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Firmware Update

Nikon D500 Exclusive Deals


Yes, Nikon D500 deals are now started.  B&H giving deep discounts with the camera.

NOW $1,796.95

A total of $488.85 Free Accessories with Nikon D500 only available at B&H

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First Set of Nikon D820 Specifications Leaked Online

Nikon D820 image

Nikon D820 First set of specification leaked online today, the camera is rumored to arrive with a 45-56MP sensor and will feature  Tiltable LCD screen. However, the name of the camera isn’t confirmed yet, it may be also called Nikon D850.

Take a look at the rumored specification of the camera

  • 45-46MP Sensor
  • Better Low and High ISO performance compared to Nikon D810
  • SnapBridge (New Version)
  • No Built-in GPS
  • Coming with XD and XQD Card Slots.

As the tipster suggest the Nikon D820 marketing material is under preparation. We know that Nikon D810 was using Sony A7R 36MP resolution. sensor  After that Sony A7R series started using Hybrid Sensor of 46MP (A7R II uses a 46MO Hybrid sensor with 399 AF points). If we believe latest rumors then the 46MP sensor possibly coming from Sony again with a customized design to eliminate Hybrid AF and tune up performance.

The camera is expected to arrive this summer as we have told you earlier. And we are sure that as the announcement date approaches near to us we will have more leaks and images of the same.

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Nikon D820 is Coming this Summer


Yes it’s true, We have told you a while ago that Nikon is planning to announce Nikon D7300, in the same article we have also mentioned that once they announce Nikon D7500 after that they will announce Nikon  D810 successor and the name of the camera will going to be Nikon D820.

Two of Nikon High-End DSLRs (N 1610 and N 1404) already cleared WiFi Certification test. Since, Nikon D750 code name was also N 1404 so we are almost confirmed that Nikon is using the same name for the successor of Nikon D750 camera. And N 1601 is assigned for Nikon D810 successor.

According to veteran rumor mill the replacement of the Nikon Megapixel monster is expected this summer. We have no concrete information about the specification of the camera right now. But, we will soon going to post update as we get any.

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Nikon Registered a New DSLR (N1404) at Indonesian Agency

Nikon new camera

Nikon registered a new DSLR “N1404” on Indonesian Communications Agency today. Yes, we are saying it’s a DSLR camera since we are confirmed that Nikon Thailand manufacturing units are dedicated for making FX and DX DSLRs only. Compacts and Mirrorless camera are being made in China and Indonesia. Not only N1404, we also know that Nikon recently registered 4 more cameras at different worldwide agencies for wireless certification.

Update: Nikon D750 code name was also N1404 and again Nikon registered a new camera with the same name, it’s a clear indication that Nikon will bring our Nikon D750 successor soon.

N1404 Digital camera Thailand
N 1546 Digital camera China WiFi / BT
N 1610 Digital camera Thailand
N16D3 Digital camera Indonesia
N 1622 Digital camera China

In general camera companies take 2 to 3 months of time to announce a product after its certification. So, we can expect a bunch of new DSLRs, compacts and mirrorless on the way for future announcements.

After Nikon D7500 announcement, Nikon may announce Nikon D610 replacement soon. Stay with us, Join our FB Nikon Group and Download our App for latest updates and rumors.

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Nikon D7500 Sample Images

Sample images of the recently announced Nikon D7500 camera is now available online and if you look at the quality of the images you will going to feel that the same astonishing sensor used inside the mid range DSLR camera.

Frankly I can tell you that you are getting a Nikon d500 camera under dollar 1200 in shape of Nikon D7500 and that’s is really very exciting for consumers and very dangerous for its competitors.

Nikon D7500 Sample Images



Continue reading Nikon D7500 Sample Images

Nikon D7500 Available for Pre-order


Nikon D7500 camera is finally available for pre-order at An quick reminder about the specification of the camera, it features same sensor as of Nikon D500 DSLR and the ISO speed of the camera can be boosted to 1.64 million. The AF system of the camera remains same.. For more details look at the press release here.

Pre-order Nikon D7500 camera

Pre-order Nikon D7500 Camera Body

Pre-order Nikon D7500 lens kit with the 18-140mm VR lens

Nikon D7500 More Images Leaked

More of Nikon D7500 images leaked today (First image leaked here). The camera is rumored to feature same sensor as of Nikon D500 camera. The official announcement of the camera is expected very soon, Stay with us for latest updates.




Nikon D7500 camera is JPY 159,300. And if we convert it into US dollars then it will be $1,441.34. But as we also said earlier that Nikon keeps its price low in USA compared to Japan.

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