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Canon Also Working on Multi-Aperture Computational Camera

Canon multi eye camera

After Nikon, Canon also started it’s work on the a Multi-Aperture Computational Camera. Before we begin you must know that the concept is not new and Light16 camera is a live example of Multi-Aperture Computational Camera. The entire modules of the camera are connected and each set of (2 or 3) modules are set at particular focal length with fixed aperture.  A compound eye camera can generate high resolution image, can produce one click HDR image and will give you very-high dynamic range.

Canon Patent Details

  • Patent Publication No. 2016-142947
    • Published 2016.8.8
    • Filing date 2015.2.3
  • Example 1 Wide
    • Focal length 5.20
    • F-number 2.88
    • Half angle of 36.69
    • The image height 3.88
    • Overall length of the lens 17.91
    • BF 3.06
  • Example 1 Tele
    • Focal length 23.00
    • F-number 5.60
    • Half angle of 9.56
    • The image height 3.88
    • Overall length of the lens 20.86
    • BF 2.00
  • Canon patent
    • A plurality of optical systems for different focal lengths
    • Combining an optical system is not the bending and bending optical system
    • Folding direction of the optical path of the bending optical system outside
    • Thinning using a bending optical system at the telephoto system

Camera company should do some innovate work to replace traditional compacts and bring something extraordinary new tech. that will excel the digital photography to a new level.

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source – egmai

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