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Nikon D810 vs 5D Mark III - Comparison by Tony Northrup

Take a look at the nice video of comparison between newly announced Nikon D800/D800E successor Nikon D810 and Canon 5D Mark III. …however as I have also said earlier that keep in mind that Canon 5D mark III is a two year old system and waiting to get replaced with 5D Mark IV, and according to latest rumors 5D mark IV will arrive with newly developed dualpixel AF sensor (read more 5Dmark IV rumors) — back to this post video created by Tony Northrup (more details below),

Index below:
0:00 Introduction
2:40 Handheld Landscapes
4:30 Tripod Landscapes
6:00 Portraits
6:48 Face Metering
10:40 Sports/Action
12:07 Studio/Commercial
14:46 Night Photography
16:31 Summary

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Olympus Japan - Product Experience Fair on August 30 and 31

Olympus Japan inviting people on August 30 and 31 to experience Mirrorless interchangeable lens camera PEN series new products and…..see details below, Olympus will possible announce the long rumored E-PL7 camera on the same day, stay with us we will update you as soon as we get any new information.

Continue reading Olympus Japan – Product Experience Fair on August 30 and 31

Canon Medium Format Rumors [August 2014]

Canon-megapixel-monsterAccording to latest rumors Canon is seeking advice from professional photographers about a medium format system, the question are related to image quality, usage scenarios and type of lens requirements.

We have already published a rumor a long ago that Nikon is also preparing to announce medium format camera (see here), Nikon may announce its medium camera with bunch of new lenses and Sony 50 Megapixel medium format Sensor and Sony is also rumored to announce a compact RX style Medium format camera with 50 MP sensor during Photokina.

Also see our previous rumors – More Canon Medium Format Rumor

Sony RX2 New Specification Leaked

Sony-RX2-coming-with-powerzA new set of specification is leaked by a anonymous source so take it as a grain of salt, according to the leaked specification the upcoming fullframe cybershot camera will feature a contactable 35-70mm F2.8 zoom lens fitted over the 36 MP Fullframe Sensor (yep.. same as the A7R sensor).

However there are some rumors published earlier via trusted sources that suggest that upcoming RX2 camera may feature curved sensor with fixed lens. So if we take both the rumor seriously then It is also possible that we may see two variants of the fullframe cybershot camera in future one with curved sensor design and other with flat A7R sensor and powerzoom lens.

stay with us more coming…

stay with us (FACEBOOK | TWITTER | GOOGLE+) and we will update you soon as we get any new information / see more Sony Rumor.

src – SAR.com

Vacuum Cleaner Lens to Remove the Sensor Dust

Lens-cleaner-imageA new attractive and compact vacuum cleaner in lens shape is announce by a Chinese manufacture Nisshin Seiko for Canon DSLRs, the lens comes with a built in high speed motor that will suck all sensor dust of the camera when you click the shutter button.


The compact vacuum cleaner will cost you approx  3,500 yen / 210 yuan / $34. Not currently available in USA.

src- xjrumo.com

Fujifilm Patent - Hybrid AF Pixel

In general as we know that the sensor phase AF pixels doesn’t capture image, they create a dead pixel and later on it covered by certain type of image processing algorithms implemented by camera manufactures.


But Fujifilm latest patent shows a Hybrid AF pixel that minimizes the image quality degradation and manages to capture light as well as it can be used for AF purpose.

Patent Details translated by google

Explanation and self-interpretation of the patent literature

  • Patent Publication No. 2014-135451,2014-135451
    • Published Date 2014.7.24
    • Filing date 2013.1.11
  • Fujifilm patents
    • Image plane phase difference AF
    • Dimming element
      • The amount of transmitted light is changed according to the voltage applied
      • Electrochromic devices were laminated in this order the transparent electrode, the oxidation coloring layer, an ion conductive layer, the reduction coloring layer, a second transparent electrode of the first
      • Opaque, to function as a transparent at the time of imaging the image plane when the phase difference AF

Canon is the first Camera manufacture to implement Hybrid AF Pxiels technology


Canon is first camera manufacture to use Hybrid / Dual-AF pixel technology, the Canon Dual-Pixel AF technology features two separate photodiodes for each pixel. One half of the total photodiodes track image coming from one side and other half tracks the image from the other half and finally the amount of lens drive is calculated from the amount of signal difference. When the signals of two photodiode are in agreement the Focus is achieved.

Pentax Q-S1 Announced - Press Release and Full Specification

Pentax-Q-S1-imageRioch updates its Q series line-up with the newly announced Pentax Q-S1 camera, the camera the 12MP 1/1.7-inch BSI CMOS remains same as of its predecessors, the Q-S1 camera does have minor tweaks in deign part and everything remains unchanged compared to it predecessor Q-7. The camera will become available from


Take a look at the press release below,

Providing endless artistic expression in a fashionable compact design complete, with interchangeable lenses

Denver, Colorado August 4, 2014 RICOH IMAGING AMERICAS CORPORATION is proud to introduce the new PENTAX Q-S1, one of the world’s smallest and lightest digital cameras with interchangeable lenses. With a new refined look, Smart Affect mode for creative photo enhancing, and color variations from today’s hottest fashion trends, the Q-S1 is an ideal everyday camera for the style-minded looking for the portability of a compact and added benefits of interchangeable lenses.

‘Along with its stylish, petite body, this new model offers impressive specifications. The PENTAX Q-S1 is an ideal everyday camera for photographers of all levels, complete with an entire system of 8 lenses designed for on-the-go fun’ said Jim Malcolm, Executive Vice President of RICOH IMAGING  Americas, Corp.

The PENTAX Q-S1 is the latest addition to the popular PENTAX Q series of compact-sized, interchangeable-lens digital cameras. The  camera is equipped with a wide range of features to make photography more enjoyable, including a 12.4 megapixel, back-illuminated CMOS image sensor to deliver high-quality images, high-sensitivity shooting to a top sensitivity of ISO 12800, and a reliable shake-reduction system using a state-of-the-art gyro sensor. It also provides a variety of creative tools, such as bokeh control and Smart Effect to add the desired filters with just a simple turn of a dial. The PENTAX Q-S1 creates more personalized, creative images easily and beautifully.

In addition, RICOH IMAGING is pleased to announce the launch of a color to order® service for the new PENTAX Q-S1 digital camera. This unprecedented service, (originally launched with the Q7 in July 2013), has been popularly accepted by many users as a new, fashionable way of expressing one’s personal taste and style.

There are 4 standard color combinations and additional 36 body and grip colors  taken straight from the runway, such as champagne, khaki green, and charcoal black, and can be ordered through the color to order® service. The PENTAX-01 STANDARD PRIME lens color can also be chosen from five different options to make the entire imaging system even more desirable and eye-catching.

Pricing and Availability

The Q-S1 will be available at retailers nationwide and at www.us.ricoh-imaging.com in August 2014 for a suggested retail price of $499.95

Ordering for the custom colors will be available in August 2014

Click here to Download the Full Specification PDF