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Upcoming Camera Model Codes

This page is very special. We already have Hot Camera Rumors page in which you can see the list of upcoming camera, but in this page we are putting the name of upcoming camera model name codes those who are officially registered.

The codes you see below are the list of officially registered cameras, being said that it clearly means the model codes shown in this page are arriving as a product in next few months.

1. Canon Camera Code List

DSLRs / Lens / Accessories Compacts
Model Code Model Name WiFi components Model Code Model Name
K424 (NEW)
EC801 (NEW) Compact EC804 (NEW)  Pro Compact
EC811 (NEW) ILC  PC 2352 (New)  Digital Camera
DS126721 (NEW)
DS126631 6D II ES 202
WM 500
PC2276 M 100
DS 126651 9000D ES 200
WM 500
PC2279 M6
DS126661 KissX 9i

ES 200

WM 500

PC 2323 / PC 2325 G9X II
KissX 9

ES 200

WM 500

PC 2328 KissM
DS 126701 (KissX90?) /1400D
ES 200
DS 126741 2000D
ES 200 PC 2329 SX 730
DS 401141 (strobe) PC 2332 IXY 210
DS 401211 MT-26EX-RT PC 2333 IXY 200
PC 2334 SX430
  PC 2335 G1X III
  PC 2336 MM 100 – WS

2. Nikon Upcoming Camera Code Name

Model Code Made in WiFi / Bluetooth Model Name
N1608 Thailand D850
N 1610 Thailand D75000
N16D3 Indonesia W300
N 1622 China -> Thailand WiFi / BT TBA
N16F1   BT TBA (Remote)
N16H0     TBA (Dot Site)
N1710 WiFi / BT
N1711 WiFi / BT
N1718 Thailand Bluetooth
N1721 WiFi/BT Nikon A1000

3. Sony Upcoming Camera Code Name

Mirrorless Compacts
WW 541200 ILCE-7M3 WW 173777 DSC-RX 10 M 4
WW 940439 ILCE-7RM3 WW 620081 DSC-RX 0
WW 361847 ILCE-9 WW 843944 DSC-RX 1 RM 2
WW 213019 A6500 WW 411000 DSC-RX 10 M 3
WW 067022 ILCA-99M2 WW 136512 DSC-RX 10 M 2
WW 906746 ILCE-6300 WW 808143 DSC-RX 10
WW 898259 ILCE-7SM2 WW 605351 DSC-RX 100 M 5
WW 325951 ILCE-7RM2 WW 481040 DSC-RX 100 M 4
WW 328278 ILCE-7M2  WW 771132 (NEW)
WW 328274 ILCE-7S  WW 213188 (New)  Sony RX1R II
WW 328261 ILCE-7R
WW 328262 ILCE-7
WW 0238382 ILCE-QX 1


4. Olympus Upcoming Camera Code Name

Model Code Name Type Product Name
IM001 Camera E-PL8
IM002 Camera E-M1 Mark II
IM003 Lens 25 mmPro
IM004 Lens 12-100 mmPro
IM005 Camera TG-5
IM006 Camera E-M 10 Mark III
IM007 Lens 17 mmPro
IM008 Camera E-PL9
IM009 Lens 45 mmPro

5. Fujifilm Upcoming Camera Code name list

Camera Model  Code Product Name
FF 160001 X-T2
FF 160002 X-A3
FF 160003 X-A10
FF 160004 X-100F
FF 160005 GFX 50S
FF 160006 X-T20
FF 170001 X-E3
FF 170011 X-E3 (China Edition)
FF 170002 X-H1
FF 170003 X-A5
FF 170004 X-A20
 FF 180002 (NEW)
 FF 180003 (NEW)
FF 180004 (NEW)


6. Leica Upcoming Camera Code Name List

Model Code Code Name Type Made in Product Name
1546 Digital camera (Manufactured by Panasonic)
8854 Digital Camera Germany Leica TL
8323 Clooney Digital Camera Germany Leica CL
5370 R2D2? Digital Camera Germany Leica TL 2
3656 Digital Camera Germany Leica M10
2754 instant Camera China Sofort
London Thambar-M 90
Salzburg Noctilux-M 75
Tokyo APO-Summicron-SL 75
Toronto APO-Summicron-SL 90
Wilder Elmarit-TL 18 mm


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More to come…

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1 comment to Upcoming Camera Model Codes

  • Please put some pressure on the manufacturers and run a section a who is using fully articulated screen and on which models. This is a feature that some of us rely on. And as our aging population lives longer and continues pursuing prosumer and above photography… keeps the photog from laying on the ground and or being a contortionist.

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