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Firmware Update

Sony A7R II to feature 36 MP Sensor

Sony-A7R-II-Camera-imageAccording to the current information surfaced over the web, the upcoming Sony A7R II camera will have the same 36 Megapixel CMOS sensor as of its predecessor, the camera will carry built-in image stabilization system .. possibly the same 5 axis IS system used in the recently announced Sony A7 II camera. The camera is also rumored to feature better ISO range and improved RAW processing engine.

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Sony Patent 55mm F1.8 Lens


Sony 55mm F1.8 ens patent is pending, the lens is developed for Fullframe E-Mount mirrorless camera, take a look at the details below.. also keep in mind that the text you see below is translated from Japanese so it might contain some errors.

Sony corresponds to a less full-size mirror 55mm F1.8 and 50mm F1.8 is pending patent. It seems to be a very high performance.

Explanation and self-interpretation of the patent literature

  • Patent Publication No. 2015-68910
    • Published 2015.4.13
    • Filing date 2013.9.27
  • Sony patents
    • 3-unit construction of positive and negative positive
    • Inner focus (the second group)

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Samsung NX1 and Fujifilm X-T1 Major Firmware Update Coming

If we believe latest rumors then Samsung and Fujifilm is planning to implement latest firmware upgrade to there prime machines,

Fujifilm-XT-1-imgLet’s start from Fujifim, the Fujifilm XT -1 latest firmware upgrade is rumored to arrive on May 11, 2015. The upcoming firmware upgrade from fujifilm will increase the AF speed of the camera by 40%, we will update you soon as we get any new information.


Samsung-NX1-LX--camera-in-tSamsung will implement a totally new firmware in the Samsung NX1 camera, the upcoming firmware will improve the performance of the camera at many levels, that include AF performance, better noise reduction algorithm and much more…. but unfortunately we don’t have the time frame when the firmware is expected to arrive.

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via – MR.om and FR.com

Sony A6100 Doesn't Have 4k Recording ?


According to the latest rumors floating over the web, the A6000 successor name isn’t A7000 or A6000 Mark II, it will be named as Sony A6100

The camera will feature the 24 megapixel CMOS sensor and will record Full HD videos with XAVCS codec support, the rumor surfaced over the web take a look at what the sonyalpharumor.com source said

“there’s no A7000 (NEX-7 replacement), but rather an A6000 replacement coming soon. The A6100 has 24.3MP with 1080p XAVCS codec, so looks like no 4K for now. But this is just the info from the importer, so not 100% confirmed :-/“

About  month ago we have received Sony A6000 successor major specification from a website visitor, he was also saying that the upcoming camera name is A6100 and features 24 Megapixel CMOS sensor… later on he also also added that the camera is can record 4k videos but overheating issue causing the delay of announcement….. the camera was scheduled for April 2015 announcement but later on it was delayed due to technical issues…

Take a look at the rumored specification and details of the upcoming A6000 successor

I wanted to share the rumors I heard about the new A7000 or better A6100 which will not be announced in april, but has been pushed back till may. From what I heard Sony is preparing to kick the established camera producers butt even more than with the A6000
Please be careful I have not personally confirmed them, but according to my source the A7000 is already in manufacturing.

Here some basic stuff:
It will be called A6100, not A7000 or A6000M2
24 Megapixel sensor
will going to feature built in image stabilization system
4k video, that is part of the reason it is delayed
XAVC-S video codec
New image processor

Price point would be 700$ for the body with a “basic” kit for 900$ and a premium kit with weather sealed Zeiss lens for 1200$. Production of the hardware already has started, it has been held back because of overheating problems with the sensor while in 4k mode. If the Sony engineers don’t find a firmware solution the camera will be released possibly with a limit of only 15min recording of 4k movies or may be limited to Full HD Recording only.

At the end we just want to see the famous A6000 successor now, stay with us and we will update you soon as we get any new information.

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Canon 6D Mark II to Feature 28 Megapixel Fullframe CMOS Sensor

Canon-6D-Mark-II-ImageCanon 6D Mark II specification floating over the web, the camera is rumored to feature 28 Megapixel CMOS sensor … that clearly means that Canon 6D Mark II will arrive with a new sensor, take a look at the rumored specification below…

Canon 6D Mark II Rumored specification

  • 28MP
  • 6 fps
  • ISO 100 – 102400 (expandable to 204800)
  • new AF system (but not the same as on 5DS)
  • 98% viewfinder coverage
  • Single SD card slot
  • WiFi, NFC, and GPS
  • small improvements for video features

So will you buy Canon 6D DSLR if it arrives with a New 28 Megapixel CMOS sensor ? share your thoughts with us… The Camera is rumored to arrive in Early 2016.

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Panasonic G7 is Coming Next Month

Panasonic-G-series-cameraAccording to latest rumors Panasonic G6 successor G7 is rumored to arrive on Mid May 2015.  The upcoming camera is rumored to have moderate upgrade over the core specification and may feature same 16 MP sensor as of its predecessor, we will update you soon as we get any new information.

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src – 43Rumor

Canon 1DX Mark II Early Specification

Canon is currently testing the prototypes of Canon 1DX Mark II, according to the latest rumors floating over the web.. all the bodies of Canon 1DX Mark II have higher megapixel count compared to the current 1DX camera…

Canon 1DX Mark II Major Specification
Higher Megapixel Sensor
Advance Autofocus System (compared to the current 61-Point High Density Reticular AF)
New Technology in Viewfinder
No information available type of image processor used.

The camera is rumored to announce sometime in Q4 2015 or Q1 of 2016…

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src – CR.com