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Canon Next Announcement - Canon G7X Mark III or Canon G5X Mark II ?

Well we are getting questions related to Canon next announcement from our users, is Canon next announcement is DSLR, Mirrorless or Compact ? Let’s find out in a logical way…

Canon G7X Mark III and Canon G5X Mark II are in announcement pipeline for a long time and we do expect one or both compact announcement on or before June of 2019.

No Mirrorless and DSLR Coming Soon

A cooling period of three months at least after Canon 200D II announcement ? We are getting lot of question about Canon EOS M5 Mark II or Canon 90D announcement after a reputed rumor mill broke out the rumor.

Be assured for there is NO DSLR or Mirrorless camera present inside the announcement pipeline. The only two camera visible right now is Canon G7X Mark III (Model code: PC 2366) and Canon G5X Mark II (Model Code: PC2355) compact camera. We have also published the leaked images of Canon G7X Mark III camera a while ago (as you can see above).

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4 comments to Canon Next Announcement – Canon G7X Mark III or Canon G5X Mark II ?

  • Ladek

    Sorry, but you have informed about the arrival of G7X mark iii for one year already. It has been since then “near”. You and your “trusted sources” are just making fun of the readers. We don’t even know whether the “leaked pictures” are true or fake and whether “June or sooner” isn’t just another blind shot of yours.

  • admin


    These pics surfaced from fccid, so be assured these are the real pics of G7X Mark III camera.

    Camera has cleared all the (wireless) test months ago and ready to get announced.

    Now it all depend upon Canon marketing team, when they want to announce new compact G7X Mk III camera.

  • Ladek

    Thanks fot the reply. The problem is right here. I cannot imagine the situation there is the new g7x mark 3 ready and the marketing team is just “waiting” (for quite a long time already). There is nothing to wait for after 3 years from mark 2, it´s a “scandal” already!!! Or do they want that people switch to another brand after getting frustrated enough?? I have sold mark 1 some half year ago, waiting for the “coming” mark 3, and since then I shoot only with my smartphone. What a disgrace! No signals from Canon, no Mark 3. Just rumors on the websites like this. The only logical explanation for me is that there is simply NO MARK 3 IN THE QUEUE OR PLAN. Sorry.

  • Kristof

    Absolutely right! I am also waiting for much more than half a year, having sold my EOS 7D months ago…

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