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Canon Fullframe Mirrorless to use EF Lenses


Canon Fullframe mirrorless camera more details are coming out as the announcement time is coming closer. According to recent rumors Canon upcoming Mirrorless camera will have EF Mount and hence use EF lenses. And keep in mind they will not arrive new new mount.

The same source also suggested that Canon is also working on a Fullframe compact mirrorless camera with a fixed lens that will compete with Current Sony RX1R series camera.

The Canon Fullframe compact camera  will arrive before the Fullframe mirrorless system camera, FF Mirrorless announcement will begin from Q4 of 2017.

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source – CanonRumor

6 comments to Canon Fullframe Mirrorless to use EF Lenses

  • Stella

    In general DSLR lenses are big and bulky whereas we and the other side we have Mirrorless lenses those light-weight and collapsible to consumes less size and easy to carry for hours without physical pain.

  • Canon Pro

    If Canon is thinking to use the same EF mount on mirrorless lenses then they should also announce some special EF lenses designed & developed of mirrorless

  • Laurance Marvin

    Well this is a big step forward for Canon….now yes they will need to introduce new lenses but this does allow Canon to make a gian leap forward. So Im excited to see this is happening.

  • Laurance Marvin

    Im really excited to see this bold step…Canon is trying to make for almost a decade of living in denial! So yes they will need to introduce new lenses for this camera platform. The sooner the better….but this is something NIKON can not seem to understand !

  • Marco

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but if you put a current EF lens on it, it will have a different focal lenght from the native one. Because the distance from the sensor will be shorter (I presume). So you’ll need an EF to EF adapter to fill the space, or EF to FD. I would like to use FD lenses on a FF mirrorless camera at the native lenght, so at the moment the only option are the Sony Alpha 7.

  • José Luís Costa

    That’s why there is the Micro 4/3 the smartest solution.Why have a small and lightweight body if the lenses still large and heavy?I dont’t understand!

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