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No Canon 7D Mark III in 2018 ?

Canon 7D Mark II image

According to latest rumors we may not see the successor of Canon 7D Mark II camera in 2018. sources of veteran rumor mill suggest that Canon 7D Mark III camera isn’t coming in 2018 but if it does then it will be Q4 of 2018. Since, no solid information is available related to 7D Mark III camera right now.

Ok, the above information was what the sources said to a veteran rumor mill

But what I personally expect that canon should update the camera in the year of 2018 otherwise no will going to buy 7D mark 2 camera for now.

As for the fact Canon 7D Mark II announced on 15 Sep 2014 (3+ year old cam) is a  flagship Canon camera and it is limited to full HD recording mode.  At 2018 If you look around at Sony a 6500 OR Nikon d500 all  these flagshp camera features 4K recording option. And some of the mid range mirrorless cameras also like Panasonic G85 (at B&H) features 4K video recording with 5axis Image stabilization (Dual I.S) at $897.

DXO Canon 7D Mark II

Sensor of 7D Mk II need an upgrade. And one of the most important thing you should note that the sensor of Canon 80d which is a mid-tier camera is better than of Canon 7D Mark II in terms of dynamic range and low light performance.

So, What I think that Canon should desperately update the 7D mark 2 camera as soon as possible without any delay.

Do share your thoughts with us.

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2 comments to No Canon 7D Mark III in 2018 ?

  • I.Muñoz-Seca

    They say that hope is the last thing that is lost.
    From the presentation of the Canon 7D to the 7DII I think it took 5 long years. After the 7DII to the disclosure of the future Canon 7DIII will have to spend another 5 very long ………………………….. …………………..years. We put in 2o19. It will be shown to the public in PHOTOKINA 2o2o. And in 2o21 everyone happy and happy. Wonderful, fantastic.
    Better late than never, Canon.

    Dicen que la esperanza es lo último que se pierde.
    De la presentación de la Canon 7D a la 7DII creo que pasaron 5 largos años. Luego de la 7DII a la revelación de la futura Canon 7DIII tendrán que pasar otros 5 larguísimos ……………………………………………….años. Nos ponemos en 2o19. Se mostrara al público en PHOTOKINA 2o2o. Y en 2o21 tod@s contentos y felices. Maravilloso, fantástico.
    Más vale tarde que nunca, Canon.

  • Dirk

    APS-C Flagship? What?
    I need much better low-light behaviour, more dynamic and over all a faster and better AF (from 1DM2). Hey is anyone talking about 4K video shit? If I want to make videos I rent a video cam and not an dslr. It’s should be only an option to make video, but for better quality buy other solutions. What I prefer is also the 7d in the body of the 1d.
    Or Canon goes different way and offers 2 models. One with 4K and one without video.

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