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Panasonic 8K Sensor Coming in February 2018

organic sensor image

Panasonic attending the ISSCC conference in February to make a official presence organic sensor in the conference. Take a look at the set of specification below of Panasonic Organic sensor

450ke- -Saturation-Signal
Global Shutter
CMOS Image Sensor with In-Pixel Noise Canceller

These organic sensors are still on development or test phase ?. We have to keep eye on the ISSCC conference. We do expect that Panasonic will sure give us a specific time frame for the arrival of Organic sensor for consumers.

We are covering up the organic sensor news from 2013. In 2014 we have received news that Panasonic and Fuji Organic Sensor Based Camera Delayed  and after that on March 2017 we got news via French website DChome  that Panasonic Working on Mass Production of Organic Sensor. But, unfortunately we haven’t received after that.

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Toshiba Organic Sensor Patent

organic sensor patent

New Organic sensor patent surfaced over the web, the patent details was published in Japanese and we have translated with the help of google

Description, self-interpretation of the patent literature

  • Patent Publication No. 2016-63084
    • Published 2016.4.25
    • Filing date 2014.9.18
  • Toshiba patents
    • Cathode, the organic photoelectric conversion layer , composed of in the order of the anode
    • Peak wavelength of light absorption near the green organic photoelectric conversion material used

Now day’s we see a lot of Organic sensor patent from different sensor makers [Sony, Panasonic and Fuji] but surprisingly none of them given any real organic sensor product till now.


Panasonic Working on Mass Production of Organic Sensor


Finally Some good News, according to French website DChome Panasonic will soon develop organic sensor in collaboration with Fuji, take a look at the major specification of the upcoming sensor

  • The upcoming organic sensor is only 1/6 of the thickness of the current CMOS sensors,
  • The sensor is upto 1,2 ISO stops more sensitive and also features increased Dynamic range upto 88dB.
  • The Range of incident angles of 60 degrees, hence the organic sensor will collect all the light efficiently and will reproduce better color and also perform well in low-light condition compared to the current CMOS sensors.

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src – 43rumors

First Sample Image of Samsung Upcoming Organic Sensor

samsung-organic-sensorThe image you see above is captured from Samsung 5 Megapixel Organic sensor, according to a article published on image sensor world website Samsung proposes superposing an organic photodiode (OPD) onto a CMOS circuit with Si photodiodes, that will double the light-input surface area of each pixel. The mass production of Samsung organic sensor is still not known yet, but we do hope that the Samsung will bring the organic sensor into mass production as soon as possible to gain Digital Camera market share.

As we know that Panasonic and Fujifilm working on Organic sensor from more than one year, but the organic sensor developed by them have some issues not not ready for mass production.

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via mirrorlessrumors

Fuji Says No to Medium format, Fullframe and Organic Sensor

According to latest interview published at DCWATCh, Fujifilm Medium format, Full Frame, and Organic sensor are not coming yet. They also cleared that medium format and fullframe mirrorless camera are not on their road-map. The organic sensors are in development stage but they have some limitation and and not ready be implemented anytime soon…

So for now the only hope left is the arrival of next generation of X-Trans sensor based mirrorless camera.

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Fuji Working on New Organic Sensor and F2.8 Zoom Lenses Coming on 2014


These rumors coming from the floor of Photo Plus Expo show, according to a dpreview Senior forum member Al Valentino,

#1 Fuji lens-roadmap to be published publicly on Q1 of 2014
#2 Fast, f/2.8 constant aperture, mid-range zoom and longer zoom is planned, upcoming lenses will be lenses will be weather-sealed.
#3 They are working on a new organic sensor but it is not close to being finished and they are still working out some problems.
#4 Fuji is more concerned with making the APS format the best there is by focusing on quality sensors, full frame Fuji camera is probably 1 – 2 years away.
#5 No info available about Fuji X-Pro2 release

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Fujifilm and Panasonic New Organic Sensor Coming

Fujifilm and Panasonic New Organic Sensor May arrive in 2014, It offers industry highest dynamic range of 88dB and 1.2 times more sensitive than conventional sensors. Read the Full Press Release Below

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