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Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Gossip


According to a low rated rumor published at canonrumor [link here] website, Canon 5D Mark IV coming in three variants…take a look at major specification of all the three camera

1. 52 MP FF CMOS Sensor (No optical low pass filter)
2. 52 MP sensor (With optical low pass filter)
3. low resolution FF camera with Dual-pixel CMOS AF sensor

According to the source high megapixel camera variants will termed similar to Canon 5DS and not 3D as rumored earlier and third camera would be an EOS 5D Mark IV, which would continue on the path of a lower megapixel event, sports, wildlife focused full frame camera.

TNC Take

I don’t think the above rumor is correct.

During an interview [see here] Canon representatives already confirmed that they are working on a High Megapixel Camera. So it’s not a rumor now, its almost a confirmed news that a high resolution camera and they will announce new camera it soon to compete with Nikon D810 and Sony A7R Camera.

In an interview published at DCWatch Masaya Maeda – finally confirmed that Canon is working on a Megapixel Monster

Q: Will high pixel size image sensor coming soon?

A: I am working on the high pixel camera. There are two ways of roughly divided into high pixel and high sensitivity to user needs. Although Canon doesn’t have any high megapixel or high sensitivity system , I think Canon is going to working on that in the future.

High pixel camera towards users who want high resolution image. This is the camera, such as was up the number of pixels while maintaining the pixel quality. I will expand a group of EF lenses for this camera, please do not ask any more (laughs).

Canon 5D Mark IV update is due and expected anytime soon. We strongly hope that Canon will going to introduce Canon 5D Mark IV with new FF Dual Pixel CMOS AF sensor, but still we don’t have any details about confirmed specification yet.

The Rumor We are getting

Canon 5D Mark IV prototype is out for testing and in use. The Test Camera Work Very Fine Canon and make the big splash at the CP+ show in Feb.

However the source also added at the end that he is expecting announcement on CP+ show if everything goes perfectly…  take it as grain of salt.

So at the end we are expecting only high-end two camera from Canon, we will update you soon as we get any new information.

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6 comments to Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Gossip

  • Bhupinder Singh

    i was buyed ur cmaera canon 5d mark III .. M Not satisfied on that it have so poor Quality sharpness also so so so so poor….i want give back to ur compny….

  • Bhupinder Singh

    plz listen my voice

  • Marcus

    There will be two pro cameras.

    Canon split the FF cameras in two sections.

    One camera with high-ISO capability and one camera with high resolution capability.

    But the camera with high-ISO capability needs an outstanding IQ. The 5D Mark III, 6D and 7D Mark II IQ is totally junk and unusable for professional work.

  • Keth

    @ Marcus and @ Bhupinder

    I am a professional photographer for more than 10 years, I have 2 units of 5D Mark III DSLR, 1 Canon 1DX and Recently purchased Canon G7X Camera.

    The only one thing I would like to say that, Canon 5D Mark III image quality is outstanding.

    Canon 1DX camera is still best in it’s class.

    So….. at the end if both of you ever used your machines properly, you will not say such words… like ” 5D Mark III, 6D and 7D Mark II IQ is totally junk” OR “5d mark III .. M Not satisfied on that it have so poor Quality sharpness “

  • I’m a full time Professional Wedding Photographer for Vancouver Canada, I bought TWO Canon 5D Mark III and four 680EXRT flashes when it came out because the old 580 EXII was garbage that don’t work with Pocket Wizard. I hope the new 5D Mark IV will have 4K video as many cameras are have 4K for video. I bought my first Panasonic GH4 4K camera and loving it and if Canon don’t listen, they will miss the 4K market!

    Wayne Lam
    Vancouver Fine Art Wedding Photographer + 4K UHD

  • Bartholomew

    If you don’t get good IQ from 5D3, 6D or 7D2, I suggest you clean your lenses or get someone to teach how to use a camera. This comes from a Nikon user, these cameras are very usable for pros, as is my D810, D4 and old D300s. Nikon doesn’t even have comparable camera to 7D mk II yet, I hope we’ll see one soon.

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