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New Olympus OMD Camera Coming in January 2015, May feature 4K


Olympus OMD E-M1 image

According to the latest rumors surfaced over the web Olympus will soon announce new OMD series camera, the upcoming camera is completely new and it’s not a successor of any present OMD series camera , that includes OMD E-M1, E-M5 and E-M10.

It’s really interesting to  hear that Olympus is working on a completely new OMD series camera, there is a very good possibility that the upcoming OMD camera will be Hybrid Camera just like Samsung NX1 Mirrorless (see NX1 at Amazon) by having 4K recording option and a Phase AF sensor…. these features will make upcoming OMD series camera a prefect competitor for recently announced Samsung NX1 camera, Canon 7D Mark II camera or Panasonic GH4.

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src – 43rumors

Olympus E-M5 successor Coming Soon [Confirmed]

In an interview with DCWatch Olympus Imaging president Mr.Ogawa Haruo confirms the E-M5 successor is coming soon, the other good news is mirrorless sales are boosting up exponentially …

Few parts of the interview

Increasing demand of the mirrorless camera…

I think this year, interchangeable-lens camera of Olympus has grown and + 140-150%, but part of the lineup OM-D because that uniform is large this.

– (February 14, 2012) OLYMPUS OM-D E-M5 will be the oldest model in the lineup of interchangeable-lens camera, but there is also a model up and down with the E-M1, E-M10 on the other hand. Will there be a successor of the E-M5?

Successor model of the E-M5 we are ready. Between the E-M1 from the E-M5, interface and functionality, such as a device that is used for the viewfinder, and know-how technology has advanced in various aspects. You will not have to provide new products that reflect them. Please keep looking forward to it.

No details about the sucessor of E-M1 is available yet but the camra will sure have advance PDAF sensor, 4k recording capability and retro design same as of its predecessor.

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Nikon V3 vs Olympus E-M5


Nikon V3 vs Olympus E-M5 specification comparison, the Nikon V3 features 1 inch sensor and Olympus E-M5 M4/3 format sensor, so there is quite big difference in sensor size



Nikon V3 offers more megapixels (18 vs 16) and have less sensor size, so the light reviving photodiodes of Nikon V3 is smaller than E-M5, The E-M5 will give you bit more dynamic range,  more color and contrast and better low-light performance.

AF System: The Nikon V3 have Hybrid AF system and Olympus E-M5 have Contrast based AF system.

The Nikon V3 features ultra-fast AF system that composed of 105 phase detection AF points and 171 contrast based AF points, The Hybrid AF System of Nikon V3 utilizes both phase + contrast and work very rapidly to acquire focus.

The Olympus E-M5 have traditional contrast based AF system but due to F.A.S.T (Frequency Acceleration Sensor Technology) technology developed by Olympus E-M5 enjoys 2x speed increase in Continuous Autofocus compared to other contrast based AF systems.

Finally its no doubt that Nikon V3 will faster AF than Olympus E-M5.

The ISO range of Olympus starts from 200 and Nikon V3 starts from 160 and high ISO range touches upto 25600 (1 stop more than Nikon V3), 400fps at  and the sensor is also big, hence Olympus E-M5 will give better image quality than Nikon V3.

The Olympus E-M5 will give better low-light performance than Nikon V3.

In-Body Image Stabilization: The Olympus E-M5 offers 5 axis based image stabilization, it prevent camera shake can actually be caused by five different kinds of movement: horizontal shift, vertical shift, rotary motion, as well as the yaw and pitch, No in-body IS available in Nikon V3.

Shutter: The new Expeed 4a image processor of Nikon V3 gives amazing speed to V3, The Nikon V3 have shutter range of 30-1/16000, Top continuous shooting speed of 60fps and 10fps at full resolution and Full time AF. Olympus E-M5 have shutter range of 60-1/4000, Top continuous shooting speed is limited to 9 fps only.

Video:  Both camera can shoot Full HD videos at 60fps, but Nikon V3 also offers fast frame rate at lower resolution,  it shoot HD videos at 120fps , 768X288 at 400fps and 416 X144 at 1200fps, no such fast frame reate available in E-m5.

The Nikon V3 is missing Viewfinder, you have to buy it if you have a habit using viewfinder for composing your images (as I do )

Verdict: Nikon V3 offers ultra fast speed and highly recommended for sports and street shooters if you never want to miss a shot, on the other hand Olympus E-M5 will give you better image quality with built-in image stabilization.

we hope that upcoming Olympus E-M6 or E-M7 camera will have hybrid AF, but for now Nikon V3 is winner.

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Olympus Patent Phase Difference AF Sensor - Same as Canon 70D

A new Olympus patent surfaced over the web that shows a sensor with  phase-detection AF technology. If we look at history Canon 70D is world first camera that introduced active Phase detection AF sensor, In future we may see active Phase AF technology in Olympus E-M6 or E-M7


Description and self-interpretation of the patent literature (Translated via google)

  • Patent Publication No. 2013-187475
    • Publication date 2013.9.19
    • Filing date 2012.3.9
  • Olympus patents
    • Of layer-built image sensor (two layer)
    • First layer
      • Imaging
    • Second layer
      • Image plane phase difference AF for
      • I make an opening for detecting a phase difference signal

via – egami

Olympus E-P5 Coming in April and E-M7 Coming in September

Olympus E-P5Form readers we have received some information, the Olympus E-P5 is expected to be announced on April 2013 and expected to cost around $1,000 with a kit lens. Olympus E-M7 is rumored to be announced on August / September 2013. We will update you soon as we get any new information.