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Canon to Use Sony 26MP APS-C Sensor

X-Trans sensor

According to latest rumors coming from from trusted rumor Mills, Canon will use 26 megapixel Sony IMX 571  APS-C sensor in its upcoming flagship APS-C DSLR and Mirrorless cameras.

So, for now you can safely assume that Canon 7D Mark III sensor will be designed by Canon, but manufactured by Sony. It will be a win win situation for consumers since we will be getting Canon color science and DPAF technology on Sony’s Dynamic range and low-light performance.

As we all know Sony do make sensors based on their clients need, based on rumors we already know that Fuji is also using IMX571  26 megapixel X-Trans CMOS sensor for its Fuji XT 3 camera.

We will update you soon as we get any new information

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4 comments to Canon to Use Sony 26MP APS-C Sensor

  • steven

    Sony 26MP sensor can bring up Canon sinking ship.. enough said

  • Way

    I am interested if this uses a vertical color filtering sensor, like they said the 7D mk2 did. Canon, and Sony are two companies said to have designed such sensors apart from the Sigma Foveon x3.

    I am extremely interested in such a thing for video.

  • Howard

    Canon putting Sony sensors into their APS cameras? Would they have to cut pixel density and give up dual-pixel autofocusing? Sounds more like a joke than a real story. Sony does make good sensors. But, incidentally, so does Canon. And Canon is remarkably resistant to leaking their plans.

    I tried searching for your rumor source. SLR Lounge floated a similar rumor about 4 years ago. SonyAlphaRumors carried a similar story 3 years ago. CanonWatch and CanonRumours picked up the story almost 2 week ago. Both added that it didn’t make sense.

    Incidentally, the Canon EOS R (NOT a Canon flagship model) chopped more than 22% out of Sony’s mirrorless full-frame camera sales in less than a month. It uses a 30mp Canon sensor with dual-pixel autofocusing.

  • I.Muñoz-Seca

    If the previous news is a fantastic news, although long awaited, this news is not to be believed. The best of the best of these 2 parallel universes united in the design / development and production of the new CMOS with BSI technology for the very close APS-C PRO of CANON ?????? UFFFFFFF. If it is not to touch the sky, if it is to offer / celebrate with a good Cava from Extremadura. The 26 megabytes of this new sensor-BSI, will make the 1,6X factor of the expected 7D3 that the CIRCLE QUADRATURE-Ferdinan von Lidermann 1822- is a possible reality ladies and gentlemen.

    Si la noticia anterior es una fantástica noticia, aunque muy esperada, esta nueva es para no creérsela. Lo mejor de lo mejor de estos 2 universos paralelos unidos en el diseño/desarrollo y producción del nuevo CMOS con tecnología BSI para la muy próxima APS-C PRO de CANON??????UFFFFFFF. Si no es para tocar el cielo, si lo es para brindar/festejar con un buen cava de Extremadura. Los 26 megas de este nuevo sensor-BSI, harán del factor 1,6X de la esperada 7D3 que la CUADRATURA del CIRCULO-Ferdinan von Lidermann 1822- sea una realidad posible sr@s.

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