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More Confirmations: Sony Working on Enthusiast APS-C camera - Sony A6700 ?

Sony confirms again [see previous post of confirmations] that they are actively working on enthusiast APS-C camera. This is not the first time we are getting confirmation from the makers itself, few days back we have published a Sony interview in which Sony rep. said.. but as development team we would like to do our best to “be able to” exceed customers’ requests.

Take a look at some parts of interview

Now focus goes on APS-C and FF telephoto lenses (for Olympics):

Of course we are trying to expand the APS-C series of cameras. That maybe implies not only one product. We have the opportunity to develop a type of enthusiast APS-C model, and the enthusiasts, especially the US ones are waiting for this type of model. We are trying to increase our APS-C customers

And we implied we are working on the sports area, that implied not only a 400mm f/2.8 lens is coming. So we are implying many things, but not directly saying “next model is this one, the next model is this one”. But we’re focusing on sports and we’re focusing on the APS-C area.

1. It’s already too late Sony, Wake up

It’s already too late since, as you can see the first Sony A6000 series camera was introduced back on Feb 2014 and just after a year of gap we have the successor of Sony A6000 camera, the Sony A6300.

The Sony A6300 was introduced on Feb 2016, [after 1+ year of gap] but due to the sensor overheating issues in that particular model. Sony quickly announced the A6300 camera update in the same year (October 2016) the Sony A6500 camera.

2. Sony You have the Tech

The Fuji X-T3 and X-T30 sensor us made by Sony, And as we all know that X-T3 sensor performance is beating up Sony A6500 flagship camera. You can notice color noise in Sony A6500 camera sample image at ISO 25600.

Image credit

3. Sony 26 MP APS-C Sensor in Sony Next Flasghip Camera – Sony A6700?

Yes, it’s the most advance APS-C sensor Sony have right now in its arsenal. And as you can see Sony developer team said they want to exceed customer expectations this time.

We have received leaked Sony A6700 leaked specification in past and they look feasible too. I do expect, Sony next flagship camera coming with brand new sensor and image processor to exceed still shooters exceptions with and addition of 4K 60p 4:2:2 10 bit Video mode, S-log, log2, log3, HLG profiles.

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2 comments to More Confirmations: Sony Working on Enthusiast APS-C camera – Sony A6700 ?

  • George S

    IMHO 26MP sensor in A6700 may bring it into line with Fujifilm T3 and T30, however, strictly speaking, there is little difference between 24MP and 26. Almost none in terms of resolution.
    A6700 will be, in fact, a competitor to T3, especially since it, presumably, will have IBIS, which is not even on horizon in Fujifilm range, in light and luggable body. A great Sony advantage.
    However, T3 has way better EVF, better shutter and is easier to use.
    Sony A6400 has probably best AF in APS-C world and I presume that A6700 will inherit it. Another great Sony advantage.
    But Sony would benefit from looking carefully at T3 design (as Fujifilm should look even at A6500 for IBIS).
    If I were to consider A6700, I’d appreciate T3-like EVF, 1/250sec synch and an extra dial. I think that Axxxx body shape is fine and A6700 with similar shape and mass is OK with me.

  • Odin

    The Fuji X-T3 sensor doesn’t exceed my expectations at all. If they are serious about this then it must be a stacked sensor, which addresses the shortvcoming so of the A9 sensor, which is read noise due to highly cloked ADC’s thus limiting DR. I would hope a newer generation sensor and APS-C at that could offer a read speed faster than the A9’s maybe 1/200-1/250 s, meaning basically no rolling shutter. Also they have to dump that pathetic body design of the A6500, it’s utter garbage, make an A7000 thta has similar body size to A9, if they want also make a lesser A6600 with all the A6400 improvements, in same format body as A6500 for those that like horrible ergonomics and ugly cameras.

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