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Sony A9 II, A7S III and A7R IV to Feature 8K Video Recording Capability

Sony 8K camera image

We have told you a while ago that Sony upcoming cameras will have 8K video recording capability, now we are getting more confirmation about it. It’s a Big Leak Coming out from trusted rumor mill, Upcoming flagship Sony A7 Series and A9 Series Camera. The initial list include Sony A9 II, Sony A7S III and Sony A7R IV to Feature 8K Video Recording Capability.

We are Living in 6K Era

8K isn’t a Big thing for Sony, Sony A6500 ( B&H Store | Amazon) camera announced back on October 2016. The Sony A6500 is a $1K camera and it records 6K videos (Full sensor readout) to create 4K videos. And in the same way high-end FF cameras also like, Sony A7III, Sony A7R III and Sony A9 records 6K and then they downscale the recorded data to 4K or Full HD.

Sony A9 II, A7S III and A7R IV to Feature 8K

Initial reports suggest Sony is already actively working to implement 8K videos in their upcoming Mirrorlss camera.

We have just published the details of two upcoming Fullframe sensors from Sony, the 36MP and the 60MP Fullframe sensor.  Based on the latest reports we are getting the DUO are capable to record to 8K videos.

We have told you already that Sony A7S III camera may carry the 36MP sensor and if not then the sensor will get reserved for the next iteration of Sony A9 camera, the Sony A9II. And the 60MP sensor is most likely to get inside the Sony A7R IV camera without a doubt.

But, As we all know that Sony A7S series uses low-resolution sensor and more concerned  towards its low-light performance. So, we may see a 36MP sensor inside the A9 II instead of A7S III.

One more thing, the 8K will not going to remain limited to Sony. As we all know that Most of the Panasonic  G series camera uses Sony sensors. Latest Reports suggest the 36MP sensor is also expected to arrive inside Panasonic  Lumix S series camera.

Final Words, it’s not clear that Sony will allow these upcoming camera to give 8K 60fps output to users or limit their capabilities  to 8K @ 30fps or  6K @ 60fps.

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4 comments to Sony A9 II, A7S III and A7R IV to Feature 8K Video Recording Capability

  • Dave Haynie

    Sorry, no. You’re incorrect. The video format is the recording format, not the resolution out of the sensor. If you record 4K video, it doesn’t matter if the sensor outputs 4K, 6K, 8K, or 40K… it’s still 4K video. The complexity of an actual 6K camera includes the ability to output in 6K, encode video in 6K, and store that at a useful bitrate to flash memory.

    Right now, that’s Panasonic alone among mirrorless cameras. They can also record 4K in 4:2:2 and 10-bit on-camera. Sony can’t yet even output pro-quality 4K. Presumably the next generation will. Though I wouldn’t hold my breath on the A9II. Sony clearly sees that as competition for Canon and Nikon high-end sports cameras. Not video hybrids.

  • Odin

    Sorry you are incorrect, the Sony A7III and A9 both record their 4K video as 6K video first, then resample down to 4K which is why the output is very good. The A7RIII has two modes: in one mode it captures video from the whole sensor and uses pixel binning to produce 4K. In the other mode it captures 5K video from a super 35 crop and downsamples that to 4K. This mode offers better video quality at low ISO, but will be noisier at high ISO than the full frame mode.

    To capture 6K video which is 16:9 6144 x 3160 on a 3:2 sensor requires 25.3MP and if you check the sensor specs the “24MP” sensor do actually have a total of 25.4MP, allowing the cameras to capture the 6K from the full width of the sensor.

    I still think it’s highly unlikely the A7SIII will capture 8K video as it will need at least 40MP to capture the requisite 33MP video and the heat produced will be significant in such a small body, although I’m sure they can sort that out with the right hardware and codecs

  • steven

    Well I’m waiting for Sony A7 SIII camera from a long time I have purchased Sony 7r III camera after Sony A7 S II point …but I am really excited to see what Sony can do with the next A7 S series camera, I do create occasional YouTube videos so it would be better if Sony introduce a vari-angle display screen on the rear side of the camera.

    Having a 10 bit video output is really not so important to me, since I create occasional videos it doesn’t create a big difference the camera is recording in 8 bit or 10 bit. I am attracted towards Sony A7 S series due to its low light performance, you literally do not need any external light source while creating videos even at night, in the room or in the streets you can create crystal clear videos with A7S II … and that’s why I am a big fan of the Sony A7 S series camera.

  • David B Haynie

    Sorry, no. The format refers to what is actually recorded. The sensor on Sony cameras does full frame output, so roughly 6K, but that’s just the output. It is never recorded, it’s just in a dram buffer. It is downsampled to UltraHD resolution and 8-bits only, then YCrCb encoded and decimated from 4:4:4 to 4:2:2, half the color samples tossed out. Then AVC encoded at a fairly low 100Mb/s bitrate before anything is stored to flash. So 4K/UltraHD video.

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