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Nikon Mirrorless Adapter with Built-in AF Module and Sony A9R with 60 MP+ Resolution

Kevin raber of has published a new Mirrorless war video, the video is really awesome and in the last few minutes of video Kevin predicts about future.

I am going to talk about the major points [Specially the Predication Part which starts from 8:00 Mins]  what he has said during video now let’s start with the Nikon mirrorless adaptor talk

1. Nikon FF Mirrorless adapter with Built-in AF Module ?

According to Kevin Nikon upcoming full frame mirrorless adapter may have a in-built AF module inside. At the moment we don’t know how Nikon is putting AF moudle inside the Adpater that work independently for DSLR lenses. The Mirror in the adapter is said to have AF points which will help the Mirrorless camera to acquire AF with DSLR lenses. So somehow, Kevin said that the upcoming hybrid autofocus sensor inside the Nikon mirrorless camera isn’t capable to drive the older Nikon DSLR lenses.

Canon doesn’t have such issue

So that’s really a sad thing to hear, because we do have Canon in our front that drive their own DSLR lenses very perfectly with dual pixel CMOS autofocus sensor as well as the phase autofocus sensor. And  same with the Canon EOS M system, with the help of Canon EOS M / EF-S lens adapter you can use the EF-S (APS-C) DSLR lenses and still you can enjoy the DPAF sensor benefits.

So, I don’t think it’s a big issue for Nikon also to drive there lenses with the hybrid autofocus sensors, but let’s face it, if such problem Present inside Nikon upcoming Mirrorless system cameras, then it’s really a big issue because the auto focusing of the DSLR lenses will going to be limited by the type of phase autofocus Module used inside the adaptor made for the mirror less system cameras.

Nanda next thing Kevin is talking about the Sony surprise announcement that we have talked back on November 2017.

Nikon Mirrorless Users Group

2. Sony A9R with 60+ MP Sensor

Yes, even Kevin talked about Sony A9R, We have published a article on January 2018 [Sony upcoming camera 2018] and discussed about the possible specification and arrival time of the A9R camera.

We are talking about the Sony A9R from a year and we are also getting hints about the development of Sony 70MP Sensor. According to Kevin predictions, It’s look like Sony will put a nuke bomb over the Canon and Nikon mirrorless announcement and we may see the Sony A9R camera which will going to have megapixel somewhere around 60 to 70 With more advanced image processor and very high-end specification to flush out the announcement of Canon and Nikon mirrorless cameras.

At the same time we do know that current G master lenses of Sony support resolution resolving power up to 100 megapixels.

And finally, Kevin speculated that we may see a new mirrorless medium format camera from Phase 1, probably next year. They will soon going to put a medium format solution like hasselblad X1 D camera or GFX50S.

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3 comments to Nikon Mirrorless Adapter with Built-in AF Module and Sony A9R with 60 MP+ Resolution

  • Oleg Gontar

    It is not just the speed etc. Mirrorless measures sharpness on sensor – THEORETICALY – it is always sharp. DSLR-s has a af sensor, so if they are perfectly aligned, than it is sharps, but because of that it is just inside the tolerance. If e have that module in an adapter from there aligning is even harder. And it has no mirror. Obviously it will use a prism so af sensor will steal from the light continuously. There went 1/2 – 1 stop of light – and still it will be slower as it is getting small amount of light. Also prism will affect overall picture quality. Sony had that concept in its cameras, to void mirror mechanism still leverage from dslr bodies etc. Everyone hated that.

    I do wait the nikon mirrorless, maybe i can sell my fuji i use to play with vintage lens. Maybe can sell my d600 as well. But it wont be able to substitute the d7200-d500. Maybe not even the d600. Its construction sounds worst and worst since people started to analise that adapter pattern.

  • Dave Haynie

    It makes a little bit of sense that the Nikon F-series adapter for the new mirrorless mount would have an AF motor, not an AF sensor! This would allow AF with the original Nikon AF lenses going back to 1986. It does not make any sense that the adapter would have an AF sensor, or even just how you’d manage to deliver such a sensor, at least not without a pellicle mirror or some-such, stealing light from the actual image going to the mirrorless camera’s sensor. Not a good plan.

  • admin


    Agree, I also think the same. The Nikon upcoming lens adapter will have a AF motor for legacy lenses.

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