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Sony A6700 Confirmations from Sony

Sony A6700 Confirmations from Sony. In a latest interview Sony confirmed that the Sony A6700 camera in works and will exceed people expectations.

– Are you talking about updating the α 6500?
There is no content to talk specifically at the present time.
– Although it is a lens for APS – C who does not listen for a long time about the new product, what will happen in the future?
We have received various requests as a request. Future talks and concrete lineups can not be mentioned in this place, but as development team we would like to do our best to “be able to” exceed customers’ requests.

It’s the same answer we are getting for Sony Upcoming cameras ?

Do you remember EOS HD interview ? for Sony A7S III camera..

Take a look at the 4Min interview, where Sony confirms nothing. But the only one thing they confirm in 4min interview is that Sony A7S III will go beyond people expectations but it will take time.

But the big question is how much time ?

At the time I am writing this post, We have no new Sony Mirrorless camera registered in Wireless certification agency across the globe.

Sony Only registered RX0 successor few months back and we have spotted it in FCCID too. Once the camera is registered in any wireless certification agency it roughly takes at least 3 months of time to become official.

And the entire situation confirms us, no Sony Fullframe Mirrorless or Compact APS-C camera coming in next three months / Before May of 2019.

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source DCWatch

6 comments to Sony A6700 Confirmations from Sony

  • Odin

    If it continues to look like that crap it won’t exceed any expectations other than Sony are stupid.

  • Fuji

    Bye Sony, Hello Fuji

  • George S

    Pity, Fujifilm lovers so badly behaved.
    I only hope that A6700 will be better A6400 with further improved IBIS and with body still sub 0.5Kg mass.
    Would also like EVF as good as Fujifilm T3 and with flash synch 1/250 sec.
    Not interested in video.

  • Richard

    But will it actually be released in my lifetime? Seems to me Sony has made it clear that Full Frame comes first and then maybe a new APS-C (or maybe not). 2020 maybe?

  • George S

    I have nothing to add to what I wrote earlier, so I’ll just repeat:
    Sony would do well to look hard at Fujifilm T3, as it is, IMHO, ultimate APS-C camera at the moment, with the only thing missing is IBIS, which will be missing for maybe another 6 – 12 months. Not even on horizon yet.
    Sony has IBIS (a very good IBIS) in 0.45kg body (A6500).
    As masters of miniaturisation, Sony can incorporate all T3 features in new A6xxx camera and still make it sub 0.5kg body.
    I hope they will and I will buy it.


    The A6500 IBIS is not good compared with Olympus or Panasonic, with smaller sensor. It is only slightly useful in video and with no stabilized lenses. The FHD 1080p video quality is very poor. The reading speed of the burst buffer is very looww. And all we know the heating problems recording 4k, rolling-shutter, dimming the screen, etc.
    The new A6700 should fix all these problems. Some of them have been solved in the A6400, but if SONY doesn´t go straight to solve them, and use the standard FF A7 body (central EV crushing the nose, no compact body, no integrated flash, new battery), GOODBYE SONY.

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