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iPhone7 Plus Coming With Dual Camera Setup

iPhone 7 Plus image

The next iPhone7 plus have dual camera set up according to the latest rumors surfaced over the web, the new iPhone7 Plus dual cameras will help you to get more optical zoom and also to simulate a shallow depth of field, as we have already seen in the huawei P9 smartphone.

The next iPhone7 Plus camera will also have a large 5.5 inch display Advance Core specifications compared to the current generation of iPhones.

Now the big question is who will supply the Dual camera modules for the next iPhone 7. Barron’s quotes Chris Chan of Asia-based financial services group:

We think Sony may not be able to deliver its full share of dual cameras to Apple due to: (1) lower-than-expected yield, and (2) damage to its production facility from the April earthquake in Kumamoto. As a result, we think LGI will gain majority share of the initial dual camera orders from Apple…

We expect a sharp increase in camera module ASP from 2H16F as we think: 1) dual camera module is likely to command 2.5x ASP premium vs. single-cam, and 2) OIS (optical image stabilization) will also be equipped in the new 4.7” iPhones – currently only the 5.5” model has OIS.”

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source – image-sensors-world

iPhone 7 Coming with Dual Camera

leaked image of iPhone 7 camera

Apple iPhone 7 is coming with dual camera according to latest rumors the first images leaked via Chinese website suggest that in the upcoming iPhone 7 will feature dual camera system on the rear side just as Hawaii p9 camera.

iPhone 7 coming with dual camera

From the leaked image you can see the camera is placed on the top left corner of the smartphone. we also have a Dual LED flash and a microphone unit. the overall design iPhone 7 resembles with the previous generation nothing new here.

Adding dual camera in the flagship smartphone has now become a trend we have to wait till the official announcement to see the quality how the image produced by camera.

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source – macrumor

iPhone 7 to use Dual Camera Sensor

Camera-modules-imageAccording to latest rumors iPhone 7 Plus will arrive with dual camera on the rear side, the dual camera will allow users to at use 3X optical zoom and also get depth-of-filed effect like a DSLR.

camera-module-imageThe Dual Camera Lens technology is developed by LinX company, acquired by apple over a year ago.  You can see above the camera modules developed by the LinX company above.  The Dual camera design will sure bring a complete revolution and may take down even DLSRs sales.

Apple will going to release iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus later this year, iPhone 7 Plus will be offered in 2 versions: one with a single camera module, and a second with a dual-camera design.

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iPhone 7 to feature Sony 12 Megapixel RGBW sensor


Sony manged to develop a new type of camera sensor for smartphones, the sensor will feature 12 Megapixel resolution and it’s called the new RGBW sensor… here W stands for the white pixels.. the white pixel here increase the sensitivity of the camera upto a great extent as you can see in the sample image below.

Sony-new-RGBW-sensorNow the individual pixels of the RGBW Sony sensor is 1.12μm, but due to the newly developed “RBGW Coding” the SN ratio (signal-to-noise ratio) equivalent to that of a unit pixel size of 1.4μm under conventional methods. We also hope that the same technology will be applied to APS-C and FF interchangeable lens camera in near future.

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src – Sonyalpharumor

iPhone 7 to Feature Sony Curved Sensor

Sony-Curve-Sensor-imgA new post found a place over the sites with a news that a brand new Japanese patent revealed by Egami that explained the working concepts of a 20mm f/2.8 lens designed by Konika-Minolta for a small-sized curved 1/3.2 inch sensor developed by Sony and it’s speculating that at first such a kind of sensor may be utilized in future iphone (yes.. iPhone 7). However, It seems that we don’t need to wait much to see such a kind of sensors in smartphone as well as high end camera.

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