Lens will need and FTZ adapter to work properly with your camera. At the same time, I am not recommending the native S-line of 50mm lens since it’s super costly as well as once you buy the FTZ adapter you can buy all the affordable sets of FX and DX Lenses for Nikon Z50 Mirrorless camera.


4. Best Zoom Lens for Sports / Wildlife / Nature Landscape

This Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM Contemporary Lens is the best lens when paired with Nikon Z50 will give you a massive reach of 300 – 1200mm. Although the lens is costly and heavy, the sharpness of the lens is just amazing as well as the tele reach you are getting. When stopped down to f8 it is extremely sharp. It is much sharper than the Tamron 150-600mm. The Optical stabilizer is also good and helps you to take neat and clean hand-held images.

5. Best Alternative to 16-50mm Kit Lens

You can also get Sigma 18-35mm Lens if you want to get Prime lens capability in a zoom lens. Sigma 18-35mm lens features 3 prime lenses inside. The 18mm F1.8, 24mm F1.8, and 35mm F1.8. 18-35mm lens image quality is outstanding and it looks like someone added Zoom ring to a prime lens. We highly recommend you get this lens if you are a prime lens lover.


6. Best Macro Lens

Nikon 40mm F2.8 AF-S DX  – The best macro lens for Nikon Z50 is 40mm of 2.8 macro. The lens is very sharp compact and lightweight. 40mm F2.8 is specifically optimized for macro work. And the lens distortion and chromatic aberration are very well controlled and negligible. We can call this lens an economical as well as an excellent performer. A perfect balance of price and features. we highly recommend you to get this lens for your New Z50 camera.

7. Nikon DX 18-140mm Mirrorless Lens

If you want an all-rounder lens then you should wait a while since Nikon 18-140mm lens for DX Mirrorless is coming in 2021. So, u can wait you will get the native lens for DX Mirrorless Mount.

You can ask ur questions in comment nox below

Nikon Lens Roadmap Leaked

Let’s have a look at the lens road-map of Nikon’s upcoming Mirrorless lenses. As we know that Nikon will be revealing Nikon Z5 on 21st July. And with the camera, we will also announce the 24-50mm F4-6.3 lenses and 2 teleconverters.

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source NR

Nikon Z50 Dynamic Range Test

Finally we have the Dynamic test score of Nikon Z50 camera. As we all know the camera uses Nikon D500 sensor, now it’s time to look how the new Nikon Z50 camera with compete against Canon M6 II and Sony A6400.

.As you can see despite of having different sensor resolution, the dynamic range of all the three sensor are overlapping to each other. So, either you get a Sony, Canon or  Nikon camera the sensor DR performance will be somehow similar.

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Nikon Fixed Some Typos in Nikon Z50 Specification - Nikon Z50 Correct Specification is here

Take a look at the press release issued by Nikon Japan that corrects up some specification of the Nikon Z50 camera.

Nikon Z50 Specification Correction official Press release by Nikon

Thank you for using Nikon products.

It has been found that there are some errors in the specifications regarding the mirrorless camera “Z50” released on November 22, 2019. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and will revise it as follows.

[Error 1 ]


High reliability that allows you to concentrate on shooting with peace of mind A
small and lightweight body, such as a robust body made of metal, durable shutter, dustproof and drip-proof performance, ensures high reliability.

Robustness / Drip-proof / Dust-proof performance The
body is made of robust metal, achieving high rigidity and durability while achieving weight reduction. The joints are effectively sealed to ensure high dust-proof and drip-proof performance for safe shooting even in bad weather. It can be used for landscape photography in harsh shooting environments and interval timer shooting, which is often used outdoors for a long time.


High reliability that allows you to concentrate on shooting with peace of mind The
body is made of a lightweight and robust magnesium alloy, realizing weight reduction while maintaining high rigidity and durability. In addition, some parts are sealed and designed to be dust and drip proof.

High robustness The
body is made of lightweight and robust magnesium alloy, realizing lightweight while maintaining high rigidity and durability.

[Error 2]


shooting continuously in S or M with the unlimited number of frames at a low shutter speed, which can be used to shoot beautiful light trails such as stars, when the shutter speed is set to 1 second or longer, As long as the capacity of the card and the remaining battery power allow, you can continue shooting continuously for a long time in any image quality mode. Unlike interval timer shooting, the next frame is shot immediately, so when combining images using comparative light synthesis, the joints are not noticeable, and smooth light trails such as star movements can be expressed.


Continuous shooting with an unlimited number of frames at low shutter speeds When
shooting continuously in S or M, if the shutter speed is set to 1 second or longer, continuous shooting will be performed as long as the memory card capacity and remaining battery capacity allow. Can be continued.

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Nikon Z70 Coming on 2020, Possible Specification

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Some Silly Mistakes Related to Nikon Z50 Announcement

Ok, that’s really interesting and fun to see some silly mistakes related to the Nikon Z50 camera announcement. We have several mistakes in camera image sample page and once noticeable mistake in sample video of the Nikon Z50 camera.

Got these snaps from

As you can see someone in Nikon able to grab F2.8 images from 15-50mm F3.5-6.3VR Lens


Someone shooting at 60FPS and text shows 120FPS.

But, all these are just funny mistakes. Above all Nikon Z50 is a excellent camera with very impressive core specification.  Grab your camera from B&H Store and

Nikon Z50 Sample Images

So, We now have the sample images of the recently announced Nikon Z50 (B&H) mirrorless camera. Nikon Z50 mirrorless camera features newly designed 20 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor from Nikon D500 or you can say Nikon D7500 camera. The camera features more than 200 autofocusing points and decent 4K video mode to capture high quality videos. Nikon Z50 is a mid-range entry level mirrorless camera from Nikon, and do have a decent core specification with class leading low light performance capability.

If you want to know more about Nikon z50 camera do follow up Nikon z 50 Facebook page and our official YouTube channel.

Get Access to Nikon Z50 High Resolution Sample Images

also see – Only one DX Mirrorless Lens in Nikon Road-Map till 2021, Are they Serious ?

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Only one DX Mirrorless Lens in Nikon Road-Map till 2021, Are they Serious ?

I am really amazed to see Nikon DX Lens road-map. They have only one lens in the road-map for now and that’s really disappointing. If they really want to attract new users to their Mirrorless zone, they have a proper plan for that. So, if a new user accidentally buy’s up the new Nikon Z50 (B&H) camera and if then he/she need a wide-angle zoom, macro or portrait lens . Then the only option is to buy Nikon DX DSLR lens and a FTZ adapter, or buy Nikon Z FX Lenses, how horrible is that in 2020 or 2021 ?

Nikon Should include More DX Lenses to 2021 Roadmap

Being a professional shooter from past 14 years, I am really shocked to see the DX Lens Roadmap. If they are not willing to invest their time and money to new DX Mirrorless system, they why should we ? Nikon at least add a dedicated DX wide-angle zoom, Macro and a Portrait lens in 2021 roadmap.

Nikon Z50 is a Excellent Camera but it do need DX lens backup, do share your thoughts with us. Click here to see Nikon FullRoad Map of upcoming Mirrorless lenses.


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