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Firmware Update

Samsung Wants to Become No.1

samsung no 1

We all know that Sony is no.1 Senor maker of the world. But, Now Samsung is looking more aggressive and wants to become No.1 Sensor maker. According to latest news coming from entnews Samsung Electronics is planning to increase its production capacity of image sensors and it also set a goal to become the top business in image sensor market by beating out SONY.

The Aim of Samsung is to dethrone Sony and become No.1 Sensor maker. Samsung is increasing production capacity to make more low-cost Dual ISO units for affordable smartphones. Xiaomi and Meizu are one of its biggest customers.

From past ten years the Smartphone sales are booming and specifically in Asian region. The worldwide camera sales declined upto 66% which is really heart-breaking news for dedicated system camera makers. src – CEA

Keep in mind that Samsung isn’t making any APS-C or FF Sensors dedicated for camera right now.  But, yes we do have some strong rumors related to the development of Samsung NX2 camera in near future.

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A sad day for all of us. Chuck Westfall is No More

Well I am shocked to hear this news – But that’s true EOS legend Chuck wastefall Canon U.S.A.’s Technical Advisor is no more with us. He was one of my FB friends and I am really very shocked to hear this news.

A major loss to the Camera Industry and to the millions he inspired through his work and life. Condolences to the family.

Yogile Review - One of the Best and Easiest Cloud Sharing and Backup Service

Yogile – One of the Best and Easiest Photo Sharing and Backup Service we have ever used. It’s very easy to create public private albums, and creating account less than 10 seconds of time which is really one of the most interesting part of this website.

Things we really like in this Yogile

Yogile image

1. Taking Images from your friends and clients is very easy

Your friends our clients can contribute in this album with the help of email attachments also. So, whenever you create a photo album, you get dedicated email address of every album you create. And if someone emails you there images as attachment, the album will automatically upload those images .

Wedding photographer often face a situation when their client ask them to add their selfies or friends shots in the main wedding album, Now for every client you can create a dedicated folder so they can upload their images whenever they want.

2. Image Sharing is really easy

Next we have the image sharing feature, you can upload the bunch of your images in folders and Groups. and once it’s uploaded you can share it publicly or with a particular client as you wish and all that is very very easy. one of the best part of this storage service is you you can play slideshow of your photos in in gallery mode.

Download app

3. And finally the application for your smartphone

now you can easily download the app in your smart device and after that you can manage all your album and even you can upload it directly from your smartphone also.

Unlimited storage and backup @ $45

you don’t have to worry about when you are using this service because, yogile store images at Amazon S3 servers and the backup of those images are kept in black Blaze. so literally you don’t have to worry about any mishappening.

How to get Free Yogile account ?

Giveaway – 5 Yogile account with 1 year subscription – for free

Just write a comment below. Why you like Yogile… and some of you will get One year subscription completely free.

Create A Yogile Account  Visit –


Yogile Also Featured in – Techcrunch, Lifehacker and TheNextWeb

Pentax Upcoming 50mm F1.4 Lens is Better than Sigma ART Lens ?

pentax lens image

According to one of the most reliable Pentax source claimed that upcoming Pentax 50mm F1.4 lens is rumored to feature advance optics compared to 50mm F1.4 ART, although Sigma doesn’t make 50mm ART series lens for Pentax DSLRs.

Take a look at the details shared by the source asahi man

  • Very specially focus group.
  • Very heavy and for this of course the new ultra sonic drive.
  • The goal of this new line is to be comparable to the current Zeiss line and it looks very good.
  • This 50 is Sharper from corner to corner than Sigma Art.
  • That’s what we saw.
  • Everything of this lens is developed and patented by Pentax and Pentax produced.
  • The tokina version is made by Pentax and tokina is using the Pentax patent.
  • Otherwise same way with the new APS-C wide zoom.

We will update you soon as we get and details.

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Canon EF 70-200mm F4 L and EF-M 32mm F1.4 STM Coming

Canon 70-200 F4

We now have confirmed set of information that Canon is testing EF 70-200 mm F4L IS II USM and EF – M 32 mm F1.4 STM lens. That clearly indicates, We will see these two new lenses in 2018 for sure.

Keep in mind Canon is giving out big discount on Canon 7D Mark II body. Check this out

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Nikon Patent - Camera and Lens With Biometric Sensors

Nikon Biometric Sensors

Tnenewcamera Exclusive –  Latest patent from Nikon shows they are working on Biometric Sensors, these senors will be placed in various parts of the lens as well as just in front of shutter button of the camera to record Bio-metric information of the photographer.

Since the patent is on Japanese language, I am not able to resolve the entire details through electronic translation.

Patent says not only Biometric Sensors details, mood of the subject will be also recorded.. take a look at the translated lines

Nikon sensors


Translated Details from Patent Document

The display device includes: an input unit for inputting biometric information of a photographer at a time of photographing an image; a display unit for displaying the image; and a processing unit for estimating an emotion at the time of photographing from the biological information of the photographer and processing an image to be displayed on the display unit on the basis of the estimated emotion.

More interesting part of the patent, the Camera will also have information about the mood of photographer

Feelings entertaining when the photographer to take to face the subject, elation, anxiety, emotions, such as disappointment is an infinite variety. However, it is generally difficult to express such emotions during shooting the subject image itself. In some cases, the photographer sometimes try not to expose his feelings to the subject image. On the other hand, a viewer viewing the captured image, if understood photographer emotion at the time of shooting, it is possible to enjoy more deeply captured image. 

Also take a look – Nikon Patent – Lens with Touch and Pressure Sensor


DEAL ALERT: Big Discount on Canon 7D mark II

Price Alert

It’s look like Canon 7D Mark II Stock clearance sale just now started. And you can get the Canon 7D II flagship camera at and unbelievable price at

Canon 7D Mark II Camera  Price – $1085 only @

Now If someone is planning to get Canon 80D, advice them to get 7D Mk II since both available at same price

B&H isn’t drooping the price of 7D II body as – Price of 7D III body at B&H is $1,499

TNC – Big retailers like Amazon is clearing the stocks of 7D Mk II that clearly means….