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Firmware Update

Light L16 Camera Makers Working on 9 Camera Module Based Smartphone

We know Light 16 camera from a while. The light L16 camera was made with 16 independent camera module in a compact body to create DSLR like out of focus performance. Literally it was being called a true DSLR killer.

Light L16 Camera 100 sample image

Light L16 camera at 100% – 16 camera modules merging capability isn’t flawless at moment.

However the camera received a mixed response from the market and pixel peeper group wasn’t so happy with the file merging capability of the camera. Of-course it will become better with time and firmware updates.

Do you Know Canon is also working on L16 type camera

Now, According to latest news the light L16 company is developing a smartphone that could have 9 camera module on the rear side.

That’s really interesting because the L16 compact camera have a 16 set of camera modules and the smartphone that is expected to arrive at the end of 2018 is said to have nine independent camera module inside which is of course look far advance than today’s 3 camera module based smartphones.

But, at the same time the camera isn’t so cheap and we are also expecting the smartphone will going to be very expensive and out of reach for general smartphone consumers.

But that’s all really nice moves to upscale the computational photography to a next level, and once light launches smartphone in market. Then many other smartphone makers will going to create similar solution and affordable price tags to beat it. As we have generally seen in the smartphone market when a particular company address a new feature inside smartphone, other manufacturers also copy they accept by lowering down the price to compete against each other.

Well that’s important news to me because the smartphone camera market is now getting more serious day by day. And if light enters into smartphones section then yes I will even interested in buying one [if my pocket allows].

Being said that I also expect that in near future with the improvement in computational photography Technology will going to attract professional shooters to compact solutions.


Light L16 Camera Update

We are getting many emails from Asia as well as other countries related to the availability of L16 camera, Photographers from different parts of the world want to get the Light L16 camera but the international shipping isn’t started yet. When we asked the same from L16 support team they said

Unfortunately, we are still not ready to sell and ship internationally. I am so sorry!
We will have an update on international markets in late 2017 and will add details and timing as they become available.

It is possible that L16 shipping may start internationally with the beginning of 2018. For now, they are not able to ship the camera due to the high demand and limited production capacity.

When we asked them, Many camera websites says that camera modules (inside the L16 camera) are not blending images flawlessly, for example you can look at the article published by a reputed website here

Light team replied

A lot of the websites that pick apart our software do not even have cameras to review images from. They are just writing something to garner attention. While the software is not perfect just yet, we are working very hard on improvements and these improvements should be seen soon.

Later they have also said that the L16 firmware is easily up-gradable

We have the ability to update the software over a wifi connection in order to add features, fix bugs and make general improvements.

And our Final question was, Will L16 visit DXO Lab ?

I am not sure about visiting DXO labs but maybe in the future!

So, that’s all update from light right now. Stay with for LIVE News and Rumors.

Do you know that Canon and Nikon isn’t far behind, they also started working on multi-aperture computational camera. You Can See Canon Patent here and Nikon Patent here.