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Firmware Update

Canon Officially Enters into Sensor Market

Canon enters in the image sensor market and three of its sensor are available for sale. And even if you want a specific one than Canon do have a space for it.
Well it is a easy process to get the Canon sensors if you want. You have to just contact the Canon authorized sensor distributor Phase 1. The Phase 1 have the list of commercially available sensors from Canon that also includes the 120 megapixel APS-H sensor and more. Take an look at the list of commercially available Canon sensors.

Phase 1 – Canon Authorized Sensor Distributor

In the beginning of the list we have the Canon 120MP APS-H sensor, which is also available for sale for industrial use. The 120MP is an ultra-high resolution CMOS sensor with 13280 x 9184 effective pixels (approx. 60x the resolution of Full HD). It has a size equivalent to APS-H (29.22mm x 20.20mm), and a square pixel arrangement of 2.2µm x 2.2µm with 122 million effective pixels.

Canon have also listed 5 megapixel monogram and RGB colour sensor for smartphones. that features high sensitivity and 120 frames per second continuous shooting speed while having resolution of 5 megapixels.

Canon 35mm sensor for sale

Send the list of senses we also have a 2.2 megapixel RGB and colour full frame sensor. the sensor is of course made for low light performance. you will surprise to know that each pixels of the sensor is approx 19µm x 19µm (square) in Size.

If you Want other Sensors Contact Canon Directly

So you can get all these three sensors while contacting Phase 1 distributor. And if you want a specific sensor from Canon you have to fill-up Canon specific form and select the last option.

Well as we all know Sony Keeps Its Best Sensors for Its Own Cameras, So Canon do have very good business opportunity if they start selling DPAF sensors to other Camera makers.

This article was first published on on 5:13 PM Saturday, 19 May 2018 (GMT)

Fuji X-T100 Records 4K @ 15FPS for 30 Mins, But there is a ...

Fuji X-T100 camera image

Before we begin let me tell you that we have the detailed specs of Fuji X-T100 camera and its officially coming on May 24, 2018. Ok, this blog post is dedicated to our users who are continuously asking the question about Fuji X-T100 4K video mode, Well let’s talk in details. Fuji X-T100 Records 4K @ 15FPS for 30 Mins, But there is a bit problem associated with X-T100 camera.

Fuji X-T100 4K Video 4GB File Limit

Fuji X-T100 camera features 4K video recording, but it have some sort of Limited 4K video mode, the Fuji X-T100 camera 4K video is limited to 4 GB of file size. Once the 4K video reaches the 4 GB space limit and new file will be created of the same and so on. So, the Fuji X-T100 camera will automatically create 4GB of different file packs of your 30Min 4K video. The video recording will remain uninterrupted but you will going to have multiple 4 GB files of your 30 minute 4k video not a single one.

You can later punch of those files in a video editing software, and we also expect that Fuji will soon going to release a firmware update that will going to merge all this file together to create a single movie file very soon. But at the moment with the current firmware inside the Fuji X-T100 camera, You have some issues with the 4K video mode and you have to handle the multiple 4 GB files of your 30 minute 4K video.

4K Video at 15FPS

And as you can see in the specification the Fuji X-T100 camera supports 4K video recording at 15 frames per second, having a 15 frames per second is good for family and friend purpose, but at the same time it’s not so good for professional use.

I do remember when the Nikon D5 was announced it was suffering from the same kind of issue, Nikon D5 was also creating separate 4 GB files while you are using 4K video mode in the camera but later on Nikon fixed it with a firmware update.

So,  I also expect that in next few months OR within next year we will going to see a firmware update for the Fuji X T100 camera and that will going to fix the multiple 4 GB file is issues from the camera.

And one more good news many other users Where are asking that the X-T100 camera will have external microphone support or not ?,  then I must confirm you that is the upcoming X-T100 camera do have external microphone support, so you can Record pro quality audios with your video.

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Fuji X-T100 Full Specifications


We now have the full specification of the upcoming Fuji film X-T100 camera, according to the leaked the specification the upcoming camera will going to have 24 megapixel bayer sensor.
The camera have limited 4K video mode, And it will going to record 4K videos at 15 frames per second.The continuous shooting speed of the camera is also Limited, the maximum shooting speed of Fuji X-T100 is 6 frames per second up to 26 frames. And when you are using continuous auto-focus in the continuous shooting speed limited to 3 frames per second.

The most important thing is this camera features 91 auto-focusing areas are points / areas. Take a look at the detailed specs list of the specification of upcoming camera.

Fujifilm X-T100 Full Specifications

Continue reading Fuji X-T100 Full Specifications

Nikon High-End Compacts Coming ?

According to latest rumors coming from Rumor mills, Nikon is working with High-end compacts camera. After the success of Canon G7X series and Sony RX100 series compacts, Nikon wants to Jump in compacts business again. It’s really interesting to see Nikon will create a new compact series or they will re-launch DL series compacts again. One more important note, Nikon P900 is out-of-stock at most of the places, so we can expect P1000 announcement in next few months.

We will update you soon as we get any new information.

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Nikon Working on Next Generation of Auto-Focus Tracking System

Nikon Working on Next Generation of Auto-Focus Tracking System, Nikon working on synchronizing multiple camera to track a single subject. We can clearly seen the patent that two of the Nikon cameras are synchronized with each other to track a single subject.

Translated Patent Documents

Figure 1 is a diagram illustrating a usage situation of a camera system constituted by the first digital camera 10 according to an embodiment of and the digital camera 20, the present invention. In Figure 1, the first digital camera 10 and the second digital camera 20 is fixed to a tripod, respectively. Position the digital camera 10 and the digital camera 20 is installed at a position with overlapping regions 51 between the imaging range 10A by the digital camera 10, the imaging range 20A by the digital camera 20. Digital camera 10 and the digital camera 20, so as to secure a wide overlap region 51, is installed in close. Region 53 and the region 54 represent regions not included in any of the imaging range 10A and the imaging range 20A.

Photographer previously established the digital camera 10 and the digital camera 20 performs the imaging instruction to the digital camera 10 camped on the digital camera 10 side. Each digital camera 10 and the digital camera 20 performs a tracking process for the main subject 60 is the object to be tracked while acquiring the live view images. Live view image refers to the image for the monitor to be imaged at a predetermined frame rate (e.g., 60 fps) before shooting instruction.

Digital camera 10 and the digital camera 20 transmits mutual tracking information (position of the main subject 60 in the imaging range) to the other digital camera. Sending tracking information to each other in between the digital camera 10 and the digital camera 20, to share the tracking information between the digital camera 10 and the digital camera 20 is in order to perform the tracking processing each digital camera is continuously .

Figure 2 is a block diagram illustrating a configuration example of a digital camera 10 and the digital camera 20. In the present embodiment, the digital camera 10 and the digital camera 20 and the same configuration. 2, the digital camera 10 includes an imaging optical system 11, an imaging device 12, the AFE (Analog front end) circuit 13, an image processing circuit 14, an LCD monitor 15, a RAM 16, a flash memory 17, CPU 18 When provided with a communication control circuit 19, and an operating member 20.

Nikon Patent 20mm F2.0 Lens for Curve Sensor  |  Nikon to Bring Advance 5 Axis IS to DSLRs

Nikon 1 Series Discontinued ?

According to latest Rumors Nikon is preparing to discontinue is popular Nikon 1 series permanently. Well we have received reports earlier from Nomen Nescio, that Nikon is planning to expand the Nikon 1 series, we have received this info 2 years from now, so things generally change with time and its look like the information we have received wasn’t true. However we don’t have any official words from Nikon related to the discontinuation of Nikon 1 series cameras till now.

Nikon 1

screen shot of B&H confirms shortage of Nikon 1 series camera

We were also expecting that Nikon Full Frame and APS-C mirrorless camera will going to arrive under the name of Nikon 1 series. So, at the moment nothing is confirmed but there are lot of possibilities,  we have to see that Nikon Upcoming Mirrorless cameras coming under hood of  Nikon 1 series OR they will going to announce a completely new brand for their NEW mirrorless cameras.  Only time will tell so we have to wait and watch.

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Sony A7S III Announcement Delayed ?

According to latest rumors the Sony A7S III announcement was delayed due to the high demand of Sony A7III camera, You will surprise to know the camera is still at back-ordered mode and Sony isn’t able to fill-up the market demand.. And due to the high demand they have postponed the scheduled update of Sony A7 S II camera. If the rumor is correct then for sure we will going to see the Sony A7S III camera sometime at end of 2018 or may be they pick-up photokina event to for its announcement.

Sony A7S III Core Specification

  1. Upcoming camera. Will  have a new stacked CMOS sensor.
  2. New image processor will going to improve the auto focusing speed, continuous shooting speed as well as improved noise cancelling algorithm.
  3. Sony A7S III have Dual card slots and UHS II card support.
  4. Sony A7S III will going to have advanced display screen with touch support, better than the Sony A7 S II camera.
  5. Improved auto focusing system with eye-tracking as of Sony A7 III, no mention about the number of auto focusing points.
  6. Better colour depth dynamic range and low light performance compared to the previous generation of Sony A7S cameras.

We have already discussed about the possible specification of the upcoming Sony A7S III camera, we have already told you that the upcoming camera is coming with front end LSI circuit and advanced BionzX processor to upscale the overall Core specification of the camera to the next level. We also expect Sony A7 S3 camera will going to have 4K at 60 frames per second with 4:2:2 10 bit internal recordingm what we already have in Panasonic GH5S.

We will update you soon as e get any new information.

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