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Canon EOS Cinema DSLR Coming Ahead of Photokina 2018

According to latest rumors coming from veteran rumor mills, Canon is preparing to announce a new kind of camera. based , sources suggest the camera will be somehow similar to Canon XC series cinema compact camera but will have an EF Mount.

The design of the camera is expected to remain similar to Canon XC15 compact cinema camera. As you can see in the patent image below, the camera having similar shape of XC series camera while having interchangeable lens arrangement with it.

Canon Cinema EOS DSLR Rumor

We got the first EOS Cinema DSLR rumor back in Sep 2017.  Based on the rumored information we have it, look like is developing a kind if Hybrid DSLR, a single solution of Cinematographers as well as still shooters.

But as we know the strategy inside Canon is always keep changing, and for the year of 2018. The company is putting more attention is growth and development of Mirrorless camera, let’s see what’s comes next.

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3 comments to Canon EOS Cinema DSLR Coming Ahead of Photokina 2018

  • Don Flaks

    When will the Nikon P1000 be released?

  • Dave Haynie

    I’ve been claiming for several years that Canon/Nikon ought to deliver a hybrid DSLR/Mirrorless camera — maybe this is it? There’s a huge investment in EF lenses out there, but mirrorless is winning away many users.

    Why not do it both ways. Canon already has the dual pixel technology, so they have a better AF solution in “mirrorless mode” than anyone else making DSLRs. Modern DSLRs are getting increasingly sophisticated viewfinder overlays, to enable competition with some useful mirrorless features. Why not make an overlay that’s basically also a stand-alone screen? Lock up the mirror, and you’ve got mirrorless through the viewfinder!

    Of course, they’d have to be very un-Canon with this and deliver a DSLR with much better 4K video than the MJPEG mess they’ve offered in the 1D X and the 5D IV. Or they could be typical Canon and price this too high to be practical for DSLR buyers. At least it’s finally something really new from Canon.. maybe they are waking up at last.

  • admin

    @Dave Haynie

    Agree, that’s what I also thinking.

    People are buying mirrorless camera (specifically Sony and Panasonic) due to specs vs price they are getting, If Canon is able to deliver the same specs in their DSLR at a lower price point, new users will sure get attracted to it.

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