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Canon Patent - DPAF Sensor with Increased Dynamic Range

Canon latest patent suggest that Canon is working on a new Version dual pixel CMOS autofocus sensor, that particular sensor is capable to do multishot in a single click with the help to sub-pixels. With the help of the subpixel multi-shot technology the Canon dual pixel CMOS autofocus sensors will going to create images with high dynamic range compared to the conventional image that you get from a Canon DSLR camera / Mirrorless Camera.

As we all know Canon dual pixel CMOS autofocus sensor uses their to sub pixels to acquire auto focus on subject, now in this case that to sub pixels or may be in quad pixel sensor a pair of pixels will capture two different images at the same moment with different exposure values. And later on both of the image will going to be combined with each other to have a image with enhanced dynamic range.

As you can see from the flowchart, Canon algorithms are arranged in a way to acquire different images with multiple exposures and then perform the first dynamic range extension process and after that transform II dynamic range extension process and finally the images saved in the memory card.

So any future Canon will going to give a option to users to have images with enhanced dynamic range. There is also possibility that can and may seamlessly integrate this feature in their dslrs, because in many test we have seen that Canon dslrs get low scores when compared to the cameras from Nikon or Sony.

In general a patent takes approx 1 or 2 years of time to become a official product, and it is also not necessary that every parent should become a product. SO, at this moment we are unable to confirm you that this particular Technology will going to be used in a future inside Canon DSLR or upcoming Canon mirrorless camera. But we do have a high hope as this one is most important feature that should put inside the Canon DSLR and upcoming cameras.

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