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Firmware Update

Sony A7S III to Have Stacked Sensor, Dual Card Slot and more...


Let’s take a look what at the details we have about the upcoming Sony A7S III camera. We have combined the sets of new and old information to get what actually coming with Sony A7 S3 camera in near future. Take a look at the rumored specification of the camera

Upcoming Sony A7S III Specifications

  1. Upcoming camera. Will  have a new stacked CMOS sensor.
  2. New image processor will going to improve the auto focusing speed, continuous shooting speed as well as improved noise cancelling algorithm.
  3. Sony A7S III have Dual card slots and UHS II card support.
  4. Sony A7S III will going to have advanced display screen with touch support, better than the Sony A7 S II camera.
  5. Improved auto focusing system with eye-tracking as of Sony A7 III, no mention about the number of auto focusing points.
  6. Better colour depth dynamic range and low light performance compared to the previous generation of Sony A7S cameras.

Well that’s really nice to see big set of improvements inside the upcoming Sony A7S III camera. What improvements

Mid-May almost arrived

We are waiting for Mid-May announcement  by Sony as rumored by veteran rumor mills. However, the time I am writing post we have no information coming from any trusted sources related to Mid-may announcement. Also see Sony upcoming camera code name

We will update you soon as we get any new information, stay with us (FACEBOOK | TWITTER | GOOGLE+) If you have time –> see more Sony Rumor

2 comments to Sony A7S III to Have Stacked Sensor, Dual Card Slot and more…

  • Stella

    I am waiting for A7S3.

  • Sony is introducing new model back to back how should buy a7siii im interested to buy but three are so many acceptation futures from Sony like as follow:-
    1 Good megapixel
    2 high ISO
    3 all old futures like SLT (panorama etc.)
    4 full touch screen
    5 full installed app ( Time-laps,hiper-laps,motion blure,ND filters etc.)
    6 better battery life as compare to competitor (canon,nikon,fuji)
    7 improving AWB and tone witch help to get proper tone of photographs.
    8 complicated menu what i feel need to find always.
    9 EYE tracking with animal it work in both way like Photo & Video
    10 ingress a display resolution to get final understanding on camera screen
    11 all points are just my thought
    12 backup and connected to any such PC that more help full for us.
    13 Price matter always
    Thanks its all about my thought i love to buy sony product in any category

    Your User

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