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Sony New Digital Cinema Camera and Affordable Sony A5 Fullframe Rumors

TNC Exclusive: We have some exclusive news for you. Very soon we will see professional cinema camera with in camera optical effects and  Affordable fullframe camera rumor update.

Sony new range of Cinema Camera with optical effects [Confirmed]

Well this is totally a wild rumor but we are now confirmed about this news. Sony working on dedicated cinema camera with in Camera optical effects [for example, lens flares, bokeh and more… ] which will be applied before RAW processing, the camera will also have have a dedicated in camera effects sensor programmed to capture optical effects. But, the tech will be first introduced to Cinema cameras, before coming to FF or APS-C Mirrorless cameras.

According to latest rumors we are getting we may see a full frame version of Sony A6400 camera / long rumored Sony A5 [Name no confirmed] Affordable Fullframe camera.

creative image of Sony Compact FF Camera

We have seen rumors in past that Sony is working on affordable Sony A5 camera. But, now we are getting some sort of confirmation about the camera. Soon, a affordable fullframe camera at a price point of Sony A7 II while having a fully tillable display is rumored to arrive soon. One of its prototype records 4K 30p

Sony Affordable FF initial Rumored Specs

24MP FF Sensor
Fully tillable touch display
No conformation about Built-in IS
ISO 51200
4K30p Video with HLG & S-Log3 Gammas
Video Clip Length – Without-limit

That will be a great step from Sony to satisfy the demands of youtuber community. Just like they have done with the Sony A6400. Anonymous sources suggest One APS-C and Two Fullframe body is rumored to arrive this year.

The Fullframe Afordable camera information is coming from a new sources to take it with grain of salt

Stay with us to get more details…

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