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Firmware Update

Nikon Artificial Intelligence Flashgun Under Development

In a recent paten, we have found the Nikon is working on intelligent flashguns, these flashguns will get synchronized with the camera AF system and calculate the distance between the subject and camera and the amount of light needed to properly expose the subject. Most probably, the working principle of the flashgun look similar to Canon 470EX-AI

Patent Images

Canon AI Flashgun Demo Video


Patent Details: (Translated)

In the conventional strobe shooting device, if an auxiliary light such as a strobe is used at the time of shooting, the subject at the distance that the camera tried to reproduce at the proper exposure will be at the proper exposure, but the subject at the front side will be overexposed. Therefore, there is a problem that the subject on the rear side is underexposed.

An imaging device according to the present invention is an imaging device that images a first subject and a second subject, and is based on a distance from the imaging device to the first subject and a distance from the imaging device to the second subject. Thus, the first signal of the imaged first subject and the imaged of the imaged first subject so that the difference between the brightness of the first subject and the brightness of the second subject is reduced within a range up to a predetermined upper limit value. A setting unit that sets different gains for the second signal of the second subject, and a signal processing unit that processes the first signal and the second signal according to the gain set by the setting unit. .

According to the present invention, it is possible to obtain appropriate exposure for subjects with different distances.

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