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Firmware Update

Fuji X-Pro 3 Rumor Update


Ok, that’s against the wind. No one out there talking about Fuji X-Pro 3 camera from few months. But, According to latest rumors coming from anonymous sources the Fuji X-Pro 3 camera made their way in the wild. Early prototypes of the camera has been circulated for test purpose.


What we think about Fuji X-Pro 3

We find this information logical so we have decided to publish it. And as we all know the Fuji Flagship X-Pro2 Sales are all time down and the camera is not able to make it place even in TOP 100 Mirrorless camera at Amazon.

Fuji usually takes 4 years of time  to update its flagship camera, but based on the information we are getting. Fuji will not going to wait until 2020, we may see X-Pro 3 announcement in early 2019.

Introduction of X-Trans IV Sensor

In-general, Fuji always pick its flagship camera to introduce new generation of X-Trans sensor. The upcoming Fuji X-Pro 3 camera will have 4th generation of X-Trans IV Sensor.

Based on the information we have Fuji is also working on 26 Megapixel Stacked CMOS sensor. So, its interesting to see that Fuji will going to save the new sensor of X-Pro II camera OR they will going to announce new 26MP sensor with the Fuji X-T3. The Fuji X-T 3 camera is rumored to arrive at Sep 2018.

Upcoming Fuji cameras in next few months

  • The FF 180002 is actually a compact camera and its name is Fuji XF10. The camera is schedule to arrive in July, 2 2018.
  • The FF 180004 Camera Radio parts are same as of Fuji X-H1 and Fuji X-T2. So this camera may be Fuji Next X-T3 or May be Fuji X-Pro 3 OR May be GFX50R, no one knows yet.
  • FF 180003 is a kind mystery cam right now. We don’t have any details about it.


Also see – Latest Patents from Fuji

  1. Fuji Patent – Smart Mode Dial Button for Fuji X-Series
  2. Fuji Patent – Tillable Top Display

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9 comments to Fuji X Pro 3 Rumor Update

  • Rainer

    just not true – I did not get any 😉

  • Ishmita

    I own X-Pro2 camera and I am really waiting to put hands on new camera.

  • Dr.S

    The X-trans was good to atract the consumers attention to Fuji products, now is the time to go back to standard and to choose the best available top rate Beyer sensor.

  • Tom

    I’ve had about all the fuji cameras but my favorite was the X-Pro2. The new one needs an improved EVF, Electronic IS, the new sensor and available in the same silver that matches the Fuji-cron f2 lenses AT THE SAME PRICE.

    But if they keep the dip on the dial deck I WILL NOT BUY ONE. Scroll back up and take a look at the unfinished body. Or take a look at yours. WARNING: Once you see this you will not be able to un-see it. That dip makes the whole thing look like a wedge. It’s an optical illusion of course but really dumb. All they have to do is clean it up to look like a larger X100f and I’m in…but not another wedge!!!

    Write Fuji iF you agree. I have several times already. They may actually think it’s cool. Tell them, “DUMP THE DIP.”

  • Christian Apicella

    The xpro2 is in the top 100 on Amazon.
    Also that is top 100 packages. In other words about 40 of them are the Sony a6000 so saying it isn’t in the top 100 is misleading.
    For actually camera bodies it’s in the 20 or so I would guess.

  • tom

    New brighter larger EVF. 26meg. Doesn’t need much. But if they try to loose the D-pad to save production cost or keep the dump angle on the dial deck I for one won’t consider it. It’s time to level off the top so it doesn’t look like someone stepped on it. We don’t care about Fuji’s need to make a fashion statement. The more it looks like a Leica the better. That is the point, right?

  • Chris Bradley

    Personally, I think Fuji created an icon with the XPro-2 and any improvements would be less than significant , so why bother? For a camera which I always use looking through the viewfinder (optical or EVF) I could not ask for more. Larger file sizes would only slow processing and are easily available with medium format anyway. A larger body would completely destroy the ethos of the camera’s appeal and after recent video firmware upgrade to 4K the video capabilities are now well acceptable. I have a Gariz half case fitted to my one which makes the camera a great fit in the hand while protecting the base of the camera from damage. On that note, a vertical battery grip would certainly be a good accessory, providing longer battery life and balancing out some of the larger lenses available in the Xf range. I hope that for my XPro-2 and I to grow old together….Graciously!

  • Impatient

    Whaaat? I’m not buying jewelry, or a new summer frock, it’s a camera, a tool. I’d expect some of the posters to have a pink crescent wrench, or a polka dot bumper jack.
    I don’t care if it looks like a donkey’s butt, if Fuji continues to give me machinery that produces quality results I will continue to buy their products and not care how cool I look while using them.

  • Xemo Williams

    I love my XPro2, but I would pay $1899 for ISIS and a flippy touch screen and use the XP2 as a backup; without those upgrades I will stick with old faithful and use a Lumix as a reserve.
    Don’t disappoint Fuji.

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